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“I really don’t understand you. If you want Magical Beast meat, then exchange it with Wood Elf. Why do you want to do it yourself?”

Li Yalin didn’t dare to tell the girls at home that he went to Siena Forest to hunt Magical Beast, because he was afraid that everyone would be worried. He could hide it from others, but he could not hide from Kowata Akane who was a witch.

Needless to say, she must be by his side this time.

It’s just that Kowata Akane can’t understand why Li Yalin has to do it alone. He has no strength, but he wants to take risks.

Does he have a desire for adventure in his bones?

But he never show such tendency.

“I just thought that… the Magical Beast that I hunted myself is the most meaningful. Anyway, what I have decided will not be changed. Akane-ne should just stay back and watch, and don’t need to help me.”

Li Yalin actually had a hard time explaining it to her. He can’t tell the truth about the system mission, so he can only find some excuses.

It’s just this excuse, may have been misunderstood as OCD.

Although… in a sense, he does have some obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“Sensei… are you really going to hunt?”

Kowata Akane would say so much because she was worried about Li Yalin, and more than one person was worried about him. Fardania was also worried, with a faint regret in her eyes.

She didn’t expect that, she just informed sensei about Magical Beast in a casual chat. As a result, sensei had to hunt Magical Beast with his own hands, saying that he wanted to make a Magical Beast cuisine.

As Wood Elf, Fardania can’t understand human obsession with meat, not to mention that she also feels that Li Yalin’s decision is really absurd.

If possible, she certainly wants to persuade her sensei to give up this idea.

“Reassure, I’m not that foolish. I won’t rush into danger. This time we will look for the weaker one, so I’m counting on you Fardania!”

Li Yalin knows Kowata Akane and Fardania’s concerns, but in order to complete the task, he has to take the risk.

If he back down now, he may encounters similar dangerous missions in the future and maybe he would run away again. He once said that he wants to save everyone, he cannot shrink at a critical moment!

It’s just a mere Magical Beast, he doesn’t believe that he couldn’t fight it!

Of course, even if he has confidence in himself, Li Yalin can’t just rush out carelessly to slash and kill. He cannot underestimate his opponent. So he asked his beautiful student to help him search the weakest Magical Beast.

Don’t think that Fardania only have beautiful face. In fact, she is not only gifted in magic, but also a very agile ranger. Not only did she inherit her archery skills from her father, but also her insight ability is beyond the ordinary Wood Elf youth.

With her, Li Yalin is quite confident.

In fact it’s as he thought. Since she can’t persuade him, Fardania can only concentrate on searching for Magical Beast, picking the weaker one.

She didn’t want her sensei to be injured after all.

After looking for a while, Fardania finally saw a target. It was a lone Demonic Ox, wandering alone in the forest.

Finally found the Magical Beast!

But… Demonic Ox, is it really okay to hand it over to sensei?

“Sensei, how about we change the target? Although Demonic Ox is quite slow, its body is very hard, and its pair of horns is also very dangerous. It will be very bad if you get hits by it.”

Although it was hard to find the Magical Beast, this Demonic Ox made Fardania frowns.

As Wood Elf, she has a way to deal with this lone beast. Demonic Ox is known for being thick and strong, but its speed is much lower. Wood Elf can win with speed and specifically select the weak points of the opponent to attack.

That is commonly known as kiting.

But Wood Elf’s tactics do not mean that they are suitable for humans, especially humans from otherworld.

Fardania knows that humans in the other world generally have no combat power. Even with a mysterious power called magecraft, its attack power is far less than the magic of her world.

In this case, she really didn’t think her sensei had any chance of winning.

So she felt it necessary to remind sensei that it is best to change his prey.

“No, this one! It took so long to find a Magical Beast, God knows when we will met another one if we let this one slip.”

Fardania is thinking about Li Yalin, but Li Yalin also has his own ideas.

Of course, he has to admit that what his elves student said is right. The tall Demonic Ox is not an easy opponent at first glance. Its has a huge body, at least about two meters tall.

He was afraid enough to fight it.

But it took them so much time to find a single Magical Beast. God knows if they can find another if they continue searching for a lone Magical Beast.

This day will be wasted if they wait much longer.

Isn’t it just a Demonic Ox? He couldn’t believe that he couldn’t beat it!

After rejecting Fardania’s proposal, Li Yalin motioned for the two girls to stay back. He then activated his Stealth skill, relying on the dense trees to conceal his figure, and quickly approached the Demonic Ox.

“Eh? The stealth of human thieves? No… it’s not the same, sensei seems to be able to hide his aura! It’s a very clever technique!”

As Wood Elf, Fardania can see through the clever part of Li Yalin Stealth skill at a glance. And this made her full of surprise.

If it weren’t for her being aware of his existence earlier, she probably wouldn’t have been able to find her sensei.

“God knows if that guy developed his skills for night attack. He can enter any girl’s room with this method. No, I must tell everyone when I get home. Don’t let him enter girl’s room at night!”

Kowata Akane’s mind always goes to a strange way, when Fardania was surprised, she suddenly threw out such a theory.

Fortunately, Li Yalin was already in a stealth state, was not nearby and could not hear her. Otherwise, he would have spurted out a mouthful of old blood.

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