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“Of course no problem. In my eyes, Miss Toyama are the most suitable candidate!”

Although Toyama Rin is still a little unconfident, Li Yalin directly decided to let her take on both personnel and financial work. There is no new game development at the moment, so it does not add too much pressure to her.

As for Toyama Rin, she is a person who acts and gets things done. After she was assigned, she immediately started to act and began to design the EagleJump recruitment notice and post the recruitment news on the internet.

Although a little flustered, she handled it in an orderly manner. Li Yalin nodded seeing her works.

Sure enough, it was a good call!

With the release of recruitment notices and the successive return of departed employees, EagleJump is finally on the right track. In recent days, Li Yalin’s energy has basically been put on the company’s side.

For this reason, Uomi student president is quite dissatisfied.

She hasn’t heard of EagleJump, why did he get a game company out of nowhere? Did he realize that the Hot Holiday Music Festival will officially start soon?

This year’s Hot Holiday Music Festival is no longer just a district event, but also a music festival in the empire! As the most popular high school idol in the region, and has been talked about by the entire district and the entire empire, the appearance of the Eiryou High School idol band has become a hot topic among the people, and has been on the social media hot search list several times.

In this case, why he didn’t team up with everyone to practice, but setting up a game company instead, isn’t that putting the cart before the horse?

For this reason, Uomi has been complaining in front of Li Yalin more than once, showing her resentment.

What can Li Yalin do in this situation? He didn’t have a doppelganger skills, so he can’t do anything about it.

He can have a moment of peace sometimes, but it was insane when it’s getting busy.

By the way, Uomi is not the only one who resents Li Yalin for starting a company. In fact, the one who is more irritated than Uomi is an existence who simply cannot be provoked.

That’s right! Red Queen is very angry! Just because otherworld restaurant did not open for two consecutive days, she was hungry for two days in a row!

Because he was busy with the company’s business, and had to take time to go to school during the day. In desperation, Li Yalin could only put his working hours in the evening. For this reason, he did not open the otherworld gate for two consecutive days.

Ordinarily, this is just a trivial matter. No matter how busy the restaurant is, there are periods of rest. But the problem is that Queen does not agree.

Since being feed by Li Yalin, it’s like chewing wax if she eats something else. Even if she can’t eat braised beef, other meats can satisfy her appetite to some extent.

On the other hand, she can’t even eat the ordinary dishes made by Li Yalin when the otherworld restaurant were closed. She just feels nauseous after eating other foods.

This is the so-called easy transition from frugality to luxury, but difficult to change from extravagance to frugality. How can she raise her appetite with those unpalatable garbage?

Queen was angry, and her followers didn’t have an easy live. Every day thinking hard wanted to satisfy Queen’s appetite, but none succeeded.

When the otherworld restaurant finally opened on the third day, the Red Queen walked in and hugged Li Yalin and did not let go. She even had already raised the idea of ​​forcibly stealing Li Yalin.

Fearing that when the otherworld restaurant closes again, this Queen would given up her thinking skills.

Fortunately, Red Queen still controlled herself. And in order to compensate for Queen’s grievances, Li Yalin specially gave her hundreds of catties of Magical Beast jerky for her to store. In case something like this happen again, so these dried meat can satisfy her hunger.

For Li Yalin’s considerate care, Red Queen was very touched. She put away the jerky in a thunderous manner, then suddenly kissed him on the cheek.

All the girls in the shop were silly at the sudden event. It was too much for them. Chino, who was easily shy, was flushed on the spot, and almost fell straight back.

Seeing the white smoke on her head, it was really cute.

But… this is not the point!

Why does Red Queen…

“Wow! That’s amazing!”

Just as Li Yalin was surprised, Cocoa was already screaming, as if it was the first time she saw this scene.

Speaking of which… maybe it’s the first time she saw something like this…

“T-this is…”

Faced with this situation, the girls reacted differently. The shy one were Rize and Makoto, they were in disbelief with flushed cheeks, and stammering.

But on the other hand, Kowata Akane, who is like a silly elder sister, has a face of disdain. Like seeing something trivial, that she sees a lot in her travels.

“Queen, you…”

In fact, let alone the girls in the store, Li Yalin was shocked by the sudden attack of Red Queen. It was a kiss from Red Dragon God after all. Even if it was not a kiss on the mouth, it’s still quite surprising, okay?

“This is the Queen’s blessing, gratefully accept it.”

Seeing Li Yalin’s surprised look, Red Queen smiled and winked at him. She then turned and left the otherworld restaurant.

Two days of hunger finally gave her a full meal, which made her very satisfied.

Finally… she can have a good night’s sleep, she’s so happy to have enough food!

Red Queen left in an easy-going manner, and only a few people remains.

The girls may still be shy of the scene just now, but Li Yalin recalled Red Queen’s words.

Queen’s… blessing?

Speaking of his body…

He haven’t noticed it before, but Li Yalin now felt that his body had undergone some changes.

It seems that his strength has increased?

His mind has also become more clearer.

What happens?

Concerning Li Yalin’s doubts, the news from the system quickly gave him the answer.

Congratulations on getting the blessing of Red Queen. Strength attribute increased by 6 points, physical attribute increased by 8 points, agility attribute increased by 4 points, intelligence attribute increased by 4 points, spiritual attribute increased by 4 points, and fire element affinity increased by 30 points.


Something like this exist?

Li Yalin did not expect that just that kiss would bring him such a terrifying attribute increase. Not only that, at the same time as the five attributes increase, a fire element affinity were also added under his attribute column. It’s exactly the 30 points that the blessing has increased.

He can get so many benefits from a kiss, what would happen if he get more!

Queen, come back! Kiss me a few more times, and I will cook you for free in the future!

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