Cafe 281

Winning the champion on regional selection finals is not only a ticket to the Hot Holiday Music Festival, but also the completion of Li Yalin’s task to get english song encyclopaedia (1).

However, the biggest gain, of course, is the explosion of fame and the rapid growth of fans.

The finals have just ended. Both major TV stations and newspapers published the report on the finals in a large scale. After all, compared with the selection finals in other regions, the highlights of finals in this region are too great!

aLIEz plus Leo, all swept the music world with a crushing momentum. Even if there is no high-definition lossless version, the live video of the finals is circulated wildly on the internet.

It all came so fast, it makes people can’t keep up…

Fame is a good thing, and can also be a bad thing. When he first debuted with Kohinata Yukari, Rabbit House was tragically watched by a large number of fans. As a result, the cafe had to be closed and the otherworld restaurant was set up instead.

And now, with the public appearance of the two, a more terrifying influence has appeared. Not to mention, now Li Yalin will be recognized at any time if he were to walk on the street. It’s fine if it just signing and photo, but if it’s to the point of screaming and chasing, this will make him want to stay home all the time.

Li Yalin didn’t know how to deal with this.

He won’t have any fear if he was chased by hundreds of zombies, but didn’t know what to do in the face of those fanatical female fans.

He can’t just take out his General Blade and hack them, right?

No way!

He can’t do that!

In fact, this kind of distress is not exclusive to him. As his partner, Kohinata Yukari were also dealing with the same issue. The difference is that Li Yalin is chased by female fans, while she is courted by male fans.

Fortunately, the Kohinata’s family had expected this a long time ago. The bodyguard was arranged for Kohinata Yukari in advance, so there no major incident.

But even so, this issue is difficult to solve. They must put in disguise in advance when they travel, otherwise, it will be hard to more around.

What’s more terrible is that their reputation has skyrocketed. After the finals, they have not gone to school for two days. This can’t be helped, because a large number of reporters were waiting at the school gate. They were not allowed inside the school, or else they would follow him to his class.

By the way, compared to their dire situation, the four girls in light music club are far more relaxed. They are just an extras on the stage, so they can still go to school with a little cover.

How to say, he envy them very much.

“Haha, isn’t that good? Anyway, I am bored alone at home, so you can accompany me.”

Regarding Li Yalin’s ‘difficulties’, Kowata Akane laughed unscrupulously. As she said, everyone went to school during the day. Besides Tippy only the familiars Chito and Kenny stayed at home. She was so bored that no one accompanied her.

Now that Li Yalin can’t get out, he can accompany her.

“Being with you is also a very boring thing.”

Li Yalin rolled his eyes very uncomfortably to Kowata Akane’s mocking. Although he admitted that Kowata Akane is indeed a beauty, and it was indeed pleasing to be with beauty, but there is a premise that this beauty cannot speak.

Everything were ruined when she spoke, no matter how beautiful she looks, it can’t hide her bad personality.

Rather than accompanying her, it’s better to go to otherworld to play. There is nothing to do anyway, going to otherworld alone is better than being bored at home.

“You said it was boring to be with me? Alright, I’ll help you solve your troubles.”

Kowata Akane was suddenly upset when Li Yalin rolled his eyes. It’s an honor for you to accompany such a great beauty like me! And you still dissatisfied?

Well, since you are dissatisfied, then I will help solve your problem.

“Eh? You can help me?”

When he listens to her words, Li Yalin’s eyes suddenly lit up. Yes, why did he forgot about her?

Kowata Akane’s personality is indeed carefree and terrible, but he has to admit that she is an extraordinary witch.

As a witch, she must have a way to solve his current troubles, right?

“Nope, I won’t say it!”

Talk about bad personality, Kowata Akane turned her head away and ignored Li Yalin.

This clearly means that Akane-ne is very angry and the consequences are serious!

“Don’t be like this, we are all a family, why so stingy?”

How can Li Yalin not know how to pacify Kowata Akane? She want to get some compliment, isn’t that easy?

Isn’t it just some compliment?

As for integrity? Can that be eaten?

“Humph! I’m stingy anyway!”

Obviously, Li Yalin’s kind words can’t ease Kowata Akane’s mood, at least this level is far from enough.

In other words, he must use those tricks?

In the district tradition, at a time like this, one must dogeza and beg for forgiveness. However, he can’t do such a thing.


“Okay, tell me your requirements, I will grant it as long as I can meet them, how about this?”

He can’t dogeza, but can meet Kowata Akane’s request.

At least within the scope of his ability, even if she asks to satisfy her with his body, he may consider it.

Hmm… he can actually do that.

Anyway, let heard what she said first.


Blinking at Li Yalin, Kowata Akane’s expression eased, but there still some hesitation.

“I promise!”

What can he say at this point? Everything depends on what the unscrupulous witch wants.

“Great! In that case, my request is simple, take me to otherworld adventure!”

As if was waiting for those words, after getting the affirmative answer, she immediately clapped her hands with excitement. It’s like she achieved her goal, which made him speechless.

Adventure to otherworld?

Haven’t you been to Land of Flowers?

“I don’t plan to go to Land of Flowers this time, but go to Wood Elf to play. There is Fardania, so we won’t encounter any danger.”

Well, it seems that Kowata Akane had this idea a long time ago, but she has never had the opportunity to put it forward. Now that such a good opportunity appears, of course she will firmly grasp it.

Go to the Wood Elf territory?

Looks like they have the same ideas.

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