Cafe 291

“Wah, it smells so good!”

Hoto Cocoa, an ordinary Ousai Academy first-year student, today back to home as usual, opened the shop door while humming an unknown song.

Although she was an ordinary student, Cocoa also has an unusual aspect, but the unusualness does not lie in her, but in her host family.

Kafuu’s house was originally just an ordinary and old coffee shop, but with the arrival of an apprentice witch and official witch, it unexpectedly became an otherworld restaurant that can welcome otherworld guests.

And Hoto Cocoa herself has become a part of this otherworld restaurant.

As an ordinary girl, Cocoa was not surprised or afraid when she first learned about the existence of otherworld, in fact she is very excited.

Because among those otherworld guests, there are not only Dragon God who guards the world, but also beautiful Wood Elf and the fantasy-like fairy.

Now she has become friends with the guests from otherworld, making her feel that every day is so novel and interesting.

On the way home, she has been thinking about whether there will be new otherworld customers coming today? If so, what kind of guest will it be?

Can she… be friends with the guests?

However, all her thoughts disappeared with the scent she smelled after returning home.

Smells so good!

This is… the smell of meat!

Did onii-chan developed new dishes?

After being amazed, Cocoa’s first reaction was there is a new dish. Although she didn’t know what it was, the smell alone made her salivating!

In this magical otherworld restaurant, there are not only guests from the fantasy world, but also an onii-chan that she really admires.

A perfect onii-chan who can draw popular manga and really good with cooking!

So… what kind of dishes did onii-chan prepare today?

Her stomach would appears puffy again.

Yes, Cocoa’s belly would get bloated again. Li Yalin hunted the Demonic Ox from the otherworld, and after returning home, he cut off the limbs of the Magical Beast from head to tail and then cook all the delicious parts.

Today he was planning to hold a full cattle banquet at home to celebrate his victory.

Not just for overcoming the prey, but also from overcoming oneself!

Let’s get a portion of boiled beef first, then fried the beef with cumin, a tomato sirloin soup, and a beef stew with potatoes.

The table is full of beef delicacies, and it’s Magical Beast beef from otherworld.

The meal easily melt in the girls tongue.

Perhaps it’s because of pure natural pollution-free or a being Magical Beast?

Anyway, the meat of this Demonic Ox is very tender, and the dishes produced are far better than usual.

Especially using a special recipe, the braised Demonic Ox meat made this dish has a random deliciousness bonus of 9 levels. To be fair, it was like a drug. Let alone the girl at home, even the Dragon God Red Queen from otherworld almost showed her original body after eating it.

It was… a spectacle to behold.

Seeing that after eating the dishes, the girls body were soft like losing bones, and with faces full of flush. Li Yalin feels that the special recipe combined with Magical Beast was a taboo recipe.

The consequences will be unimaginable if he do this a few more times!

It’s decided then, it will be listed as a taboo recipe. No matter how much Red Queen demand it, he will not take this recipe out again!

Magical Beast cuisine made by ordinary methods is completely sufficient.

The power of special recipes is too great!

Although the results are very excessive, this attempt also opened up a new world to Li Yalin, allowing him to see how exaggerated the product is after combining otherworld materials with special recipes.

Leaving aside the amazing deliciousness bonus, what is more worthy of attention is the special effect of the special recipe.

For example, the braised beef. This special recipe only had the effect of slowly restoring health, but with the meat of Demonic Ox, this recipe has undergone an amazing qualitative change.

As an authority figure, Red Queen can say frankly that this dish has definitely become a holy medicine. Even for a Red Dragon God like her, it feel like her life force keep surging up after eating it, let alone ordinary people.

And this is the key reason why Li Yalin lists it as a taboo recipe.

It wouldn’t matter if it only the effect of the medicine, but it’s not something ordinary people can accept if it keep producing life force.

Under normal circumstances, ordinary people can bear only one plate. More than that, they would burst out of vitality. Then, the delicious holy medicine will turn into poison. If he keep feeding the girls with this, wouldn’t he need to eat a regret medicine?

All in all, today’s trial made him a lot of gains, and it also made him pay more attention to otherworld materials.

Although it is a taboo recipe, it does not prevent him from saving it for emergencies. Anyway, he has Land of Flowers as a backing. Recently, he has established friendship with several villages in Wood Elf.

In this case, let us start trading happily!

“Sensei, you mean… you want to buy Magical Beast’s corpse?”

Fardania had no idea about Li Yalin’s research results. Wood Elf cannot eat meat, so she was the first one to run away during the trial production of Demonic Ox dishes.

Then Li Yalin suddenly proposed a trade, hoping to buy the corpse of Magical Beast from Wood Elf, which puzzled her.

Does sensei really plan to use Magical Beast for cooking?

It made her shudder by just thinking about it.

“Yes, I’m going to purchase the corpse of Magical Beast. The Wood Elf village scarce in a lot of materials, such as salt and condiments like sugar. We can trade as long as you guys need something and I can give it.”

It was not his whim to start trading with Wood Elf.

Through Fardania, he understood some of the current situation of Wood Elf. They don’t have worries about food and clothing, but they lacks spiritual enjoyment. Although most of Wood Elf is pure-hearted, there’s no way they don’t have any needs.

Now with him here, can he bring some changes to Wood Elf?

Although it wasn’t clear yet, he feels that the two sides’ trade should be a good start.

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