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“That guy… actually run away…”

Kowata Akane and Fardania were naturally paying attention to the battle between Li Yalin and Demonic Ox. Seeing Li Yalin turned around and ran after slashing the Demonic Ox, a few black lines immediately appears on her forehead.

“No, I think sensei strategy is very good.”

Unlike Kowata Akane’s speechlessness, Fardania feels that Li Yalin’s idea is correct and fits Wood Elf’s way of fighting. Although his speed can’t be compared with Wood Elf, his steps are very decisive, without any hesitation. This is something that many young Wood Elf cannot compare.

It felt like… sensei has a lot of combat experience.

Yes, speaking of fighting experience, Li Yalin does have some experience. Compared to the young Wood Elf who lives in peaceful villages and just playing around in the jungle every day, it can be said that he has gone through a lot of struggle.

Demonic Ox’s speed is slightly faster than those slow-moving zombies, but only slightly. Using numbers to describe it, Li Yalin’s current agility is 12 point, and that Demonic Ox is probably around 8 point.

A four-point difference is a big difference, at least it was not surprising that it can’t hit Li Yalin.

So… it’s time to fight back!


During the chase between the two sides, Li Yalin has been aiming at the weakness of Demonic Ox, and the most intuitive place is the eyes.

With Demonic Ox’s failed blow, he finally found a chance, thrusting his sword like lightning, and accurately hitting Demonic Ox’s left eye.

Although its skin has magic protection, the eyes are still one of Demonic Ox’s weak points, since the magic protection cannot be applied to the eyeballs.

Very good!

After going through some obstacle, Li Yalin felt that the tip of the sword shook, and finally had a feeling of stabbing the target. Now he was considering whether to poke through it with general blade!

No matter how thick the skin of Demonic Ox is, and how strong the magic power is, it may not be able to survive being pierced in the head, right? Magical Beast is also a kind of animal, at best it is a slightly more powerful animal.


It was a good idea, but it was a pity that Demonic Ox, who was pierced in the eyes, went into rampage. Before he could increase his strength, the Magical Beast seem to go crazy, and rushed towards him.

And its speed is extremely fast, it’s like exhausting every last of its strength to carried out the last counterattack.

Even Li Yalin could not dodge such a desperate attack.



Both Fardania and Kowata Akane exclaimed seeing such a dangerous scene. They want to help him in a hurry, but everything happened too quickly, it was too late even if they wanted to save him.

They could only watch the sharp horns of Demonic Ox pierce Li Yalin’s body, and not surprisingly, Li Yalin was about to be pierced by the murder weapon.

It’s over?

Unable to see the tragic scene that would happen, Kowata Akane couldn’t help closing her eyes.

How should she explain to everyone when she goes back if something bad really happens to him?

Is he… really finished?


He’s not going to die here!

Facing the Demonic Ox charge, Li Yalin also knew the horror of this attack. Once he was stabbed, he would be like those skewered meat.

But he refused to succumb to despair!

“Guardian Shield!”

At this critical moment, a huge shield made of energy suddenly appeared in front of Li Yalin, protecting his entire body.

And when the horns of Demonic Ox collided with the huge shield, it unexpectedly didn’t pierce the huge shield!

Of course, even if he hadn’t been pierced, Li Yalin couldn’t stand the huge shock and was directly sent away.

But being hurled away is better than being skewered. At least his life is saved, isn’t it?

Li Yalin is really lucky. Fortunately, he raised the level of the guardian shield to adept level, which not only greatly increased the defensive ability of this skill, but also added a special bonus of +3 to his own defensive power.

Yes, although he can’t practice the Flame skill at home, the guardian shield can be used anytime and anywhere.

He didn’t actually think too much at the beginning, but felt that at least he had to have a skill to reach adept level.

Now it seems that he was saved by his obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“Don’t come over!”

After being hurled away by Demonic Ox, Li Yalin rolled a few times on the ground before standing with difficulty.

Although the guardian shield blocked Demonic Ox’s damage, rolling a few times on the ground were enough to make his back sore.

But even so, the battle is still not over!

Through the corner of his eyes, Li Yalin knew that Fardania and Kowata Akane were coming to help him. Although it was with good intentions, but he immediately stopped them with a loud voice.

Yes, this is his battle, and he doesn’t want those two girls to participate.

That is not only to complete the task, but also because he has seen the hope of victory!

That’s right! He has the winning ticket!

When Li Yalin yelled out loudly, both Fardania and Kowata Akane were very puzzled. The scene just now frightened them, and they couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when the Guardian Shield appeared, thankful of the turn of events.

So now they are going to give a hand to kill the Demonic Ox, to not give the Magical Beast any chance to go crazy again.

But why?

Why does he insist on doing this?

Li Yalin quickly explained the doubts of the two girls with practical actions.

Right there!

After the Demonic Ox fought hard, perhaps because of the sudden explosion, it still standing without moving.

Is this the negative state of stiffness after activating the ultimate move?

Li Yalin wasn’t sure, but he knows one thing for sure. Since the big guy doesn’t move, it should be his turn to act!

Go to hell!

The stiff state is extremely fatal to Demonic Ox now, because the General Blade is still stuck in its eye socket.

And what Li Yalin needs to do now is to grab the handle of the General Blade as quickly as possible, and then push it inside with all his strength!

Brain burst apart!

Slain complete!

In that short moment… the winner has been decided!

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