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“Sensei, why you didn’t tell me so that I can greet you in advance.”

Although she’s very proud of being a student of Li Yalin, for Fardania, welcoming sensei is obviously more important.

Without much explanation, she rushed over to Li Yalin. Her words contains both small complaints and strong surprises.

It made her very happy that her sensei would come to her home birth.

“I have nothing to do at home recently, so I come over.”

Li Yalin just spoke a few words to answer his beautiful student, but then Fardania actually interrupted him directly.

“Sensei, I want you to met my father.”

Oh boy, looks like she can’t wait to introduce her parents to him.

Fardania had a simple mind and was already close to Li Yalin. In a hurry, she took Li Yalin’s hand and walked home.

However, it was precisely this action that stunned the elves around.

Fardania is not only famous for her cooking skills, her beauty is also the best among Wood Elf. Even including the surrounding Wood Elf villages, Fardania is the most beautiful girl.

Those Wood Elf youths have never seen Fardania show off to the opposite sex of the same age. It doesn’t matter if Wood Elf were said to be indifferent by nature and is not interested in love, but now the two hands holding together…

What the hell is this?

I am afraid that no one can answer the question of the young Wood Elf.

“I’ve finally met you, Li Yalin sensei. Thank you very much for your care of our Fardania.”

Putting aside the shock of the Wood Elf youths. After being pulled all the way to her home by Fardania, Li Yalin also officially met Mr. Edmond, the father of his elf student.

As expected of the long-lived elves. As Fardania’s father, Edmond seems to be about the same age as his daughter, the same young, the same… beauty.

Yes, even if he is a man, even if he already has such a big daughter, this Mr. Edmond still had a beautiful appearance.

Li Yalin did not feel any masculine handsomeness at all from him. On the contrary, he gave people a feminine beauty, and when observed carefully, there was a faint sadness between his eyebrows, which added a different kind of temperament.

Anyway… it has nothing to do with handsomeness.

Edmond’s sorrow probably related to the death of Fardania’s mother. Li Yalin also knows that Fardania lost her mother in the early years. She was raised by this father, who both a father and a mother for her.

According to Fardania, her parents are very affectionate. He still remember his partner who has passed away for so many years. It can be seen that this Mr. Edmond truly love his wife.


Can you take off your hand?

Somehow, Li Yalin always felt that Mr. Edmond was too eager, and he held his hand tightly without letting it go.

He didn’t mind if it is Fardania’s mother, but being held by Mr. Elves…

Sorry, it was a no-no for me!

“I have long heard about you from Fardania, but unfortunately, Fardania forbid me everytime I want to pay a visit. Let’s have a good chat since we finally managed to meet today.”

Okay, he is really too enthusiastic.

Although not that willing, Li Yalin can’t be too rude in someone’s house, right? Let’s accompany him since he want to talk.

However, Li Yalin was completely speechless after having a conversation with him.

Heaven, this Mr. Edmond is completely a daughter-con!

When chatting with him, he keeps talking about Fardania. Our Fardania is very smart, and then our Fardania is very cute.

Yes, he agreed to what he said, but if it keeps looping infinitely, then no one can stand it!

Honestly, Li Yalin felt that if he had a daughter, he would also become a daughter-con. But in contrast, he still felt that he was several levels behind Mr. Edmond.

At least an hour later, his head was full of black lines. If it weren’t for he didn’t want to be rude as a guest, he may have roared in frustration and stormed out of the door.

Damn it!

This Wood Elf is a daughter-con!

“Okay, father, that’s enough, I have something to talk to sensei.”

Fortunately, Fardania seems to have also discovered Li Yalin’s frustration, and finally rescued him from her chatterbox daughter-con dad.

But even so, Li Yalin still not at ease, because Mr. Edmond still reminded Li Yalin to take good care of Fardania, and make sure not to hurt her.

He just teaching her cooking… how can he hurt her?

Please, it is enough!

“Fardania… your father… does he always talks so much?”

After finally escaping from the chatterbox, Li Yalin finally got a chance to breathe a sigh of relief. Kowata Akane have long bored of the talk, and ran out to observe Wood Elf village alone.

He clearly came to otherworld to relax. How could the pressure suddenly increase inexplicably?

Being dragged away by Fardania, it was the elf student who wanted sensei to check her cooking skills. And taking this opportunity, Li Yalin couldn’t help but ask.

That Mr. Edmond is too powerful in a sense.

“No, in fact, my father is usually very dull. When he is alone, he always looks at the pendant left by mother in silence. Who knows that today… probably he is too happy.”

After hearing Li Yalin’s question, Fardania shake her head slightly. As she said, her father Edmond was a very dull person. Except for him nagging when she’s going out, he rarely speaks.

Who would have imagined that even Fardania herself felt very surprised that he talked with her sensei so exaggeratedly today.

“He was happy?”

After Fardania’s answer, Li Yalin looked thoughtful.

To be honest, would a dull person make such a big change because of happiness?

Doesn’t feel like it, but if it’s not for this reason, then what?

Could it be… he was hinting something at him?

He keeps talking about Fardania being cute and the like. Did he want to comfirm something from him?

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