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“Where did you buy it?”

Li Yalin gave gifts to his friends in the school, so naturally, he can’t neglect his working partners.

The office building of Weekly Young GONGON and at the same time the office of Cute Sound idol firm. Li Yalin gave the prepared meat jerky to Mihari, Rinna and Minano Matome, the loli chief editor.

For Li Yalin’s gift, Mihari and Rinna both like it very much. The loli chief editor is no exception. It’s better to say that she happily eats the jerky, and she even inquiries about the source, with the intention of buying it in the future.

“A little snacks I made myself, I will bring them again if you like them.”

Minano Matome is now an important partner of Li Yalin. Although he can’t reveal the source of the jerky to her, he didn’t mind giving her more.

After all, he has no shortage of raw materials at all now, and he can restock later even if he runs out.

In addition to Wood Elf, he also knows a swordmaster Shinmon Tatsugoro who specializes in hunting Magical Beasts. With him, would he still be worried about not getting Magical Beasts?

“I’ll take your over then.”

It can be seen that Minano Matome is satisfied with Li Yalin’s answer, and her speed of eating jerky is also faster.

She really looks like a child from the way she eats.

I don’t know how old her real age is.

“By the way, Yalin sensei. I have a business here, I don’t know if you are interested.”

He just talked of loli chief editor is like a child. But not long after, her expression suddenly became serious, revealing a very business look.

This is… entering the working mode so suddenly?


Li Yalin frowned slightly after hearing what Minano Matome said. He and the loli chief editor belong to a cooperative relationship, and the interests of both parties are tied together.

But doing business… what she mean by this?

“Yes, it’s business! Yalin sensei has made a lot of money recently. Cat Eye and SAO has been very popular, and even Generation XTH has created a new game mode, it seems that they have brought a lot of income to Yalin sensei. .”

“Minano chief editor means…”

Seeing Minano Matome like this, Li Yalin subconsciously took a half step back, for fear that she would ask if he knew about multi-level marketing.

By the way… there is no multi-level marketing in this world, right?

“Manga, writing, composing and arranging music, singing, and even programming to make games, these are what Yalin sensei is very good at.”


“I wonder… Yalin sensei, are you interested in owning a game company of your own?”

Well, it turned out to be a real business talk.

He have said before that Minano Matome, the loli chief editor, has great ambitions. She wants anime, manga, games, and novel ACGN to develop in an all-round way. What’s worth mentioning is that with the selling of these two works, Cat Eye and SAO, she does have the envy of others in the field of manga and novels.

However, as the saying goes, it’s easy to trip over when walking in a big stride, and the same goes for the loli chief editor.

Although she wants to develop the ACGN industry in an all-round way, there are too many things that restrict her. Even though manga and novels have started, she wasn’t so happy with the anime and games.

Anime is okay since there are two hot works to support her. She can make an anime of Cat Eye and SAO, at least it gave her the capital to negotiate.

But she had no control over the game industry, and suffered from it.

A while ago, she borrowed the resources of the parent company Elite publisher to start a game company called EagleJump, and successfully launched a game called FAIRIES STORY.

The game is quite successful, at least it has a good reputation among players, and it can be regarded as a good work. Whether it is the plot or the quality of the picture, people can’t fault it.

But such a well-received game is not popular. Since its release, online sales have only been 100,000 copies, and offline sales have been hanging low, and even 50,000 copies have not been sold.

This kind of result can’t even compare Li Yalin’s Generation XTH, naturally it would be regarded as a failure.

Under this circumstance, the second series of FAIRIES STORY, which was intended to continue to be released, was axed, and the company that was just established is facing a crisis of dissolution.

Minano Matome has found the reason for this situation.

One is because EagleJump, as a newly established company, is not well-known, not well recognized by players, and has low purchasing power. Second, there are opponents of Minano Matome who are secretly attacking the sale of FAIRIES STORY using various commercial methods.

FAIRIES STORY is just a very traditional RPG game. It would be difficult to make it popular without any new elements. Coupled with someone secretly sabotaging it, it’s inevitable that it got awful sales.

In comparison, it is a small miracle that Li Yalin’s Generation XTH gets popular so quickly and sold so many online.

All in all, although she found the reason for EagleJump’s failure, it has become a reality. Minano Matome has no choice but to give up this newly established company.

After all, the headquarters will no longer continue to inject capital, and the capital owned by Minano Matome cannot support the operation of EagleJump.

But she’s unwilling to just give up like this.

Yes, she failed, but EagleJump is her painstaking effort. It just like her child, can she just watch her child disappear?

Of course she’s unwilling, so she found Li Yalin, hoping to cooperate with him.

Calling it as a cooperation, in fact, she hopes that Li Yalin can acquire EagleJump. It is a company that has announced that it is about to dissolve, the acquisition wouldn’t cost much.

What is really difficult is the company’s next projects. Everyone would naturally be happy and will be rolling in financial resources if it become a hits, but the company will become a bottomless pit if they failed, no matter how much money is not enough to fill.

To be honest, she was actually very nervous when she asked Li Yalin. After all, according to normal people’s thinking, it would be difficult to take this ‘mess’.

So… will he agree?

“Acquiring a game company… Minano chief editor, how many employees of that company are left?”

After finishing all her words in one breath, Minano Matome’s eyes were also fixed on Li Yalin, with a look of expectation in her eyes. It was her painstaking effort after all, and Li Yalin was her only hope.

While Li Yalin, he sighed deeply, the expression on his face was a bit complicated.

At long last, he only asked one question.

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