Cafe 297

“Ms. Hazuki’s words are wrong. Although I have no plans to get a girlfriend, if love comes, no one can stop it. In case I really find true love in this company?”

“Of course, it’s Ms. Hazuki own business for wanting to have a harem. But if I meet the object of my heart, I must work hard to strive for it. Because everyone is equal before love, right?”

“I think with Ms. Hazuki’s character, she wouldn’t regard the girls in the company as her own, and forbid them from interacting with others?”

To be honest, after Shizuku Hazuki showed her dislike several times. It wasn’t in his character at all if he didn’t finds a chance to fight back.

In fact, he is also quite used to this kind of tit-for-tat. He often fights with Uomi and Maki at school, and with Kowata Akane at home. He won’t show weakness even if it was replaced by Shizuku Hazuki!

“Uh… so amazing, he is indeed the hottest mangaka and light novelist nowadays. Lilin sensei’s eloquence is indeed very good.”

When Li Yalin spoke, Shizuku Hazuki seemed to have an arrow in her chest, causing her to sway several times.

After a while, she held her glasses lightly. It was obvious that she was composing herself.

Looks like his counterattack just now was outstanding.

“But… even so, I will try to protect my harem! No… protect those cute girls! The cute children are mine! I won’t allow outsider to take my child away!”

After regaining her composure, Shizuku Hazuki began to fight back. It seemed that she really want to fight for everything.

In other words, she won’t let go even a single girl?

She really have a big appetite.

“Maybe I’m still an outsider before. But from today, I’m not an outsider anymore. So Miss Hazuki, what you said is no longer valid.”

Composing oneself?

Is that useful?

She have already lost this battle from the beginning!


Yes, as Li Yalin said, Shizuku Hazuki was at a disadvantage from the beginning of this confrontation. Because he was the only one who could acquire EagleJump, so from beginning to end, she was struggling with the inevitable.

All Shizuku Hazuki can do is planning for the future. If she starts to perform very well, it may be really difficult for Li Yalin to intervene in the company. At least he can’t ‘touch’ the cute girls in the company.

It’s a pity that it was a futile efforts, since this is a battle with completely unequal combat power.

She can only utter the sorrow of the loser.

“Humph… So that’s it, Lilin sensei does have ambitions that are completely incompatible with your ordinary appearance… But! I won’t give up! I’ll even feed my body to the tiger to protect my lovely girls! I will never let you succeed!”

Shizuku Hazuki lost, but she did not have the consciousness of the defeated. She still wants to resist, which shows how deep her obsession with cute girls is.

If she were a man, she would be a very scary guy… in every sense.

Unfortunately, she is also a woman!

“Feeding the tiger with your body… it doesn’t sound right. Miss Hazuki, with your age… ahem, there is an old saying in the empire that old cows eat tender grass. I wonder if Miss Hazuki have heard of it?

Li Yalin couldn’t help but sneered at Shizuku Hazuki’s final counterattack.

Feeding the tiger with her own body, this means her own body as the last line of defense?

Do you think that I’ll go for a mature onee-san instead of those young and cute girls?

Yes! Of course I will!

Ripe onee-san is Li Yalin’s dish, there is no doubt about this. Especially an onee-san like Shizuku Hazuki, which is almost ripe and can pick up the fruit immediately, is without a doubt his favorite.

But how could he said that?

Of course he can’t. Wouldn’t that be counterproductive if he exposed his inner thoughts?

Therefore, he should show a dismissive attitude now. Only in this way, Shizuku Hazuki will be even more hooked.

“Old… old cow eats tender grass?”

Sure enough, as soon as Li Yalin said this, Shizuku Hazuki had her nose out of joint. Although she is no longer a young girl, she is definitely not very old. If she doesn’t expose her nature and just by her appearance, she still can be called a beauty, isn’t it?

As a result, in the eyes of others, she was called an older woman?

And that tender grass… is still an unremarkable ordinary high school student?

Can she tolerated this?

No! She can’t tolerated it!

“Am I wrong? I am seventeen this year. Miss Hazuki, how about you?”

If Shizuku Hazuki made people want to punch her in the face, then Li Yalin’s attitude now is like he was looking for a beating. Really, if it were not for lack of combat power, Shizuku Hazuki would really have do it.

Seventeen years old… is indeed a tender grass, and it is still quite tender. In contrast, she’s…

Damn it!

Didn’t he know that a woman’s age can’t be asked casually?

“I’m twenty!”

Subconsciously, Shizuku Hazuki blurted out her response. This is what she always said. She always says that she is twenty years young forever.

But it was definitely her big mistake for speaking in front of Li Yalin like that.

At least she regretted it after she spoke.

“Twenty? Miss Hazuki, are you serious?”

Looking at Shizuku Hazuki with a smile, Li Yalin then turned his gaze to Minano Matome.

“Minano chief editor, I think you should be very clear about Miss Hazuki’s age, right?”

At this moment, Minano Matome on the side has been completely dumbfounded. Their verbal attack is simply too fierce!

In her impression, Li Yalin has always been a nice guy with a very good personality. Who would have imagined that he has such a poisonous side.

And Shizuku Hazuki’s shamelessness also refreshed her new lower limit.
Sure enough, a mountain is higher than the other. Compared to the other two, she is far behind.


Although she was sighing in her heart. She didn’t want to interrupt their argument so as not to get involved. But unexpectedly, Li Yalin also dragged her into the mess.

Since she got involved now, Minano Matome can’t hide away. But just when she spoke a word, Shizuku Hazuki rushed like lightning, and directly held the loli chief editor tightly in her arms.


She holding her to shut her mouth!

Shizuku Hazuki actually used such a despicable move! Is she going to kill the only witness and continue to hide her age?

What a cruel woman!

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