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“Not bad, there is no debt on the books, as long as the funds are in place, we can immediately start the development of the new game.”

The acquisition of EagleJump is already considered a certainty. With Minano Matome’s smooth work, Li Yalin immediately became the legal owner of the company after paying the money.

In fact, Minano Matome did not pit him. The company was packed to the brim. As long as he can provide follow-up funds, the new game can be developed immediately without any problems.

Li Yalin definitely had the money. He can fork out 100 million Japan currency on the company’s books when necessary, but money alone is not enough. This company has only a few of employees remains, so he has to quickly bring back the old employees who have left.

“Then… let’s meet our future work partner first.”

Whether for the company’s follow-up operations or for the completion of system tasks, recalling the employees must be carried out as soon as possible. But everything must not be done in a haste.

Now that he has become the owner of EagleJump, he should meet his employees, right?

Rather… Li Yalin’s biggest goal is Kou Yagami and Toyama Rin, these two girls.

They are one of the main characters in the original plot, and a pair of very loving CPs. Wouldn’t it be a shame if he didn’t get to know them?

In the original plot, Kou Yagami is a cheerful, seemingly careless but very gentle ideal boss. But in this real world, the situation has changed slightly.

At least the first time he met Kou Yagami, Li Yalin found that the girl’s personality seemed quite introverted. While Toyama Rin who was standing next to her, although she kept a certain distance from him, she at least smiled and greeted him, not making others feel snubbed.

While Kou Yagami…

Why is she hiding?

“Sorry president, Kou-chan is quite shy and not very good at communicating with people. She didn’t mean to ignore you.”

Toyama Rin showed a helpless expression to her friend’s attitude, and make an apology to Li Yalin.

The immediate boss who just took over the company was doing his first inspection. Kou Yagami’s cold shoulder as an employee. In case he bear a grudge, wouldn’t he make things difficult for her in the future?

“It’s okay, I can understand. It’s our first meeting after all, we can know more about each other later.”

Li Yalin smiled and waved his hand to Toyama Rin’s apology, indicating that he didn’t mind at all. He’s sort of understand why Kou Yagami’s attitude like this.

Different from the original plot, Kou Yagami and Toyama Rin didn’t work after graduating from high school, but after attending a regular university, they joined EagleJump after graduation.

He still remember that in the original plot, Kou Yagami was an inexperience young woman who was not good at talking when she first joined the company. It was not until later that she gradually changed herself. Perhaps it was not yet the time for her to truly change.

But… after four years of college, she hasn’t changed her former personality. This is… Is Toyama Rin protecting her too well?

Forget it, it’s better not to go into this kind of thing.

“I really admire Ms. Toyama and Ms. Yagami character for not leaving the company in times of crisis. I’ll depends on both of you for the future work. I am still new in game development. There are many things I don’t understand.”

In the current situation, Li Yalin feels that he still needs to get closer to these two girls, but there is one thing he must explain in advance.

In his opinion, Toyama Rin and Kou Yagami are a pair of inseparable CPs, so he didn’t have any idea of ​​hooking up with them from beginning.

Being friends and see the harmonious and loving lily everyday is enough for him.

What’s more, he can’t come to the company every day to conduct inspection, since he have a lot of work.

“You flatter us, we will be in your care president.”

When she first met Li Yalin, Toyama Rin was very curious about him. He is their future boss, so she have to inquire about him.

Through Shizuku Hazuki, who she has a good relationship with, she learned that it was the famous mangaka Lilin sensei who acquired the company. She had already heard of this hottest mangaka before.

As half of industry insiders, she has also heard that Lilin sensei is actually a 17-year-old high school student who still in school. But after actually seeing him in person, she still can’t help but sigh that this Lilin sensei is so young.

What was she still doing when she was seventeen?

Go to school as always and take care of Kou-chan?

Looks like it.

But this Lilin sensei, he has become a well-known mangaka and light novelist, and even used his earned money to buy her own company.

The gap between them is really huge.

Toyama Rin was sighing like this in her heart, but that was all.

She doesn’t feel much about Li Yalin’s ‘ordinary appearance’. It doesn’t matter really to her whether he was an ordinary person or a handsome guy. Her heart has long been on Kou Yagami.

But in any case, he would be her boss in the future. Toyama Rin wants to get along well with him, and this idea coincides with Li Yalin.

Because of this, the two of them chatted quite happily. At least for a short period of time, the communication between the two was very smooth.

It would be better if… there is no one in the way.

“Ms. Hazuki… I thought your current job was to invite back the employees who have left?”

Li Yalin likes to communicate with gentle type girl, it make him feel like a spring breeze. But there is always someone next to him, staring at him with guarded look, which made him quite uncomfortable.

Don’t she still have works to do, haven’t left yet?

Li Yalin has already signaled her to leave. But Shizuku Hazuki who guarded against him, how can she leave him easily?

“It doesn’t matter, those employees who left are not really willing to leave, they will return in a minute as long as I say a word!”

Shizuku Hazuki’s position was only under Li Yalin. Even before his acquisition of EagleJump, she was also the top leader, responsible for the development and operation of the entire company.

Minano Matome trusts her very much. Regardless of personality issues, her own abilities are still sufficient.

It is precisely because of this that she thinks that with her prestige, the employees who have resigned won’t reject as long as she speaks?

She is very kind to those lovely girls.

So, instead of paying attention to trivial things, keep an eye on Li Yalin to keep him away from her harem.


Is it really enough with just self-confidence?

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