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“Piano… I could play a bit.”

Li Yalin was fascinated by the music score, and recovered when Otosuna Mihari suddenly asked him.

Unconsciously scratching his hair. He didn’t mean to hide it, Li Yalin certainly will not deny since she asked.

After all, he can really play the piano now.

“What? Yalin senpai can also play the piano?”

Li Yalin’s just spoke and without waiting for his editor to speak, he saw Cocoa suddenly raised her head with a twinkle in her eyes. This made Li Yalin subconsciously take a step back.

Too imposing!

Is this really Cocoa?

“Yalin sensei can play the piano?”

The reaction to Li Yalin can play the piano was not limited to Cocoa. Chino and Rize both cast a surprised look on him, Chino didn’t say anything but Rize’s reaction is a little bit bigger.

Rize has always maintained a worship looks on Li Yalin because of Cat Eye, and now to hear him able to play the piano makes her more surprised.

Even at this moment, Rize’s heart raised a desire to hear Li Yalin play.

“Come on Yalin senpai! Let us hear your play!”

Rize is full of expectation to Li Yalin’s piano performance, but she can’t boldly ask him because it’s too rude.

But Rize won’t be disappointed because there is Cocoa, she will not consider the issue of being rude.

Even before Li Yalin could respond. Cocoa has already pulled his hand and dragged him directly in front of the piano. Seeing her momentum, she won’t let him go if he didn’t play the piano. What else can Li Yalin say?

“Okay, I’ll give it a try. I have not play much though… “

Subconsciously touching his nose, Li Yalin’s expression is a little helpless. In the final analysis, he only has theoretical knowledge and has not actually touched the piano. It would be too humiliating if he screw up.

There no turning back and he could not refuse anyway. Not to mention that he was also very curious about his piano skill, so just give it a try.

Moving his finger, Li Yalin fingertip swept the keyboard in front of him.

Strangely it was obviously the first time he touched the piano. But when his fingertips touched the keyboard, Li Yalin’s heart felt like it was integrated with the whole piano.

As if the piano in front of him became a part of his body, he could use the piano as he likes and play wonderful music.

This indeed the case. With the first note came out with a touch of Li Yalin’s fingertips, the whole room was filled with melodious piano sound completely different from Rize’s performance. This is a piano sounds that can touch the heartstrings, even average professional pianist can not match this moving performance!

Hearing this wonderful piano sound, the girls present was immersed in it, unable to extricate themselves for a long time.

The girls didn’t seem to wake up from their dreams until the sound of the piano ended and the sound of the last note disappeared.

The feeling just now is like a dream…

This is the piano skill of adept level?

It’s amazing!

Unlike the girls, although Li Yalin as a pianist is also very committed, but not completely immersed in it. After all, what attracts the girls is not only the piano performance at the adept level but also the piano performance +3 attraction.

Li Yalin will not be affected by his abilities. So when the performance is over, his first feeling is that the adept level’s piano skill is really professional. Adept level has reached this level, what will happen when he raise it to expert or even master level?

The ability given by this system is really great!

Li Yalin expressed his great satisfaction of this lottery reward. Although he can’t use it temporarily, it still feels good to have such a skill.

But what surprise him is that he himself simply sighed, but never expect that the girls exploded in an instant!

No way, Li Yalin’s piano performance for them is too amazing!

“Amazing! It’s amazing! I announce! Yalin senpai will be Rabbit House exclusive pianist!”

Cocoa now looks like a bunny, jumping non-stop. While jumping, she also announces loudly. She seems to made up her mind to attract customers with music.

“Yalin sensei’s piano… it’s so beautiful, Yalin sensei, can I learn piano with from you?”

Unlike Cocoa, Rize focuses on Li Yalin’s piano performance itself. She feels that this is the most beautiful piano song she has ever heard in her life. Making her worships Li Yalin even more.

The song really moved her and she even came up with an idea – To become Li Yalin student and learn piano playing from him.

Rize really hopes to able to play such a moving performance one day.

So she subconsciously blurted out her thoughts, but Rize’s small face instantly turned red after saying this.

Because she knew that she was too rash.

“Amazing… “

Although Chino and Otosuna Mihari’s reaction is not as exaggerated as Cocoa and Rize but also not least. They see Li Yalin’s with surprise and exclamation.

Li Yalin has already demonstrated his unparalleled talents as a mangaka, but listening to his piano gives people a feeling that his piano talent is not under manga.

What is this?

A genius who is proficient in both manga and piano?

Real genius?

It seems… too much.

Looking at the four girls with different expressions in front of him, Li Yalin subconsciously scratched his cheek. Although he knew that his adept level piano skills were very good, he didn’t expect them to make such a big reaction.

“It really exaggerated being exclusive pianist… but I don’t mind playing piano in the shop in my spare time.

“As for Rize-san… I don’t think I am good enough to teach you piano. How about mutual exchange?”

Li Yalin had no problem of playing music in the Rabbit House. In his view, the customers in this store is not much so it doesn’t matter if he play some piano. He can also improve his performance each time he play.

As for teaching Rize piano, she’s our girl after all, is there a need to act reserved? He will teach her if she want to learn.

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