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He still unsure whether to complete this very difficult task.

Li Yalin must take risks if he want to complete this task, and the reward is just a special recipe, the degree of danger is not proportional to the harvest.

Give up?

He would just loses the follow-up mission, which doesn’t cause much loss to him.

But… should he really give up?

Li Yalin life recently has always been smooth sailing. He is also used to a stable and peaceful daily life. It was great to be able to spend every day happily.

But is it really okay to continue living such a comfortable life?

Have he forgotten something in his happy daily life?

In another world, in that world called Gakkou Gurashi, there are still a group of girls struggling to survive, waiting for his return.

Didn’t he want to become stronger and take the girls who are waiting for him away from that dangerous world and let them return to a peaceful life.

Why… why did he forget about that?

But! It’s not too late to wake up!

It’s just hunting down a Magical Beast, it will not make him cowardly and evasive. He just needs proper preparation and he will finish it with ease!

He has made up his mind not to escape, but Li Yalin didn’t plan to go to the Magical Beast without preparation. That’s just stupid.

He needs to prepare all his cards before battle.

For example, learn about the types of Magical Beast in Siena Forest from Fardania, and formulate a hunting plan. Another thing is to get the reward of a task he hadn’t completed before.

Don’t forget that the daily task reward of establishing idol firm is System Lottery ×1, and every System Lottery can bring unexpected surprises to Li Yalin.

Both skills and weapons are what he needs, so he also attaches great importance to this lottery.


Work overtime to set up the idol office!

Originally, with the Ordinary Mirror, Li Yalin planned to go back to school the next day. But unfortunately, he still has to take leave of absence. After returning from Siena Forest, he immediately contacted Minano Matome the loli chief editor, and ask her about the idol office.

Minano Matome was very puzzled about Li Yalin’s urgent attitude, but fortunately, her mobility was really fast. Within half a day, the idol office was registered, and she even help him rented the work place.

However, perhaps the loli chief editor did it deliberately. She actually put the registered office of the idol firm in the office building of Weekly Young GONGON.

Although according to her statement, there are very few companies in this office building anyway, and the additional rent is also quite cheap, but she must have done it for her own convenience.

She knows Li Yalin’s potential very well, so she will try every means to tie him on her own ship.

Although Minano Matome had put many thought on this, Li Yalin didn’t care that much. She did help him a lot after all, and she even help him decorated the office, which save him a lot of effort.

What’s more, he doesn’t mind being tied up with the loli chief editor. They are friends anyway, so let’s give mutual support to each other. Even with utilitarian concerns, Minano Matome would definitely not throw him under the bus. In comparison, she’s definitely the best candidate for cooperation.

All in all, Li Yalin’s idol office was registered in a short period of time, which means they officially open for business. On the same day that all this was done, Li Yalin also took Kohinata Yukari and Uomi to the office.

“From today, this is our idol office!”

In front of the two girls, Li Yalin made a loud announcement that this is not only their idol office, but also their home.

From now on, they will use this place as a starting point and take steps in a higher direction!

“You haven’t come to school these days, just to get this idol office?”

In the past few days, Li Yalin has asked for leave and did not come to school. Uomi thought that he was avoiding fans and the media, but she did not expect that he quietly found the idol office.

Although he mentioned it a long time ago, his speed of action is too fast, right?

Looking at the decoration of this office, it turned out to be surprisingly good, and it can be called an ideal office place.

“That’s about it.”

The registration of the idol office and company location are all handled by Minano Matome. Li Yalin is at best the last to sign, and finally settle the payment, nothing else.

But in front of Uomi, he was too embarrassed to say that he leave everything to Minano loli, so he touched his nose and nodded, vaguely affirm it.

It’s his idol office, so it’s still his company even with other help, isn’t it?

“I think it’s pretty good place. It can be used as a meeting place in the future.”

In contrast, Kohinata Yukari pays more attention to the environment of the office. After walking around, she seems to like it.

Although the office is not big, the content is very complete. Other than the office, there are even rooms dedicated to practicing performance and recording, which can be used for practicing in the future.

At least this place is much better than the club room in the school.

“Speaking of which, after establishing this idol firm, how do you plan to operate it? Will you recruit employees next?”

Although she was very surprised by Li Yalin’s speed, since the firm has been established, it is definitely necessary to start operation. As for what to do, Uomi has no idea for the time being. Everything needs Li Yalin to decide as the boss.

After all, he is the funder, so he have the final decision.

“Staff… we will not recruit for the time being. Anyway, just the few of us, we don’t have any specific jobs right now.”

Li Yalin shake his head slightly to Uomi’s question. He set up the idol office so quickly just to complete the task and didn’t think much about other things.

“You are right, the three of us usually have to go to school. But this company can’t keep closing down, it also need to maintain daily operations…”

“All right, I’ll ask Minano chief editor to let Mihari and Rinna to come and help me. It should be no problem with the two of them.”

Although he didn’t think much about it, Uomi’s words also reminded Li Yalin that in any case, this idol office is up and running and it need someone to keep the place in order. But he didn’t know what to do when suddenly asked to recruit employees.

So at a time like this, he can only bring acquaintances to help.

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