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“The EagleJump employees, there are probably still… about five or six people, but… it doesn’t matter! As long as the company can be re-organized, the employees who left will come back soon! Everyone will be back!”

It’s a simple question, but it hits Minano Matome’s greatest weakness.

Yes, the company is about to disband, most of the employees have officially resigned, and now only a few people have not left. It is just that she forced them to stay, hoping that everyone can give her a period of time to try to rebuild the company.

A few people left… then it’s no different from being disorganized. What could she tell about a company like that?

As a partner, Minano Matome can’t deceive Li Yalin. The facts are pretty obvious, and he will know it sooner or later.

But this made the possibility of him acquiring EagleJump getting lower and lower. After all, it is just a company with no future.

“Five or six people… how much does it cost to acquire EagleJump?”

Sure enough, when Minano Matome said about the working staff, Li Yalin’s expression was a bit ugly. Not only that, but he then asked another key question.

And this question makes Minano Matome feel ashamed.

“10 million Japan currency…”

When speaking of this number, Minano Matome did not dare to look at Li Yalin’s eyes directly. As a game company, the value cannot be low. For example, when EagleJump was just formed, Minano Matome will not sell it even if someone fork out 100 million.

But the current EagleJump is on the verge of disbanding, and there is only an empty shell left. Let alone ten million, no one will pay the money even if it is one million.

This number sounded like a pitfall. But no matter how the headquarters spoke, she could only make such a guarantee.

Because this is the only way to keep EagleJump.

Gonna get rejected…

Minano Matome can already imagine Li Yalin’s answer after saying the number of 10 million Japan currency. In fact, she regrets a bit now, she shouldn’t mention this matter.

It doesn’t looks like a fair deal. Let alone partners, even true friends will probably get angry.

Perhaps in Yalin sensei’s opinion, she is playing tricks on him?

“Can I see the list of current employees?”


Minano Matome originally thought that rejection was a foregone conclusion, But she did not expect that Li Yalin actually wanted to look at the working staff list, which surprised her.

There still a turning point?

Although she didn’t know what happened, Minano Matome still nodded her head many times.

Of course she has the list of the working staff.

Soon, Minano Matome took out EagleJump’s working staff list. Not only the current staff, but also the list of the resigned staff, all were handed over to Li Yalin.

Li Yalin also looked at the name list very seriously.

Shizuku Hazuki, director & planner of FAIRIES STORY.

Kou Yagami, FAIRIES STORY character designer.

Toyama Rin, member of the design group of FAIRIES STORY.

The remaining few remaining staff he didn’t know.

The former member, chief programmer Ahagon Umiko, and Takimoto Hifumi, a member of the design group… many familiar names.

Is it really the EagleJump!

Since meeting Aoba and Nene, Li Yalin knew that sooner or later, he would see EagleJump. He’s familiar with the employees of this company and would see those familiar figures.

But he didn’t expect that EagleJump was formed by Minano loli’s hand, and fell into a crisis of dissolution just after making the original FAIRIES STORY.

Looks like… the timeline has been completely disrupted.

Of course it doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is the members of EagleJump and… the task just released by the system!

Main task: Save EagleJump company first establishment.
Task content: Acquire the game company EagleJump, and ensure that there are more than 20 employees.
Task reward: The game ‘Wind Fantasy’ series script (optimized version).
Task tips: After completing the Main task, subsequent tasks will be released one after another.

Yes, the system has released the task again, and it’s actually the main task. In other words, the system thinks he should also make game making as one of his main business?

Well, Li Yalin doesn’t really care whether making games is his main business. What really gets his attention is the script of system rewards.

It was the Wind Fantasy series?

As a post-80s, Wind Fantasy this game can be said to carry a memory of Li Yalin’s childhood.

Now that he has the script for this game, can he not reproduce this classic?

The most important thing is that the character abilities in the Wind Fantasy game are quite powerful. If this game is made, does it also mean that he will have the opportunity to have the skills or items in the game?

In this way, he had no reason to reject Minano Matome, right?

As early as when Minano Matome talked about the company’s status, Li Yalin had already received this task. The reason why he asked the follow-up questions is mainly to understand the company’s status.

Looking at it now, it is actually not optimistic.

But even if it was not optimistic, he has no reason to refuse. Not to mention that the money for the acquisition of the company is much less than expected.


Still he can’t agree to the loli chief editor right away!

“I want to meet that Miss Shizuku Hazuki, can I?”

After putting the list of working staff on the table, Li Yalin made this request to Minano Matome, which of course the loli chief editor cannot refuse.

Not long after, Li Yalin was taken to the office of EagleJump. As expected of the loli chief editor, she also arranged the company in the office building of Weekly Young GONGON.

Is she planning to round up this building?

Forget it, this is really not the time for tsukomi.

“A man… Matome-chan, are you planning to make a man my boss?”

When he first saw Shizuku Hazuki, Li Yalin saw a mature and dignified beauty with glasses.

But this beauty broke once she opens her mouth, and destroys her whole personality in one sentence.

The way she talks, she was giving him a cold shoulder?

Li Yalin still knows a little bit of Shizuku Hazuki. He saw her more or less when he watched the anime, but in the actual sense, seeing the real person, he still can’t stand her off-line character.

Can this kind of dislike be said in public place?

In fact, not only Li Yalin, but even Minano Matome is full of black lines. She had worked hard in order to preserve the company, and even hardened herself to ask for help.

The results?

She got the helper, but you dare to show dislike?

Are you trying to offend your superior?

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