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Li Yalin would definitely not hear the conversation between Fardania and Kowata Akane. At this moment, he had already focused on the prey not far away and approached the target carefully.

Twenty meters… ten meters…

Almost there. Even with a Stealth skill, he would get discovered if he gets too close.



Whispering to the nearest safe distance, Li Yalin finally launched his first move, the WIZ spell skill Flame from the Generation XTH world.

In an instant, a fireball with a diameter of thirty centimeters was launched from his hand, and it fall on the unaware Demonic Ox.

One hit!

First hit made Li Yalin felt a little excited. He had tried it before in the world of Gakkou Gurashi, this flame can instantly detonate a zombie’s head, it has a good power.

So… what if he use it against Magical Beast of otherworld?

How is the effect?

Although he was full of expectations, it was a pity that the flame that fall on Demonic Ox that was enough to detonate the head of a zombie did not cause much harm to the opponent.

Not only that, Demonic Ox who got attacked inexplicably, was obviously angry.

“Instant magic? Fireball?”

Fardania, who was watching the battle not far away, suddenly showed surprise on her face after seeing Li Yalin’s flame. Instantly casting magic, although it was the most basic daily spellcasting for many Grand Mages, but instant magic is still quite difficult for ordinary magicians.

To cast spells instantly, one must have an extremely deep understanding of magic. Otherwise, one can only chant and cast spells faster to try to use magic at a faster speed.

However, no matter how much chanting speed is increased, it cannot be compared with instant casting.

She can even hardly do this!

From this, one can imagine how surprised she is now.

“Although I knew that he could use magecraft, but to be able to use such a clever spellcasting technique silently. How many secrets does he hide from everyone?”

Kowata Akane’s surprise is not inferior to Fardania. Rather, she can’t believe her eyes even more.

Although she have long heard that Li Yalin can use magecraft, the problem is that he never showed them in front of everyone. He always behaves like ordinary people, even giving Kowata Akane a feeling that he is weak.

No matter how strong he is in singing, drawing, and writing, it cannot hide the fact that he is an ordinary person.

It turned out that he’s pretending to be weak, and can even use instant spell casting.

Compared with otherworld magic, the magecraft used by Kowata Akane is more difficult to use instantly. Especially when casting offensive spells, multiple preparations must be made beforehand.

But now, she was unexpectedly overtaken by Li Yalin, although this alone was enough to make her admire.

“Not good! Although sensei can instantly cast fireballs, it is not powerful enough to cause damage to Demonic Ox… it found sensei!”

Li Yalin used the fire spell instantly really surprised the two girls. This is not a training ground, but an actual combat. No matter how surprising it is to cast spell instantly, it cannot concealed the insufficient power.

Almost at that instant, Li Yalin fell into a disadvantage.

This is bad!

He should have practice this Flame skill more if he knew this would happen.

The hit not only failed to cause damage to the prey, but was locked by the opponent, which made him felt a little bitter.

After getting the skills issued by the system, he can actually increase the skill level through a lot of practice. But this Flame skill is a bit powerful and not something that can be practiced at home. With not much danger in his life, Li Yalin also didn’t care much either.

Today, he suffered from not working hard, and it is too late to regret it.

No other way!

Can only fight in close combat!

As Fardania said, Demonic Ox’s speed is indeed very slow, its huge size made it movement slow.

More than ten seconds have passed from being discovered to getting close. It was enough for him to make any dodge movements.

Looks like it wasn’t that problematic.

Li Yalin easily dodged the Demonic Ox offense. At the same time, he also unsheathed the General Blade around his waist, and the silver blade flashed, slashing straight to Demonic Ox’s shoulder and neck.



Damn it! Too hard!

His strike hits, but his hand holding the blade was numb from the collision. It felt like his blade hitting a stone, it’s super hard!

While the Demonic Ox, the location where it was hit was just a thin slit, dripping out a few drops of blood, it didn’t even cause harm at all.

This means… just broke the defense and then let it bleed to death?

Isn’t this bad? The weapon of superior grade can’t even do anything to the Magical Beast of otherworld?

This is clearly a weapon that cuts iron like mud!

“It broke the defense! Sensei’s weapon… so powerful!”

Li Yalin felt the situation was a bit precarious, but Fardania was shocked by his performance.

Compared to Li Yalin, she knows more how terrifying Demonic Ox’s defense is!

With sufficient magic power, Demonic Ox can use a defensive magic to its body. Ordinary swords can’t hurt it at all. Only by using rare and expensive enchanted weapons can it break its skin.

Generally speaking, when Wood Elf deals with Demonic Ox, one is to lead it around to consume its magic power, and the other is to focus on its vital parts, such as shooting arrows at the eyes, mouth, and nose.

Directly hacked hard, let alone Wood Elf, even those ferocious demons might not even want to do it.

That sword… definitely not simple!

Li Yalin’s General Blade is of course not simple. It’s a system product after all, but the problem is that he is very dissatisfied with the results.

Simply breaking defenses will not give much damage, and wouldn’t be of much help in his current situation.

In this case, he felt that he needed to change his attack method.

Maybe guerrilla tactics… is a good choice!

With Stealth skill plus Horizontal Square’s sword skill bonus, Li Yalin still has a little experience in fighting, and Fardania had already explained it to him, making him feel that he is very suitable for Wood Elf’s tactics.

That being the case, why not try it?

Gently licked the dry lips that came from tension.

The second round, start!

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