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She must be defeated in the battlefield of survival games if they want Ahagon Umiko to lead her team back to the company. This clearly shows her intention to Shizuku Hazuki. She just want to bully her CP.

Although it stands to reason that Li Yalin shouldn’t have intervened in this matter. But the company’s development is also very important, and it’s not a good thing if this thing drags on.

So he had no choice but to intervene.

“I have some experience with a survival game, but I am not sure if Miss Ahagon Umiko would agree to let me play in your place.”

Li Yalin said while rubbing his chin. And because of his words, Shizuku Hazuki’s whole body suddenly exuded a dazzling light.

“President, are you serious? Are you good at playing survival games?”

Shizuku Hazuki is like a drowning man that had grabbed the last straw. She even flew forward, holding Li Yalin’s hands tightly and not letting go.

Don’t have to be so exaggerated?

Li Yalin was speechless with her behavior. But he let her grab his hand. Anyway, he won’t suffer.

In this room, apart from the two of them, there is only Shizuku Hazuki’s pet, the fat cat named Mozuku. There are no outsiders watching, so she can do whatever she likes.

Rather, it would be better if he gets a hug.



“I am really good at playing survival games, but it is you who made an agreement with Ms. Ahagon Umiko. Whether you can make a change or not, you have to get approval from others. So Ms. Hazuki, don’t be too happy.”

Li Yalin can help Shizuku Hazuki to fight Ahagon Umiko, but it needs to be seen first if the other would agree or not.

Li Yalin also noticed that Ahagon Umiko just wanted to teach Shizuku Hazuki a lesson. It still needed to be seen if it was okay for him to interfere.

Shizuku Hazuki’s excitement came too early.

“She definitely agreed!”

Regarding Li Yalin’s statement, Shizuku Hazuki came without hesitation and directly called Ahagon Umiko to ask her for a substitution.

But after a while, when she hung up the phone, the expression on her face was ugly.

That means… failed?

It doesn’t seem to be very surprising.

“Miss Ahagon Umiko disagrees?”

Li Yalin was quite calm about the whole thing. This method didn’t work, so they could only found another method.

“No, Umiko agreed, but she made another request…”

Unexpectedly, Shizuku Hazuki shook her head. On the phone, Ahagon Umiko had agreed to the substitution request, but… she offered another condition that was even more unacceptable.

“Umiko said it’s okay to change people, but if the president comes in person, then you have to fight the entire programming team on your own. Otherwise, if the conditions remain the same, I’ll still have to play.”

Shizuku Hazuki’s expression was already depressed to the extreme when she said this.

It is clear that if they did not agree to Ahagon Umiko’s terms, she intends to continue to teach Shizuku Hazuki until she is satisfied.

In this case, she must ‘sacrifice’ herself?

Yes, there’s no other way than that.

After all, this completely unreasonable condition was impossible for Li Yalin to agree to.

“Stand against the entire programming team? It’s very harsh conditions and quite challenging, but… I agreed!”

Shizuku Hazuki was ready to ‘sacrifice’ herself for the future of the company. But what she didn’t expect at all was that Li Yalin nodded with a calm expression, and agreed with these completely unreasonable conditions.


Shizuku Hazuki was completely dumbfounded when she got an unexpected answer.

Did he agree?

Is this okay?

“President may not know, Umiko is a survival game expert, and under her leadership, the entire programming team is very proficient in survival games. Even if the president is very good at survival games, you have absolutely no chance of winning against so many people.”

Perhaps in Shizuku Hazuki’s opinion, Li Yalin is completely ignorant of Ahagon Umiko’s strength, thinking that the programming team is a group of women who underestimate the enemy, thinking that he can easily handle his opponent.

But in fact, those women in the programming team must not be treated like a normal woman. In the battlefield of survival games, they are a group of demons! A demon that no one can provoke!

At least such a shadow has been cast in Shizuku Hazuki’s heart.

“Well, isn’t it more interesting? I really want to see how good everyone in the programming team is.”

Shizuku Hazuki’s urgent explanation did not make Li Yalin change his mind, but made him more excited, which made Shizuku Hazuki quite puzzled.

How can an ordinary high school student who can play survival games win against those female demons on the battlefield?

There is also a limit to narcissism, you have too much ego!

Is Li Yalin arrogant?

No, not really. In fact, the reason why he agreed so readily is that he has absolute confidence in himself. He has played the real gun so many times, why would a group of girls who have only played survival games were better than him?

What’s more, in addition to self-confidence, more importantly, he has just received the system task. This is the real reason why he is bound to win!

Daily task: Shizuku Hazuki rescue battle.
Task content: Instead of Shizuku Hazuki, play a survival game with all members of the programming team.
Task reward: System Lottery ×1.
Task tips: After all the members of the programming team are eliminated, not only can you win, but you can also gain a lot of goodwill from Ahagon Umiko. Please work hard.

Li Yalin had no reason to refuse after being given the task. Let alone Ahagon Umiko’s favorability, the System Lottery alone gave him no reason to refuse.

What Li Yalin lacks now is the System Lottery that can improve his strength. If he doesn’t work hard now, then when?

So he was definitely going to participate in this battle of survival games. So without further ado, set a good date, and go straight to the fight!

For Li Yalin’s insistence, Shizuku Hazuki couldn’t persuade him anymore, so she could only make another call to make an appointment with Ahagon Umiko.

It just so happens that tomorrow is a rest day, and both parties have reached an agreement. The venue is determined by Ahagon Umiko, and Li Yalin only needs to be there.

So before that… it’s time for him to get some weapons.

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