Cafe 283

“Are you preparing… for a fight?”

This trip to the otherworld is different from the last one in Land of Flowers. Although Wood Elf’s residence is Fardania’s home, it is also the site of a beast. Bringing a good weapon is very necessarily.

At least Li Yalin put a lot of things in his ring and also carried his General Blade around his waist.

Kowata Akane was very surprised at how he carried a knife with him. Since compared to him, she just brought a broom with her.

Although for her, the broom is her weapon.

“It’s otherworld after all, so better be careful.”

Shaking his head, Li Yalin wouldn’t go unprepared heading to the otherworld. Not to mention his General Blade, even his P220 was lying quietly in his space ring at this moment.

He just doesn’t want to needlessly scare Kowata Akane.

“Let’s go.”

After done with his preparations, Li Yalin opened the otherworld gate with the experience of going to Land of Flowers last time. This time he skilfully took Kowata Akane to the country of Wood Elf.

Compared with the magnificent Land of Flowers, the Siena Forest where Wood Elf lives is more spectacular. Looking around, there are towering trees everywhere, and there are signs of animals running on the blue green grass from time to time.

But it was probably the appearance of two outsiders, the animals in the jungle were a little disturbed. Especially the few little guys not far from them, they are running fast, as if they have been surprised.

Did they run away because they saw humans?

Although he has never been to this Siena Forest, as a sensei of Fardania, Li Yalin has heard the description of his beautiful apprentice.

According to Fardania, she and every animal in the forest are good friends, and her favorite thing is to walk and run in the forest with her friends.

But now…

Sure enough, only pure elves will be welcomed by animals, but humans will not?

“What shall we do next?”

Coming to the otherworld, standing on the grass in Siena Forest, Kowata Akane was extremely excited. But despite her excitement, she did not lose her mind and knew to ask Li Yalin for advice.

He is the guide after all.

“Look for Fardania, since this is her home. It’s not a good idea for two humankinds like us to wander around the elves territory.”

As a guest of otherword, Li Yalin can’t just run around with Kowata Akane as they please. No one knew the dangers hidden in this dense forest.

In fact, even if he didn’t intend to trespass, the whereabouts of the two could not be hidden from Wood Elf’s eyes and ears. Just a few minutes later, he and Kowata Akane were discovered by Wood Elf’s rangers.

“Humans? Why did you appeared in Siena Forest? A poachers? Or… you are from the slavery?”

The elves have a long life and magical talents unmatched by human beings. Because of this, Wood Elf almost became the overlord of the world, and even fought a war with the 6 pillar Dragon God who guarded the world.

Unfortunately, as a mortal creature, Wood Elf can never match the guardian Dragon God, and the war between the two ended with Wood Elf defeat.

The defeat in the battle with 6 pillar Dragon God, coupled with the disease that once infected almost the entire ethnic group, led to a sharp decline in the number of Wood Elf.

Because of this, the Wood Elf so far can only shrink in the Siena Forest and do their best to continue the survival of their race.

It seems that for this reason, Wood Elf is not friendly to foreign races, at least they will not show a good face to intruders who invade their homes.

As the sensei of Fardania, Li Yalin certainly knew these, but he did not expect that the Wood Elf unfriendliness was much worse than he imagined.

Especially when the few Wood Elf mentioned the slavery, the anger contained in their eyes was not a joke. Li Yalin could easily feel this.

Wood Elf… seems to have a deep grudge with humans.

“Please don’t misunderstood. We are neither poachers nor from slavery. We are here to find friends.”

Fortunately, Li Yalin has the fairy of Land of Flowers as allies. Even without the language rules of the otherworld gate, he can still use the magic of the fairy to learn the languages ​​of this world. Whether it is Wood Elf or Eastern and Western Mainland languages, there is no problem.

Now, what he speaks is the purest Wood Elf language.

“You can speak Wood Elf language? The friend you are looking for… is it Wood Elf?”

Perhaps because they heard the most familiar language, the few elves finally relaxed their vigilance slightly. At least the arrow on their bows were slanted downward, and no longer locked the vital parts of Li Yalin and Kowata Akane.

Wood Elf is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world. It would be impossible to learn Wood Elf language well without Wood Elf teaching.

They didn’t know that Li Yalin’s Wood Elf language was not learn from someone, but was entirely due to the magic of the Queen of Land of Flowers.

But in any case, they finally relaxed their vigilance, which is a good thing after all.

“Yes, I am looking for Fardania, I am her sensei. If you guys find her and ask her about me, she can testify for me.”

The importance of Fardania was reflected at a time like this. At least after mentioning her name, the elves lowered their guard even more.

Of course, they are just lowering their vigilance. The identities of Li Yalin and Kowata Akane could not be completely determined before Fardania arrived.


Not long after, Fardania appeared in front of Li Yalin. But obviously, this elf girl was very surprised by the arrival of her sensei.

She has never heard that sensei is coming, why didn’t he say it in advance?

“Fardania, that humankind is really your sensei?”

In recent times, Fardania has become very famous in this small elves village, and the reason is all due to the very delicious food she makes.

When she make the otherword gourmet, it also opened a new world gate for those Wood Elf who only knew about raw fruits and stewed vegetarian food.

It can be said that this elf girl has become the most popular chef. Although in Li Yalin’s opinion, she is still far from being a teacher, it’s more than enough to conquer the wood Elf.

However, those Wood Elf who discovered Li Yalin were very surprised at Fardania’s apprenticeship to humans.

“Of course, my cooking skills are all taught by sensei!”

In the face of the astonishment of her companions, Fardania straightened her chest out. Because in her opinion, being the student of Li Yalin was indeed something she was proud of.

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