Cafe 302

It was an inexplicable kiss from Red Queen that caused Li Yalin’s physical attributes to greatly improve. Faced with this unexpected joy, he would really like to pester her for more.

But unfortunately, he also knew that the blessings of Red Queen could be met but not requested. He wouldn’t get such benefits if it weren’t for this accident.

Otherwise… would he have to close the store a few times for the Red Queen to gets hungry again?

Well, this is something that can only be thought about. Once was an accident, and twice was intentional. There was no way he could trick the Queen who had lived for tens of thousands of years.

It can be counter-intuitive and not a smart thing to do.

It is better to accumulate goodwill bit by bit if he wants to accept the blessing again.

In any case, his physical attributes were improved after receiving the blessing. Now Li Yalin’s strength attribute has reached 18 points, far exceeding the average level of ordinary adults. Although he has not reached the limit of the human body, his current strength can’t be matched by anyone else.

In other words, if he goes to participate in a weightlifting competition, it is estimated that he will be able to win the championship easily.

The increases in his other attributes are also very gratifying. It feels like he is now developing more and more in a non-human direction. If it continues on like this, would he be able to reach the level of Red Queen?

Well, it was a beautiful wish. As to whether it can succeed…

We’ll see what the future holds.

Getting the blessing from Red Queen is just a small episode. As mentioned earlier, Li Yalin’s energy is basically focused on the company’s rebuilding. This is not only to complete the task but also to focus on the development of Wind of Fantasy series games.

Experience tells him that once he gets the game script of the Wind Fantasy series, he’ll unlock the lottery permission of the game as long as the game is produced and released on the market. Although the system does not say it, this should be the rule.

The Wind Fantasy series has a very powerful character skills and items. Once obtained, it will definitely make his strength advance by leaps and bounds.

With his current physical attributes, the desire to catch up with Red Queen does not seem to be a fantasy.

Although the road ahead is long, he will achieve it eventually, right?

So, keep working hard!

With the reorganization of the company, the good news continues to come. Many employees who have resigned still have feelings for the company. At least some employees have returned to the company after confirming that the company will not go bankrupt.

This includes Takimoto Hifumi, whom Li Yalin takes very seriously.

It’s a pity that Hifumi was more scaredy-cat than Kou Yagami. Kou Yagami is silent at best, but Hifumi… she just buries her entire head on her chest after seeing Li Yalin, and her head continued to emit smoke.

Looks like it still a long way to go to communicate with her.

Li Yalin sighed for this reason, he still has a long way to go if he wants to truly integrate into this company.

But they still have hope when people come back, and the people who haven’t come back was giving him a headache.

Take Ahagon Umiko for example, it was hard to get her back. Although Li Yalin has sent Shizuku Hazuki as a sacrifice to save the company, it is a pity that she has suffered successive failures.

Failure after failure made Shizuku Hazuki turned into a gray figure, Li Yalin couldn’t help feeling pity.

Although it was her own fault, it is too miserable, right?

Is Miss Ahagon Umiko really that hard to persuade?

Aren’t they an indispensable pair of CP?

“Ms. Hazuki… how did your talks with Miss Ahagon Umiko go? Can she and her programming team come back?”

Watching the fun is indeed interesting, but the programming team has not been able to return for a long time, which can be an issue.

Seeing Shizuku Hazuki’s attitude, it feels like she can’t bring them back. As the president and as the company’s head BOSS, he felt he should ask what the problem was.

“Umiko will definitely come back if she wants to, but she also said that she will return to the company if one of her conditions was met…”

Sitting in her seat, Shizuku Hazuki seemed to lose her energy and spoke without enthusiasm.


What are the conditions that would make her like this?

Although he knows that Ahagon Umiko is indeed an M in a certain sense, she wouldn’t really treat Shizuku Hazuki as a meat toilet, right?

“Then… what conditions did Miss Ahagon Umiko offer?”

Letting out a long sigh, Li Yalin figured that with Shizuku Hazuki’s state, it would be impossible for her to pull Ahagon Umiko back in a short time. In other words, he still has to get involved.

However, it depends on what conditions Ahagon Umiko put forward.

At least he also wants to find a solution.

“Survival game, survival game! That damn woman! She actually asked me to play a survival game against her! As long as I win against her, she promises to return to the company!”

“But how do I beat her in a survival game? What a joke! I am a game director! A game planner! Not a battlefield survival expert!”

Li Yalin’s question seems to hit Shizuku Hazuki’s sore spot, and it made her flipped out!

In an instant, Shizuku Hazuki’s body turned from grayish-white to colorful, and then turned to fiery red, as if it was burning. She had a fit of rage.

In the end, she even put her hands on the desk, like she wants to flip the table.

It’s a pity that this desk is too heavy. After trying to lift it a few times, she seems to have lost her anger and turned into a dispirited ball again, languishing back on her seat.

“I can’t do it… That woman is too strong. I can’t beat her, she won’t come back.”

While whispering so in her mouth, Shizuku Hazuki fell into depression again.

Li Yalin was dumbfounded seeing her like this.

Survival game?

Defeat Ahagon Umiko?

Shizuku Hazuki’s the one who fought her?

That scene seems really comical.

But… it’s really the character of the chief programmer.

From Li Yalin’s understanding, Ahagon Umiko is an avid survival game and FPS game enthusiast. Not only has a collection of guns at home, but even the company has become her arsenal.

From this point of view… he has found a breakthrough?

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