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Although some hiccups, at least this idol firm was established. By the way, Li Yalin was still thinking about naming the firm and finally decided to call it Cute Sound.

That’s right! It is Cute Sound Idol Office!

Although the name he gave was tsukomied by Uomi, in his opinion, it was a million times better than student president-sama so-called Eiryou High School idol firm. It would be just too embarrassing if they go with that name.

In any case, the name has been decided. Not only that, the contract signing of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari has also been successfully completed.

It’s his own idol firm, of course Li Yalin won’t add any harsh terms. Everything is done with ease. Anyway, he didn’t really care much about profit, because he is quite clear that it will only hurt their friendship if everything is about money.

As for the contracting fee, Li Yalin did not hesitate to take out 10 million Japan currency. As an idol firm that has just started, the registered capital of Cute Sound is only one hundred million. In addition, Kohinata Yukari has just made her debut so he cant give too much.

However, even so, his approach surprised everyone. Not only Kohinata Yukari and Uomi, but even Otosuna Mihari and Rinna Fuwa, who comes to help, opened their mouths wide with unbelievable look.

No other reason, just because Li Yalin gave too much.

Although the empire has been vigorously developing the entertainment industry in recent years, in fact, the salary of artist idols is really not that much. At least in the district, the annual income of the most popular idols is only 20 to 30 million Japan currency. Ordinary second and third-tier stars have an annual income of two million to ten million at best.

Of course, that’s just the salary income of the artist idols. The income from commercial performance and advertising is to be calculated separately, but even so, the signing fee given by Li Yalin is quite exaggerated.

“I don’t need a signing fee, really.”

For Kohinata Yukari, at least, she really feels that she can’t take the money. She didn’t become a school idol for money, not to mention… This is Li Yalin’s office. She didn’t mind even if she works here for free.

So when signing the contract, she shook her head and keep waving her hands, not agreeing with the fee.

“I know what you mean, but you have to take this money. We have to continue to sign new idols in the future. Every new person will be given a signing fee. You must set an example as our first idol. Otherwise, how would we get money from newcomer in the future?”

Li Yalin understands Kohinata Yukari’s intentions, but she has to take the money.

Not only her, as a member of the firm, everyone needs to be paid as usual.

As the manager of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari and the senior manager of the firm, Uomi’s salary is tentatively set at an annual salary of 5 million Japan currency, while Mihari and Rinna who come to the firm because they have positions on Weekly Young GONGON can only be counted as a part-time job, so the annual salary of the two of them is set at Mihari 4 million and Rinna 3 million.

Mihari official job was an editor after all, while Rinna is still in the internship period, and the salary difference is indeed still necessary.

Speaking of which, Li Yalin initially considered giving everyone the original shares. He didn’t plan to list the firm, so he simply distributed the shares to everyone and made money together.

However, as soon as he said his plan, it was collectively rejected by everyone. Although it was out of kindness, everyone was also unwilling to take advantage of him.

Therefore, the salary of this annual salary is the result of repeated negotiation, although it’s called repeated negotiation… it is just an exchange of opinions with Uomi.

But in any case, everyone’s annual salary is set, and what kind of work will be done next will have to wait for further discussion to determine.

Anyway, he has no intention of doing idol work now, and the rules of the firm has been deal with. Everything is on track, and his task would be completed.

And just after he signed Kohinata Yukari to the firm and formally registered as a debut idol together, he also got the System Lottery.

He made so much just for this moment. Then, what kind of reward can he get?


Give me a good one!

Start the lottery!

After finishing the work of the office, Li Yalin who returned home, couldn’t wait to start the lottery. As for the prizes he got…

Congratulations for winning the adept level inherent Sword Skill – Horizontal Square- from the world of ‘Sword Art Online’.

Sure enough, with the publication of the new book, his prize pool has expanded again. He can obtain the skills and items in the work Sword Art Online.


Horizontal Square?

Kirito’s inherent Sword Skill?

Although he was mentally prepared, he gained an inherent Sword Skill, which made him very happy.

With General Blade, a superior grade weapon, Li Yalin has more or less practiced the basic skills of swordsmanship, and even specifically consulted the otherword swordmaster Shinmon Tatsugoro who frequented the shop.

However, even with the advice, his swordsmanship didn’t grow that much. At best, he understands some of the basics of swordsmanship, such as the technique of power and wielding.

And now, with an inherent Sword Skill, he has a lot of knowledge about the use of Sword Skill in his mind.

After obtaining Horizontal Square, he is not only able to use this move, but also the cohesion skills of this move and the method of how to hit the enemy have been poured into his mind.

Even if he didn’t use this trick, he had a lot of experience in using swordsmanship in his mind. Not to mention, after getting this adept level inherent Sword Skill, he also gained a special bonus swordsmanship power +3.

In this way, his strength in swordsmanship can be described as a great leap forward. The increase in strength makes him somewhat itchy, and want to fight with others immediately, so as to try the upgrade he just got.

Unfortunately, he have to wait until he go to Siena Forest and face the real Magical Beast before he could find out how much strength he has increased.

Fortunately, that day is not far away.

Gaining an inherent Sword Skill, Li Yalin’s confidence has been unprecedentedly improved. With this much cards in hand, there is no time to waste.

One day later, he embarked on a journey to the otherworld, and this time, he changed his relaxed attitude.

He understands that this time, he will start a real battle, which is different from the easy daily life in the past, it is a road to expert!

The battle script… officially opened!

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