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“This is Lilin sensei, our talented mangaka from Weekly Young GONGON and the hottest light novel writer at the moment. We invited him over today for the main purpose of inspecting the company. Miss Hazuki, have a good manners! You heard me!”

When she said this, Minano Matome was almost gritting her teeth, and the expression on her face was ugly.

It’s no wonder that in the current inconvenience situation, no one will show a good face.

“Eh? He is Lilin sensei? Isn’t Lilin sensei a super handsome idol mangaka?”

Minano Matome revealed the identity of Li Yalin, but it is a pity that Shizuku Hazuki didn’t seem to paid her any mind. She showed a surprised expression instead, and said something that filled both of them with black lines.

Yes, Li Yalin wearing the Ordinary Mirror at this time is indeed like an ordinary passerby. He didn’t look outstanding no matter how one’s looks.

But can one really say this in front of others?

Do you not think about what you say when you talk?

“Sorry to let you down for being not a super handsome idol mangaka.”

Calm, be calm!

Li Yalin knows about Shizuku Hazuki, knowing that this woman’s personality is a bit off-line. She is a weird person in the eyes of many people, so he didn’t put it in the heart.

But despite that, he still somewhat unhappy.

It’s a pity that Shizuku Hazuki doesn’t seem to understand the sarcasm in his words at all. On the contrary, her next words are even more choking.

“No, I’m not disappointed at all. Rather, it’s great that Lilin sensei is so ordinary.”

Just listen to her, doesn’t she deserves a punch in the face?

“Not bad, Matome-chan, you really understand what I think. If you arranged such a boss, the girls in the company shouldn’t be interested in him.”

Shizuku Hazuki even took Minano Matome’s hand. Although she gave Li Yalin a cold shoulder at first, she has begun to recognize him now.

As for the reason for recognizing him, it was also dumbfounding. It’s because he was ordinary.

Li Yalin can be sure that this woman’s brain circuits are absolutely countercurrent, making people unable to figure out her thoughts at all!

“Enough! What do you think of the company as a place! Didn’t I tell you! Your job now is to give Lilin sensei a good reception! Not to offend him severely!”

To be fair, Minano Matome, as the chief editor of the magazine were also in charge of many other tasks and has a good temper. At least Li Yalin has never seen her angry.

But it looks like she was really offended by Shizuku Hazuki. This is not surprising, she deliberately being unfriendly from the beginning to the end, she’s simply brings down the mood of others.

If Li Yalin really abandons the acquisition of EagleJump because of Shizuku Hazuki’s attitude, who else can she find to take over the mess?

It can be said that Li Yalin is the only person who can preserve this company. But before they can came to an agreement, she offended people so badly.

It is true that Yalin sensei wearing glasses looks very inconspicuous. But once he takes off his glasses, he will definitely blind an idiotic woman like you!

His identity is more than just mangaka and light novelist!

What do you think of the identity of the super popular school idol?

Are you blind or something?

At this moment, the good-tempered Minano Matome finally had the urge to hit someone, and the kind of beat them to death!

“Eh? Did I offend Lilin sensei?”

Minano Matome’s anger finally made Shizuku Hazuki react. But what she reacted about… how to put it, is it hindsight or dullness? Or is it… deliberately?

“It seems that Ms. Shizuku Hazuki doesn’t welcome me.”

Although Shizuku Hazuki’s character is off-line, she’s not really ignorant of the world. At least Li Yalin doesn’t think that with her age… well, that’s a woman secret, would be really that stupid.

The reason for the above situation is nothing more than that.

Reminisce about her personality, he finally got the answer.

“Don’t misunderstood Yalin sensei, Hazuki is just…”

“It’s okay Minano chief editor, I understand. You don’t need to explain.”

Minano Matome have a bad feeling hearing Li Yalin’s words. She quickly wanted to explain, but before she could finish her words, Li Yalin was the first to wave his hand to stop her.

“According to the company’s personnel list I just looked at, I found one thing that is very interesting. That is, the employees of the company are all women, without any man.”

“Through this, coupled with Ms. Shizuku Hazuki’s attitude, I understand that Ms. Shizuku Hazuki does not seem to welcome male employees to the company, let alone have a male boss.”

“From the look of things, maybe Miss Shizuku Hazuki hates men? No, although she showed dislike to me just now, she didn’t show disgust. In other words… Does Miss Shizuku Hazuki like women? Or maybe… lovely girl?”

“Looks like it. The staff in EagleJump’s company does seems to have many cute girls. Not only that, the information shows that they have no dating experience.”

“So I can understand that Ms. Shizuku Hazuki wants to make EagleJump her harem. And as the person who is about to acquire this company, I am getting involved in your harem?”

“If you think on this basis, Ms. Shizuku Hazuki’s attitude is very reasonable.”

Gently pushing the glasses on the bridge of his nose, Li Yalin seemed to be like a Sherlock Holmes, and even a light flashed on the lenses.

Yes, he has seen everything!

“Unexpectedly… was discovered!”

After Li Yalin finished his analysis, Shizuku Hazuki immediately backed up a few steps, with a face full of shock. She even staggered as if she was about to fall.

“What a keen insight… who are you!”

After the shock, Shizuku Hazuki asked loudly. He must be not an ordinary person that he can analysis all this!

“Li Yalin, a second-year Eiryou High School student, mangaka and light novelist under the pen name Lilin, let’s get a long from now on.”

With an arc drawn across the corner of his mouth, Li Yalin introduced himself while extending his hand to Shizuku Hazuki.

This can be regarded as a signal.

“I see, I am Shizuku Hazuki, EagleJump’s game director & planner. Nice to meet you.”

While Shizuku Hazuki, she also pushed her glasses, hesitated a little, and then shake Li Yalin’s hand.

“As you said, I really like cute girls. EagleJump is my harem, so I’ll never allow others to get involved in my harem. It’s absolutely impossible even if you are the boss. I have to remind you in advance!”

After the handshake… is there a warning statement next?

Sure enough, she is a very interesting person.

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