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The weapon used in the survival game is an airgun that can fire BB bullets, everyone should have knows this. And who owns this toy on Li Yalin’s side?

Of course, Rize is the only one.

Although Ahagon Umiko will lend him weapons even if Li Yalin goes empty-handed, it is more appropriate to bring his own weapons.

He’s going to ask Rize for a weapon.

Speaking of which, although Rabbit House has ceased business, Rize still chooses to work here. No… it wasn’t really a part-time job as she never asked for a salary. Instead of being an employee in the shop, she’s more like a family.

In this big family, Li Yalin is her onii-chan, and Cocoa and Chino are her imouto. In fact, she really only needs to live here at night.

Anyways, he returned home to find Rize.

“Survival game… sounds so interesting! Leave the weapons to me!”

After returning home, Li Yalin approached Rize and explained the situation, which immediately made her excited.

She’s a firearm fanatic and there are various weapons piles up in her home. When she heard that Li Yalin was going to participate in a survival game match and needed an airgun, she immediately patted her chest and said that she’ll provide a weapon for Li Yalin.

“Actually, it’s the first time I play a survival game, so I don’t know much about the weapons used in the game. I would truly appreciate it if Rize helps me choose the weapon.”

Rize is a relatively reliable girl, and she must have played survival games before. In contrast, Li Yalin is a pure noob in this respect, so he has to ask the senpai.

He can just use P226 if it is a real firearm. But for Airgun, it is better to let Rize help him choose.

At least she will know what weapon is the most suitable in a survival game.


At per Li Yalin’s request, Rize went home right away to pick up the gun. Not long after, she returned with a big package, which also attracted the girls.

Although it’s just an airgun toy, it’s something that people rarely come into contact with. It’s quite interesting to touch and play with it.

By the way…

Rize brought too many weapons, right?

When the package is opened, there are at least seven or eight long guns and small guns, and each weapon is carefully packaged. It can be seen at first glance that it was treated like a treasure.

Are these all Rize’s favorite weapons?

“Brother Yalin, look! I suggest you use this gun if you are fighting many enemies!”

Due to the other girls’ influence, Rize now begins to call Li Yalin as Yalin brother. Although she was a little shy at the beginning, she has completely adapted to it now.

For Rize, Li Yalin has always been a person whom she admired very much.

Since it is what Yalin needs, of course she has to come up with the best.

So, holding a Mauser 98K rifle, Rize’s expression is not the same as before. This classic weapon is her favorite, and would only be used when she was playing alone.

But today, she hopes that Li Yalin can use this weapon and win with this weapon!

“I installed a scope on the 98K, Yalin brother can use it as a sniper rifle. This gun was the best regardless of the rate of fire and accuracy, very suitable for guerrilla warfare!”

“In addition, this Scorpion is also very good, very suitable for close-range rapid fire!”

“And this Model 635 submachine gun is also very good, which is my favorite.”

“Oh right, this Mk23 is also very good, a classic gun that appears in many film and tv series.”

Rize will get excited when it comes to firearms and weapons, which Li Yalin has deeply felt, he was overwhelmed by her enthusiasm.

Although he has a space ring so he can put many weapons in it, he can’t really bring all these airguns, right? Isn’t that cheating?

However, he can felt Rize’s feelings, so the weapon he’ll use shall be among them!

“In this case, I will choose these two guns.”

98K rifle with a scope and adding Scorpion, Li Yalin felt that these two weapons were enough.

There is really no need to take so many.

“Is that enough? Actually, Yalin brother can take all of them.”

Seeing that Li Yalin chose 98K and Scorpion, Rize’s eyes also brightened, and deeply felt that he was very discerning.

But she still felt a little uneasy when he finished choosing, for fear that these two weapons were not enough.

“It was enough, thank you Rize.”

Seeing that Rize is still a bit uneasy, Li Yalin showed a faint smile.

Not enough?

That can’t be, let alone taking two guns, even with just 98K, it already indicates tomorrow’s victory.

98K with 8x scope. Isn’t that already a winner winner chicken dinner?

Wait for my good news!

Rize is really attentive girl. Other than airgun, Li Yalin has never thought of the game equipment, she also brought it for him.

A full set of camouflage uniforms, helmets, tactical boots, tactical vests, plus tactical goggles, and even tactical gloves.

As expected of ojou-sama from a military family, she sure is amazing!

Li Yalin was not unfamiliar with this equipment. He often wears all the equipment at one go in the world of Gakkou Gurashi.

Needless to say, his new look naturally attracted Cocoa’s repeated exclaims. He was dressed like a professional special soldier, completely different from his previous look.

It seems that because of this, several girls led by Cocoa gathered around and began to whispers, seems to be discussing this new look by Li Yalin in private.

After all, it was a small circle of girls, Li Yalin must not eavesdrop on their conversations, and the content of their exchanges is not difficult to guess.

It’s just that this time he guessed wrong, and the result of the girls’ private exchange take him by surprise the next day!

“Tell me… what’s going on?”

The next day was the day when the survival game officially started. Early in the morning, Li Yalin was also equipped and ready to join Shizuku Hazuki and head straight to the survival game venue designated by Ahagon Umiko.

What surprised him was that when he was about to go out, the girls at home were all wearing all kinds of camouflage equipment, holding an airgun in their hands and wearing tactical goggles on their faces.

At first glance, the girls were like trying to strike a cool pose, but… what are they doing in the morning?

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