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Wood Elf did not object to Li Yalin’s trade proposal. He has Fardania as an intermediary, and this elf girl does have quite an extraordinary reputation among the surrounding Wood Elf villages.

Is it the famous chef Wood Elf?

Although Wood Elf is mostly pure-hearted, they are no different from ordinary people when facing food.

Their indifference to food before this is completely dictated by habit. After all, Wood Elf’s cooking method has always been raw or boiled. There’s not much variety, so naturally there is a lack of craving.

So, after the emergence of new delicacies, can Wood Elf maintain the same calmness?

Of course they can’t.

In fact, when Fardania took out some seasonings, these seasonings used to cook food became the most popular thing by Wood Elf.

Especially sugar, whether it is an adult Wood Elf or a minor Wood Elf, they have a special love for it.

“Exchange for a lot of candies? Sure it can, but are you sure this is the materials the Wood Elf want to exchange, not a fairy?”

With Fardania as an intermediary, Li Yalin does not need to communicate with the village heads or Elders of Wood Elf villages. His own elves student can act as proxy, and she will not screws her sensei anyway.

It’s just that he is very confused about Wood Elf’s needs.

In the list of goods listed by the other party, White sugar and finished candies accounted for the vast majority.

Are you guys really a Wood Elf, not some big fairy?

“Who said that only fairy loves to eat sweets…”

Fardania is somewhat powerless toward Li Yalin’s doubts. Fairy does likes to eat sweets. But fairy like it does not mean the Wood Elf can’t like it, right?

In fact, Wood Elf’s love for sweets is not inferior to fairy. It’s just living in Siena Forest for a long time, it’s really rare to get sugar. For Wood Elf, the only seasoning that can produce sweetness is honey.

But honey is extremely rare. Maybe one can’t even find a pot of honey when rummaged through the surrounding villages of elves.

For the needs of the tribe, Fardania feels it was quite normal. When she thought about sensei restaurant, if it weren’t for those desserts with eggs and milk, most of them would become her favorite.

“Okay, it’s my overthinking, but… isn’t this list of deals too simple? One pound of seasoning for one Magical Beast… Does all Magical Beast use this standard?”

Although he’s still wondering whether Wood Elf and fairy tribe are distant relatives, this isn’t the time for such random thought, so he should focus on the transaction list.

Li Yalin could not understand at all the trading method proposed by Wood Elf!

He originally intended to use Magical Beast’s variety and weight as the exchange standard. Although it can be a little troublesome, it can also guarantee the fairness of the transaction.

But the exchange method proposed by Wood Elf was very simple, it was so simple that he desperate want to tsukomi it.

He thought that he’s quite dislike troublesome things, but it turned out those Wood Elf were even more dislike troublesome things. A Magical Beast was exchanged for a pound of seasoning. He could only think of it at a loss!

“Yes, just follow this as the standard.”

Fardania didn’t seem to think much of Li Yalin’s helplessness, she even nodded her head.

She has been a student of Li Yalin for such a long time, except for cooking, did she learn nothing?

“I mean… wouldn’t you guys take a loss this way?”

Looking at his beautiful student, Li Yalin has lost his strength.

He proposed the trade. It stands to reason that as a businessman, he should put his own interests first. But as a rich local tyrant, he actually doesn’t mind giving out more supplies to Wood Elf.

Anyway, he is in the advantageous side.

If it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t be able to let Fardania act as an intermediary. He thought she should be able to understand his plan.

At a time like this, shouldn’t you to seek some benefits for your people?

“No, we don’t suffer at all. In fact, for us, it should be considered a big profit.”

Unexpectedly, after Fardania shook her head, she actually said such a thing.

As she said, from the perspective of Wood Elf, they did make a lot of profit. After hunting Magical Beast in the past, they could only discard or bury the body of Magical Beast.

But now, just by adding a few more processes, those corpses can be exchanged for delicious condiments or candies. It was like a free and delicious food for the Wood Elf, being hit by luck for no reason.

What Fardania said is true, but is this explanation really okay?

Well, doesn’t matter, as long as you guys happy.

Since Wood Elf thinks they made a lot of profit, Li Yalin has nothing more to say, and just started trading.

With the space ring given by the fairy tribe, there is no problem with transporting things back and forth. The only surprise is that the Wood Elf hunted more monsters than he imagined.

In just two days, there were more than forty Magical Beast corpses in Li Yalin’s space ring. It seemed that in exchange for enough candies and seasonings, the rangers and mages of Wood Elf villages went out in a group and went straight to wipe out all Magical Beast lairs around.

In this way, Li Yalin also did a good deed for the Wood Elf tribe. After all, he emptied the surrounding Magical Beast lair and relieved the Wood Elf’s troubles.

Speaking of which… Obviously they had this strength, why didn’t they solve the Magical Beast in one go but have to wait until this time to attack collectively?

Sure enough… it’s because of their lax personality.

Yes, now Li Yalin has seen through Wood Elf’s temperament. With their long life as a backing, this race is like a virus of procrastination. They don’t feel the hurry if they can’t done thing today, it feel no difference if they do the work tomorrow.

In this case, without the driving force of seasonings and candies, the danger of the surrounding Magical Beast is even more difficult to relieve in one go.

In contrast, Fardania’s temperament is rather strange among Wood Elf.

This is really…

How should Li Yalin tsukomi this kind of Wood Elf?

Forget it, don’t have to tsukomi, it would be just a waste of breath!

It has nothing to do with him. What he needs to consider now is how to deal with these Magical Beast corpses!

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