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It was indeed beyond Li Yalin’s expectations to get more than forty Magical Beast corpses. These Magical Beasts are not small in shape. Except for some Magical Beasts he wasn’t sure edible, the remaining corpses are various meats that when combined can reach a weight of more than ten tons.

It looks like a hill from a distance when corpses of these Magical Beasts are all piled together, which is quite spectacular.

Li Yalin can’t deal with such a large number alone. Fortunately, there are two witches beside him, he can bring Kowata Akane and Makoto over to help.

With the two of them, the speed of handling the corpses has been greatly improved.

Li Yalin doesn’t need much, he’s satisfied as long as he can eat meat. But don’t forget that Magical Beast’s bodies are treasures, especially for the witches.

The blood of Magical Beast, the bones of Magical Beast, the fur of Magical Beast, and even the eyes and private parts of Magical Beast can all be materials for the witch to cast spells. Especially the otherword Magical Beast’s body contains great magic power, which is a rare and valuable materials.

Li Yalin has no use of these materials, only witch sisters of the Kowata family has use of them.

More precisely, for Kowata Akane.

The spell-casting materials previously obtained from Land of Flowers have now become her exclusive research materials. Even the Magical Beast corpse this time was hers.

It’s all hers, only she can make use of these materials.

But that’s okay. With these materials, Kowata Akane works harder. She even said that in order to process these materials as soon as possible, she would not hesitate to use magic power to summon a familiar to help.

It’s not like the familiar Kenny she carries, but a contract familiar like a temporary worker. As long as the magic power is provided, those familiars will help the master work, and will disappear when the work is completed.

Speaking of which, Li Yalin would also like to have such familiar.

Okay, let’s stop with the nonsense. In short, with the help of the two witches of the Kowata family, Li Yalin successfully harvested enough Magical Beast meat. But how to deal with this Magical Beast meat is also a problem.

After all, the space ring does not have its own preservation function, and so much meat can’t be put in the refrigerator. In desperation, he can only ask for more help.

In the end, 60% of the more than ten tons of meat was frozen by Kowata Akane magecraft, and was thrown into the space ring after special processing.

And the remaining 40%, almost 4,000 kilograms of meat, are mostly made into delicious jerky and bacon by Li Yalin. This cooking method can also preserve the quality for a long time, and it has a special flavor.

After making jerky and bacon, more than 4,000 kilograms of fresh meat shrank to less than 2,000 kilograms, but even so, this amount is not small.

At least it can’t be finished in a short time by just his family.

Magical Beast’s meat is tender and delicious, far from comparable to ordinary meat. As long as it is not prepared in a special cooking method, it will not produce the effect of taboo recipes. In this case, should he share it to his own friends?

This is a good idea.

Anyway, he have no problem going to school with the Ordinary Mirror.

“Aoba, Nene, this is a gift for you guys.”

He’ll do it after he made up his mind. This is Li Yalin’s usual code of conduct. So when he came to school, he first distributed the jerky to the two girls in his club.

“Wah, delicious jerky, is it beef? Thank you club president!”

He have been busy with music matters recently. Li Yalin has somewhat neglected Aoba and Nene. Although they don’t mind, he still need to interacts with them more to ensure that their favorability will not drop.

Li Yalin was actually quite happy seeing them exclaiming while trying the jerky.

Sure enough, these two grils actually have little foodie attributes.

Done giving it to Aoba and Nene. Then he’ll give the rest to Kohinata Yukari, Uomi, and the two girls of the student council, Haruka, Maki and Atsuko.

Of course the girls are very happy to receive the gifts, but Li Yalin’s dress for school today also surprised them.

It feels like… he’s a little different from usual.

Why is the change so big just by wearing a pair of glasses?

Yes, just this morning, no one noticed at all when Li Yalin came to school. Even when he walked into the class, no one noticed him as a ‘big star’ until he came to his seat and sat down. Haruka, who was his next table, was surprised to find that an ordinary-looking schoolboy who just walked into the classroom was actually her next table friend.

Isn’t that too exaggerated?

For Li Yalin’s changes, Kohinata Yukari is undoubtedly very envious. Because like Li Yalin, she has suffered from fame. Although reporters are blocked outside the school, there are also many fans of her in the school.

It can be said that when she came to the class room, she was surrounded by people who asked for autographs and group photo before she could even reach her sheat, which made her suffer.

Fortunately, with the appearance of sensei, the students finally hold themselves a bit. But even so, she still very uncomfortable.

She would also like to return to the ordinary daily life.

Unfortunately, that is no longer possible.

The changes in Li Yalin gave Kohinata Yukari a lot of inspiration. Maybe she can make such changes and pretend to be ordinary, so that the students will not be as enthusiastic anymore.

With this idea, Kohinata Yukari also took out a pair of red glasses. These are not a non prescription glasses, but real myopic glasses. Kohinata Yukari’s eyesight is not very good, but she doesn’t need it at ordinary times, she only wear it when reading or studying.

So… can she cover herself with glasses like him?

Obviously, Kohinata Yukari was imagining things. Her beauty is not something that a pair of glasses can block. Rather, when she wears glasses, it showed her as intellectual beauty, which makes her more popular.

Li Yalin was dumbfounded regarding the misfortune of his partner. Ordinary Mirror isn’t just some kind of ordinary glasses. This is something that can’t be replicated.

But… Sure enough, he should also prepare the same pair of glasses for his own partner. He recently gave Akane-ne so many benefits that it shouldn’t be a problem for her to exchange materials.

That being the case, it is indeed time to put this matter on the agenda!

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