Cafe 30

Li Yalin’s idea is very simple. For him, it is the beginning of the school year anyway and his manga career also on the right track. There is no need to stay up late leveling as before. It is okay to relax.

Before the semester has begun, use this piano to cultivate sentiment and it also a good way to relax.

In line with this idea, coupled with Cocoa’s encouragement. Li Yalin worked with everyone to move the piano beside the Rabbit House bar counter, where a small area was specially cleared out and will be used as a playing area in the store.

In his spare time, Li Yalin will play the piano here and occasionally teach Rize about piano skills.

There is nothing wrong with this. After all, it is normal for a coffee shop to play piano and the like. Even nightclub bars will invite bands to sing to attract customers, right?

The problem is that it is precisely because of this piano performance that Rabbit House customers increased dramatically!

Although Rabbit House had not much customer before but that does no mean they had no customer at all. After all, Chino’s coffee making skills are very good, and this shop is also quiet. It can always attract regular customers.

It is for this reason that the customers were in shock after hearing Li Yalin’s piano performances. Now the news spread fast, and customers who specially come to listening to Li Yalin appeared afterwards.

This made Li Yalin very speechless.

“The customers is more than expected… “

Calculated the revenue for the past few days. Although there is not much change in the first few days. But later on, this store’s daily revenue is getting higher every day. Especially today, maybe because of holiday, it is soared to the peak!

More than 200,000 Japan currency daily revenues, they can earn about 100,000 after removing the cost. They may have a net profit of 3 million a month if they can can achieve this every day?

The change is quite substantial compared with the previous income constraints.

“So tired… really exhausted… “

While Li Yalin amazed, Cocoa on the other hand has fallen completely on the table due to the heavy workload today.

It really hard for her. It may be too much for a girl to keep moving around like today.

“Go take a rest if you are tired. Just leave the cleaning work to me.”

Okay, what he say is not absolute. Although Cocoa was tired, Rize still looks energetic.

This busy day is not a problem for her at all.

Among the girls, there are also energetic people like her.

No… It should be said that she is a special case!

“Really? I like Rize the most!”

Cocoa was really tired. After listening to Rize’s willingness to undertake the follow-up cleaning work, she immediately cheered and fell directly into Rize’s arms.

“Cocoa you… “

Cocoa’s jump was beyond Rize’s expectation, and subconsciously caught Cocoa. But then Rize’s face turned red and wanted to push Cocoa out of her arms.

But Rize stopped her action. Because she found that Cocoa who fell in her arms, had fallen asleep seems exhausted.

Seeing that sleepy face, how could Rize have the heart to push Cocoa away?

“Rize, take Cocoa back to her room.”

Cocoa flew into Rize’s arms and fell asleep. Naturally, Li Yalin saw it with his own eyes. To tell the truth, a girl flew into girl’s arms. This picture is really amazing! He now really wants to scream with his hands raised while shouting I am very satisfied!

But he might lost his integrity if he do this. So after calm down a little, Li Yalin spoke softly to Rize. After all, he couldn’t just let Cocoa fall asleep in Rize’s arms, right?

“Okay, then I will send Cocoa back first.”

Rize was also awakened after listening to his words, and quickly a princess hugged Cocoa in her arms. It was very easy to move her this way to the room on the second floor.

Looking at Rize’s back, Li Yalin sighed again.

He may not be her opponent in strength and physique…

Thinking about this makes him really tangled as a man.

“Money! Money! Money! I didn’t expect my coffee shop to be so profitable! This is really great!”

Rize just left with Cocoa, and Tippy who has been silent finally unable to endure anymore. It seems suffocated for a long time, and now he can finally let it out since there are no outsiders!

This many revenues can be said to set a record since the opening of Rabbit House. How can Tippy not be excited? How can he not cheer?

Although he did not plan to make money with a coffee shop before, Tippy now feels the importance of money and pays more attention to the issue of money!

“Calm down, the revenue has improved these days is all due to Yalin-san’s piano.”

Tippy jumped around because of the surge in revenue, but Chino is as calm as before. It is a good thing to be able to improve the revenue, but they should not be complacent.

As she said, the increase in the store’s revenue all relied on Li Yalin’s piano play. Once this stopped, the Rabbit House would be immediately return like usual.

And that moment will happen soon.

Yes, Chino is very clear. After the school starts, Rabbit House can’t open 24/7 like now, and Li Yalin won’t have much time to play the piano. This busy time will soon disappear like an illusion.

“This… “

Chino’s words were very clear. Tippy also recover quickly and figured it out immediately, his excitement quickly faded.

Yeah, it won’t mean much even if the revenue surged during this time. Rabbit House… is still a dilapidated coffee shop.

“Actually, with our current situation, maybe we should recruit clerk more actively. It should be said that we need a full-time clerk to watch the store. The business in the store keep rising. It’s a pity if we just give up like this.”

Li Yalin of course listened to the conversation between Chino and Tippy, but he had a different idea in mind. Putting aside the piano performance issue. Relying on the store current revenue, he thinks there are more important things to do.

That’s right, clerk recruitment!

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