Cafe 3

How to earn one hundred million in three months is a problem that Chino has always been troubled with. Although she has never complained about this to her father, she still has to shoulder the heavy burden to try to keep the house.

Even if the only thing she can do now is to open the shop on time every day to earn that meager revenue.

Honestly, paying debts with this revenue is simply an impossible task. After all, Rabbit House is not a high-end coffee shop. Not only there less customers, but the decoration of the store is also very simple and old. The only advantage is that it is clean and tidy. Can that really be an advantage?

Coupled with the fact that there was one more person in the family recently, the cost of meal increased again, adding more pressure to Chino.

Having said that, Chino still accepts the new members of this family. Even if he was somewhat weird, always stays in the room not even going out, and doesn’t know what he was doing.

Because he is the child of father’s friend, father promised to let him in. This is the reason why Chino accepted him.

Chino is such a good girl. It would be great to have such an imouto!

Li Yalin although he didn’t know what Chino was thinking, all she did was seen by him.

In the past few days, he was very clear about what he was like. He only slept for a few hours a day. Apart from eating, go to toilet and taking a bath, the rest of his time was spent on grinding proficiency.

Fortunately, he became younger after being transmigrated to this world. Otherwise, he might have become an uncle with a beard.

In this case, Chino’s attitude towards Li Yalin remained unchanged. He had never helped her or only said a few words to her, but she still delivered meals to him on time every day. Before going to bed, she will also bring him a cup of coffee.

Such a thoughtful imouto, he will have no regrets in this life if she call him onii-chan! Right?

Since he has been leveling all this time, Li Yalin knew that he should have a good chat with Chino. If he didn’t increase his favorability and intimacy with her, he would become more and more alienated from Chino.

Even if reality is not a game.

But before that, he should talk after completing this torturous leveling.

After a few days of continuous grinding, Li Yalin’s manga level has successfully crossed from entry to proficient level. Because of this, his drawing skills have been greatly enhanced, and there are many relevant aspects of manga knowledge in his mind.

Have to say that the gap between the proficient level and the entry level is really big, so big that it surprised Li Yalin.

At the entry level, it took him half an hour to draw a page, and it also took a lot of energy. It can be said that during this time, he survived by his own strong will.

After entering the proficient level, his drawing speed has been greatly improved, directly from half an hour to ten minutes, and the energy consumed is far less than entry level.

That is to say, it won’t take as much time as he thought to raise proficient level to adept level.

What’s more worth mentioning is that at the entry level, Li Yalin’s works can only be manga lovers level even with meticulous care. After entering the proficient level, his drawing level has instantly improved. His current level is almost like the manga serialized in the magazine. Even a few works wasn’t as good as Li Yalin.

It’s just proficient level. If he reach the adept level, what surprises he can get?

Li Yalin is really looking forward to it.

Of course, after the problem of proficiency finished, now is the real highlight. With Li Yalin’s manga level raised to a proficient level, he also received a system reward – ‘Cat Eye’ script creation (Optimized version).

This script creation did not appear in front of him out of thin air, but was stuffed into his head by the system. In a flash, all the plots and drawing about the Cat Eye manga were presented into Li Yalin’s mind. As long as he wants, he can copy this work at anytime.

And the most important thing is that, as the system prompt gives, this is an optimized version of the script.

As an early work of the manga master Tsukasa Hojo, Cat Eye will definitely have some flaws and mistakes. Especially the early style of this manga is very different from the later period.

For this reason, Li Yalin found that this optimized script not only had a more compact and full story, but also all the drawing style was unified to the later standard. As long as he draws this script, it will definitely become a classic beyond the original!

On this point, he has absolute confidence.

But the problem is that it is precisely for this reason that he can’t draw this work now. Because he is very clear that at his current manga level, even if Cat Eye is drawn, it will definitely not reach his standard.

That was absolutely intolerable.

So, there is no need to talk more nonsense, continue grinding.

At this pace, Li Yalin feels that he can complete the grind to adept level within five days.

Yes, Li Yalin has this confidence, but his crazy leveling behavior really surprised Chino.

At the beginning, Chino hadn’t paid much attention, thinking that Li Yalin was simply staying in the room and was reluctant to come out. But she didn’t expect that, by chance, she learned Li Yalin’s work schedule was so hectic.

After Chino’s secretly pay attention plus Tippy’s secret observation, she found that Li Yalin slept for a maximum of two or three hours a day. The rest was lying on the desk in the room writing and drawing.

What is he doing?


Even if you study, you don’t need to be so crazy?

Although for Chino, she and Li Yalin had only known each other for a few days. The relationship between the two was more like a landlord and a tenant, and the usual conversation was just a few words.

Even if it was just that, she couldn’t watch Li Yalin ruin his body like that.

As a child who is awkward in interpersonal communication and is not good at expressing her emotions, Chino can take the initiative to find Li Yalin, which has already gathered her whole courage. Because of this, Li Yalin was surprised by her arrival.

Li Yalin had never thought that he got Chino’s attention, and she also take the initiative to find him.

In this case, should he show a touched expression?

No… sure enough, it should be a helpless bitter smile.

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