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In retrospect, when he was chatting with Mr. Edmond just now, in addition to complimenting Fardania, he also seemed to be vaguely asking his thoughts.

As a future daughter-con and current siscon, Li Yalin has already recognized the fact that whether it is his daughter or imouto, he really does not want them to have contact with other boys. If one see their daughter or imouto have a good relationship with the opposite sex, it will feel like their daughter or imouto has been taken away.

So… the same goes for Mr. Edmond? The reason why he said so much is actually to test himself?

Looking back, if he behaved a little wrongly, such as having any unreasonable thoughts about Fardania, will the daughter-con Mr. Edmond enraged and kill himself?

It seems that it is not impossible. After all, according to Fardania, her father is also a very powerful Wood Elf ranger, not only has extraordinary magical power, but his skills with bow is unmatched.

It felt like… daughter-con is scary!

Will he become like that in the future?

It seems… it is really possible…

“Not bad, you can learn from analogy. Fardania, you did a good job.”

Li Yalin didn’t want to think too much about the daughter-con Mr. Edmond, and no one knew whether he would become a daughter-con like him in the future.

So let’s just focus on Fardania’s cooking, thinking too much would just make one bald.

Li Yalin was currently tasting the Yokan made by Fardania.

Yokan can be made into a variety of flavors. Although otherworld does not have agar powder, it didn’t pose a problem for Li Yalin who brings many raw materials, so it is not a problem to give some to Fardania.

Using these agar powders, Fardania supplemented with several beans, fruits and vegetables grown in Siena Forest to make Wood Elf Yokan.

Have to say that the taste is really good and was full of otherworld flavors.

“Sensei like it too? That’s great!”

Fardania is also quite happy with Li Yalin’s approval. Although her culinary skills have recently emerged in nearby villages, it was just a show of her skills and made a few dishes that she considered to be passable. That’s it.

She has never made sweets like yokan. This is her first attempt and she hasn’t had much confidence yet.

Originally, she planned to bring these Yokans to the otherworld restaurant today, and let Li Yalin help tasting them. Who would have imagined that her sensei came in person, saving most of the steps at once.

Now she is more confident with sensei’s approval.

“These Yokans can already be used as rewards.”

“Reward? What do you mean by reward?”

Suddenly heard that his elf student wanted the Yokan as a reward, Li Yalin was quite curious. When it comes to rewards, it must be used for some activities.

Did he and Kowata Akane lucky enough to attend Wood Elf celebration?

Yes, Li Yalin did encounter activities in the Wood Elf village, but unfortunately, it was not a celebration, but a very dangerous Magical Beast hunting activity.

Magical Beast refers to those ferocious beasts with extraordinary magic power in their bodies. Unlike animals that live in peace with Wood Elf, Magical Beast is very dangerous. Even the peace-loving Wood Elf has to pick up weapons to fight against it.

In the previous battle between humans and demon, the Magical Beast was the deadliest weapon in the hands of the demon. After the defeat of the demon, a large number of Magical Beasts walked around all corners of the world, and from time to time it would become a disasters to the world.

In this peaceful Siena Forest, there is also no shortage of Magical Beast activities.

For some unknown reason, Magical Beast’s activities seem to become more frequent in recent times, often appearing in Wood Elf’s activity area.

They not only massacred the animals in the forest, but even some unguarded Wood Elf were brutally killed.

In this case, Wood Elf decisively launched a counterattack, hunting down the ferocious Magical Beast, and as the heroes who hunted down Magical Beast, Wood Elf were also offered rewards.

Of course, the so-called rewards can’t be any valuable things, nothing more than the specialty of each Wood Elf village.

For example, beautiful crafts, or delicious food.

At least Fardania felt that this Yokan was enough as a reward for those brave Wood Elf warriors.

“So it’s like that… Kill Magical Beast? I am curious what Magical Beast tastes like.”

After listening to Fardania’s explanation, Li Yalin nodded thoughtfully. But he paid more attention to the so-called Magical Beast than the reward given to the Wood Elf warrior.

To be honest, it has been described in many novels that Magical Beast is far more powerful than ordinary animals, and the magic power in its body makes its meat more delicious.

Although it is just a description in the novel, and he still didn’t know the taste of Magical Beast in reality, but he still want to try it.

As a foodie, Li Yalin’s brains has started to come up with a lot of ideas.

He really want to try the taste of Magical Beast.

Main task: Cooking save otherworld, the storm of Magical Beast ①.
Task content: Hunt and kill a Magical Beast alone and successfully make a Magical Beast cuisine.
Task reward: Special recipe – pineapple sweet and sour pork (luminous version).
Task tips: Magical Beast is dangerous, please deal with caution. After completing the task, follow-up tasks will be released depending on the completion.

Regarding the taste of Magical Beast, Li Yalin swears that he is really just thinking about it in his heart. Thinking about it is not illegal, right?

But why the system directly give him a task?

Making a Magical Beast cuisine is a very simple task. Any kind of Magical Beast cuisine can be made as long as there is Magical Beast meat.

But hunting Magical Beast…

Is this is really okay?

Although he has completed the crossing world rescue mission, and has experienced many things, but he was fighting zombies, not some ferocious Magical Beast from otherworld!

Zombie and Magical Beast are fundamentally different!

Even if he has not seen the real Magical Beast, Li Yalin knew very well how terrifying the Magical Beast is. It’s fine if it’s just an ordinary Magical Beast, but once he encountered a super-level Magical Beast that even Wood Elf rangers would have difficulty with.

The tasks released by the system have always been very simple and easy that he can complete it without much effort.

But now he’s given a super difficult task all of a sudden, are you kidding me!

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