Cafe 298

Shizuku Hazuki hugged Minano Matome into her arms to silence her. She also used her magnificent pair of soft flesh on her chest to directly cover the nose and mouth of the loli chief editor, which made her can’t utter a single word.

What a vicious trick!

She was silencing her!

“Let go of Minano chief editor! Come at me if you have something to say!”

As a man with a Salvation system, Li Yalin felt that it was his time to shine.

According to Shizuku Hazuki’s words, feeding a tiger with one’s own body!

That’s right! Feeding the tiger with one’s own body!

So let go of that loli chief editor and swap her with me!

It’s a pity that, he can’t do that kind of thing despite his intention. Obviously, Shizuku Hazuki will only hug a girl into her arms.

“You two… what are you on about?”

It was very difficult for Minano Matome to get liberated from Shizuku Hazuki’s chest. She also couldn’t understand their conflict.

They should have met for the first time, but their conversation made it like they have known each other for a long time. Calling them enemies, but they seemed to be joking with each other, but then they had serious expressions.

Right now, Minano Matome can no longer remain silent. She brought Li Yalin today for business, not for some inexplicable conversation!

“What to say… It’s probably the exchange between new colleagues, something like that.”

Seeing Minano Matome, whose face was already somewhat pale, had endured being hugged in the arms. Li Yalin subconsciously scratched the back of his head, showing a very innocent expression.

As soon as he spoke, Shizuku Hazuki also stood beside him and nodded very solemnly.

“As Lilin sensei said, this is the friendly exchange between new colleagues.”

Look, Ms. Hazuki thinks so too.

“Friendly… exchange?”

Li Yalin and Shizuku Hazuki’s answers made Minano Matome’s face covered in black lines. If that was a friendly exchange, what is her way of communicating with people?

Having said that, when did the two of them stand on the same line?

“I’m about to take over this company, so I have to have a good relationship with my new colleagues. Although I’m still unsure whether I can bring this company back to life with my hands.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Li Yalin’s performance was very relaxed. The tense atmosphere just now seemed to disappear suddenly.

“It shouldn’t be a problem for Lilin sensei. You are a well-known mangaka and light novelist in the industry. I am very looking forward to the works of sensei.”

She clearly disliked Li Yalin at first, but she is touting him now. Minano Matome can’t understand Shizuku Hazuki’s attitude.

To be honest, she has known Shizuku Hazuki for a long time. Otherwise, she would not recruit Shizuku Hazuki into the company and appoint her as director and planner.

But why does she now feel that she has just met her?

She can’t understand her friend at all!


There is one important point that she has noticed.

“You mean… Yalin sensei, are you planning to acquire EagleJump?”

Minano Matome’s purpose is to hope that Li Yalin can take over EagleJump, so that her previous efforts will not completely dissolve and disappear. Her heart was also full of anxiety before, since it was not something that can be agreed so casually.

Ten million acquisitions are still small things. The real big money lies in future operations. Develop games, and promote games needs money, everything needs money.

Such a bottomless pit, no one will take it unless there is confidence.

So even if she asked Li Yalin, Minano Matome couldn’t be sure whether he would really agree.

But now, the good things are coming.

The heated exchange just now made her think that Li Yalin had already had a dislike for Shizuku Hazuki, so he would be merciless in his words.

As a result, she was not ready with the surprise.

“Yeah, isn’t that obvious already?”

Compared to Minano Matome’s surprise, Li Yalin is a little inexplicable. His intention was very clear, that loli chief editor can’t even see it?

Shizuku Hazuki can see it clearly.

“That means, Lilin sensei intentions is so obvious, Matome-chan are just too slow.”

Shizuku Hazuki did not forget to speak out to show her presence, but the loli chief editor has completely ignored her.

“Thank you! Yalin sensei, thank you very much!”

All Minano Matome’s heart right now is filled with the gratitude to Li Yalin. It was the child she formed with her own hands. She does have deep feelings for this company.

Looks like it was the right choice to find Yalin sensei to save her child!

“It’s nothing. In fact, I also want to thank you. I have long wanted to establish a game company, but I have no experience. I also have been busy recently, so I couldn’t implement it.”

“EagleJump is a very good company, and I am also very optimistic about the future of this company. So after acquiring this company, I also plan to develop the company and strive to produce a classic and popular game.”

“For this, I still need your help, Miss Hazuki.”

Li Yalin certainly has to say something in the presence of the loli chief editor as he is about to become the new owner of this company.

And he also mention Shizuku Hazuki at the end, since from today onwards, she will be his right-hand man.

Yes, right-hand!

“I’m flattered, I’ll be in your care President-sama.”

After hearing Li Yalin’s words, Shizuku Hazuki blinked at him vaguely while being modest. And after receiving her gaze, Li Yalin also immediately understood her meaning.

She meant as a comrade-in-arms?

Sure enough, in every sense, Shizuku Hazuki and him are both of the same kind.

Yes, despite the intense argument, in fact, Li Yalin can always find a familiar taste in Shizuku Hazuki, and he believe Shizuku Hazuki also feels the same.

They are the same kind of people, but the different is that Li Yalin hold himself back, while Shizuku Hazuki has no scruples.

From the conversation just now, both of them have understood this, so they came to have a better understanding.

Is this the so-called commiserated over similarities?


No problem at all!

Please take care of me in the future!

Li Yalin naturally responded with a smile to Shizuku Hazuki’s goodwill, but the meaning of his smile was somewhat unclear.

Is it just a comrade-in-arms?

Miss Hazuki, you seem to have forgotten something. While we are a comrade-in-arms, you are… also a woman!

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