Cafe 300

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“Ugh… how can this be…”

“Failed again?”

As the second important figure only to BOSS, Shizuku Hazuki obviously has some self-confidence. It is true that EagleJump is a very good game company. It can be comparable to those top game companies regardless of treatment and environment. They are not as big as others because they are still newly formed.

Such a company can naturally attract many game producers to join, but is it really that easy to immediately restore people’s hearts after experiencing a crisis of dissolution?

The answer is of course no.

With Shizuku Hazuki’s groans, Li Yalin knew that she had failed to recruit people and was rejected by a former employee.

It’s not surprising as people have to live and earn money to support their families. EagleJump is on the verge of disbanding, of course they will continue to look for work after they leave, or else would they just stay at home and do nothing but eat?

The crisis of dissolution has passed, and they want them to come back. But they have already found a new job, how can it be possible to quit and come back immediately?

Among those leaving employees, there are actually only six or seven people who really expressed their willingness to return. The rest are basically not possible.

Especially the programming team headed by Ahagon Umiko. They are a whole team. They have found their next home and are about to start working. How can they break their contract?

That’s just silly!

That’s right, Li Yalin must find enough employees to complete the task. But even so, he is happy to watch Shizuku Hazuki make a fool of herself.

Who made her talk so full before, now she is dumbstruck?

“I don’t believe it! Why would those cute childs reject me! This is unscientific!”

Shizuku Hazuki, who put down the microphone, covered her face as if she was abandoned by the world, she looks really pitiful.

But she need to learn her lesson. Before, she vowed that everyone would come back. Who should be blamed for her mess-up?

“Putting aside the others. The programming team led by Ms. Ahagon Umiko can almost be called the backbone of the company. How can we develop the game without those programmers? Ms. Hazuki should be clear about this, right?”

“I hope that Ms. Hazuki can get Ms. Ahagon Umiko’s programming team back as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be difficult for us to start the next project.”

Although he was watching her making a joke of herself, Li Yalin also put on a businesslike attitude.

That’s right, he is now on business. Everyone knows the importance of the programming team. There is no way to develop a game without a programmer.

There are a lot of girls returning from the design group, but what can they do with them? This is a game company and not a manga company. Can they run the company by selling illustrations?

So, Miss Shizuku Hazuki, brace yourself. Go face your CP, your old enemy!


Knowing that Li Yalin was right, Shizuku Hazuki groaned even more.

Like what Li Yalin’s thought, Miss Chief programmer Ahagon Umiko is the natural nemesis of Shizuku Hazuki. When facing her, Shizuku Hazuki will never have the upper hand.

Shizuku Hazuki knew that she was going to suffer when she got rejected. In other words, Ahagon Umiko was waiting for her to swallow the bait. Isn’t this like sending sheep to slaughter if she went?

Seeing Shizuku Hazuki’s hopeless expression on her face, Li Yalin smirked in his heart, but also inwardly pondered.

According to reports, the programming team led by Ahagon Umiko is very well-known in the industry, and when EagleJump first was founded, their team did not actually participate. It was Shizuku Hazuki who went to recruit them in the later period that they come packing.

This means that there must be some unexplainable relationship between the two, and this time Ahagon Umiko leads the team away. Is it that simple to make them come back?

The answer is definitely NO.

Of course, Ahagon Umiko will definitely come back even with some complications. Li Yalin is quite confident about this.

But in this way, Shizuku Hazuki may suffer a bit, which is also inevitable.

As the second important figure of EagleJump, it’s time for her to make some sacrifices for the company!

But having said that, apart from the program design team, the returned employees are still not enough. Although it would make him barely able to complete the tasks, the lack of members makes it difficult for the company to operate smoothly.

But he can’t just force people to return, which means that… go for recruitment?

He will leave Shizuku Hazuki to digs back Ahagon Umiko. Anyway, Li Yalin had no way to interfere, he still has to discuss recruitment with Toyama Rin.

Apart from Shizuku Hazuki, there are no high-level management left in the company. Although Toyama Rin has just joined the company, she is still capable enough, at least much more reliable than other employees.

Hiring… can she give him some advice?

“Recruitment… it shouldn’t be a problem. But president, is this a job I should be involved in?”

Toyama Rin was very surprised when Li Yalin suddenly found herself. Her current position is just a member of the design group, the most common employee.

Shouldn’t he discuss with Ms. Hazuki about recruiting employees?

“Ms. Toyama are too polite. Now the company had to be rebuilt, and there are not many people available. At times like this, we will need helps from an old employees like you.”

“I heard that Ms. Toyama is very good at math calculations? Why don’t you try HR management? I think that this is worth a try for Ms. Toyama, and it can also provide more experience for future work, right?”

Today, Li Yalin had a shortage of staff. There is a shortage of corresponding staff in the Personnel Department and Finance Department. Previously, Shizuku Hazuki was responsible for all of them. It would be too much work for her if he let her do this alone.

Mistakes will occur when there’s too much works. Li Yalin don’t want this to happens, and naturally hopes to find more people to help share the pressure.

And Toyama Rin is an excellent candidate in his eyes!

Apart from other things, at least she has enough ability and has good character. He don’t have anything to worry about with her around.

“I… but can I really?”

As a newcomer who has just joined the company and just participated in the production of a game, Toyama Rin is indeed shouldered with a heavy responsibility, and she is flattered.

But in the same way, she is also not confident about her abilities. She has just graduated after all, which is a common problem for newcomers.

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