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Regarding Kowata Akane’s request, Li Yalin finally nodded his head after thinking about it. He did plan to go to otherworld, and naturally he didn’t mind being escorted by a powerful witch like Kowata Akane.

But before heading to otherworld, he must look at Kowata Akane’s methods, at least to solve his immediate problems.

How to avoid fanatical fans and the media chase, this is the key!

Regarding his request, Kowata Akane didn’t delay. She turned around and returned to her own room, before long she took out something and handed it to him.

“This is… glasses?”

Take the things in Kowata Akane’s hands, Li Yalin’s face was full of surprises. This thing is the most common kind of glasses… and it’s the no optical light one.

“These are not ordinary glasses!”

Facing Li Yalin’s doubts, Kowata Akane puffed up with pride, as if the glasses were her masterpiece.

“This is Ordinary Mirror that I spent a lot of precious materials to make for you. As long as you wear it, others will not notice you!”

“For real…”

Li Yalin is still a little doubtful of her. It just an ordinary glasses no matter how he look at it.

But since she’s so confident, just try it first. After all, this is also made by the witch, right?

While muttering, Li Yalin put the glasses on the bridge of his nose. He felt a little uncomfortable since he didn’t wear glasses before, but fortunately, there was no obstacle.


“Nothing has changed…”

Putting on the glasses and looking back and forth in front of the mirror, Li Yalin saw nothing different. Except for an extra pair of glasses, nothing changed. Did Kowata Akane deceive him?

“You’ll know if you go out and try it yourself!”

Kowata Akane did not explain much in view of his doubts. Better to witness the truth right away, she took him outside and walked around the street.

Usually when he leaves Rabbit House, Li Yalin couldn’t go far, he would be spotted by fans and get besieged. But with Kowata Akane this time, no one paid attention to him at all, as if he is just an ordinary passerby.

“So amazing?”

This time, Li Yalin had to admit the greatness of this thing.

“It’s that amazing!”

Kowata Akane was also quite proud to see the look on his face. In fact, as she said, she did consume a lot of precious materials in order to create this Ordinary Mirror.

Just like the name of this pair of glasses, as long as the glasses are worn, the original charm of the holder can be concealed, so that others will not pay more attention.

In other words, as long as he wears these glasses, Li Yalin can go out as he pleases in the future, so that he doesn’t have to worry about his true identity being discovered.

This is really a good thing!

After confirming this, Li Yalin was very happy. With this thing, no matter how famous he is, no one will disturb his private life and relieve him of all his worries.

“Can you help me get another pair of these glasses?”

When he got such an artifact-like glasses, Li Yalin’s first reaction was naturally to ask for another one. Because besides him, his partner Kohinata Yukari is also suffering from fame. He certainly wants to help his partner to get one too.

Although… he still have to think later about how to explain it to her.

“Do you think it’s easy to make these glasses? I have almost used the materials in my hand, with a heavy heart I give it to you, but you still want more?”

Kowata Akane opened her eyes wide as soon as he spoke. This is not an ordinary thing that can be created easily, now you get one but want one for free?

Don’t even think about it!

“Aren’t the magic medium and spell-casting materials obtained from Land of Flowers still available? I have said that you can use them as you please, are those materials not enough?”

Li Yalin already knows the preciousness of these glasses, but he still didn’t want to give up. They still have the materials from Land of Flowers, so it should be able to be used to make these glasses, right?

“How can the materials of otherworld and the materials of this world be the same? This is why magecraft beginner is the most scary.”

Kowata Akane shook her head speechlessly to what he said.

It is true that Land of Flowers does provide Li Yalin with a lot of precious materials, but those are special products from otherworld, which are completely different from the magecraft medium she used for Li Yalin.

Even if there are some similarities, a lot of experiments and rectifications have to be done. Although Kowata Akane has been doing research on this aspect recently, it is still too hasty to replace the world’s materials with otherword materials so quickly.

At least it can’t be done now.

“Okay, never mind then.”

Feeling the uneducated is scary look in Kowata Akane’s eyes, Li Yalin were very speechless. He knows that he doesn’t know anything about magecraft, can she not mock him like that?

But anyway, wanting another pair of glasses have gone down the drain. He can’t just ask for something impossible.

“Don’t be too disappointed. The materials of Land of Flowers are still very useful. After I have thoroughly studied it, I will exchange some materials from this world. It shouldn’t be a problem to scrape up enough materials for Ordinary Mirror.”

Seeing Li Yalin was a little disappointed, Kowata Akane did not beat him too thoroughly.

They can just exchange the materials that can be exchanged to create another pair of glasses.

But Kowata Akane also knows that the secrets of otherworld must be guarded, so she needs to research in advance and screen out materials that will not be exposed for exchange.

It just takes a while.

“But now, you should keep your promise and take me to otherworld!”

Kowata Akane did not intend to stay on this topic. The matter had been closed, and what needs to be done next is Li Yalin’s turn to keep the promise.

He had said that they are going to otherworld, so what is he waiting for?

“I know, but before we leave, we’d better prepare somehow. Although Fardania’s home should be safer, but better safe than sorry.”

Kowata Akane has kept her promise, so Li Yalin must do the same.

To be honest, he can go to school now with these ordinary glasses. But since they have reached an agreement to go to otherworld, he couldn’t just go back on his own word.

But before leaving, they still have to make some preparations!

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