Cafe 305

Li Yalin was speechless seeing the girls’ new look.

So these little girls would go to Rize’s house early in the morning to get these equipment?

There is really no other possibility apart from this.

What the hell!

“Onii-chan, we are also very interested in survival games. Can you take us with you?”

Facing Li Yalin’s surprise, Cocoa who obviously the instigator of this incident, came to him quickly and begged softly with a pitiful appearance.

Those watery big eyes that seem to be shining with starlight, it would be hard for people to refuse her. What else can Li Yalin say to his imouto who asked cutely?

As a siscon, as an onii-chan, he can’t really reject her.


“You should have tell me yesterday…”

Slapped his forehead helplessly, he showed a troubled expression. He didn’t mind taking everyone to play survival games. But can you tell me beforehand, why wait till the last minute?

My dear imouto, don’t you know that you are giving me a headache?

“I’m afraid you disagree… Actually, Chino is also very interested in survival games, right Chino?”

As far as Cocoa is concerned, she has already understood the trick to deal with Li Yalin. As long as she acting spoiled, onii-chan will agree to all her requirements, which she can already use skillfully.

But if that wasn’t enough, she will pull Chino over to make up the number. This will make him unable to refuse, right?

“I was just forced to put it on, although… I also want to take a walk outside…”

Being forcibly pulled by Cocoa to help out, Chino didn’t give any regard to the ‘onee-chan’ at all and directly exposed her lie.

But in the end, she tilted her head and whispered something softly in a very small voice.

This means that although Chino was ‘forced’ by Cocoa, she was really interested in it.

Such Chino is also very cute!

Giving a thumbs up in his heart, he was almost melted by Chino’s cute and foul expression. But on the surface, Li Yalin still showed a troubled expression.

Looking at the lineup in front of him, Cocoa, Chino, Rize, Makoto, plus Kowata Akane, oh yes, there is also a Tippy with a helmet on his head. Adding them together, how can he take everyone away?

Shizuku Hazuki’s car… can it hold so many people?

Fortunately, Rize had already thought about this issue in advance, she even borrowed a military Hummer from home to carry everyone.

Even Li Yalin doesn’t need to go with Shizuku Hazuki, he can just leave with everyone.

This is really…

You guys won!

After putting on the equipment at home, Li Yalin took the girls into the military Hummer prepared by Rize’s house. Anyway, the chartered car and driver did save himself a lot of trouble.

As for Shizuku Hazuki, they would meet directly at the survival game venue. Anyway, he can just make a phone call.

Speaking of which, the unexpected incident this time was not only due to Cocoa’s whim, but the other girls were also very interested. Wanting to try a survival game is one of them. The most important thing is to witness Li Yalin’s battle.

At least, they also want to cheer for him.

On the way to the venue, he got to know everyone’s real thoughts, and Li Yalin was deeply moved. His imouto is so dedicated to their onii-chan.

Looks like onii-chan have to win this match, and bring home the winner winner chicken dinner!

“Eh… you said that you will fight the entire programming team alone, why you bring so many people?”

After arriving at the venue, Li Yalin met Shizuku Hazuki, who had been here long ago. He also saw Ahagon Umiko, who he had heard before but met for the first time.

She’s really a survival game master, she dressed like a professional. It is not inferior to Li Yalin’s outfit. It’s a pity that the tactical goggles and tactical masks cover her face, only showing a little bit of her skin. It’s a bit disappointing not to see her bronzed skin.

Li Yalin saw Ahagon Umiko, and she also saw him. Although he couldn’t see her expression clearly, there was a flash of light from Ahagon Umiko’s tactical goggles.

Obviously, she is looking at her future boss.

At the same time, Shizuku Hazuki who was standing next to her was also full of doubts. Li Yalin brought five people, unlike the one they have agreed to. His number of teammates exceeded the mark.

By the way… Although there are goggles that make it impossible to see their face clearly. But even so, she could see that those standing behind Li Yalin were all girls.

He even brought five girls over. What does this boss want to do?

“My imouto knew that I was going to participate in a survival game match, so they wanted to come and cheer for me. At the same time, they wanted to feel the atmosphere of the survival game.

Li Yalin quickly gave an explanation to Shizuku Hazuki’s doubts, telling them his girls will not participate in the match, and also introduced them to each other.

They have heard before that the one who was holding a very cute fat cat in her arms, a very dignified and gentle aunt… no, the onee-san is a subordinate and colleague of onii-chan. The girls also politely took off their tactical goggles to send their regards to Shizuku Hazuki.

However, it was precisely because of the removal of the goggles that it created an unmanageable problem!

“Wh… what a cute girls!”

Shizuku Hazuki likes beautiful and cute girls and tries to make EagleJump her harem. It is conceivable how huge the impact of the scene before her.

From the sluggishness at the beginning, she subconsciously loosened her hands, letting the fat and bloated Mozuku jump to the ground. She then opened her arms and jumped forward, the time just passed less than three seconds.

Shizuku Hazuki’s molesting characteristic broke out at this moment!


Want to hug my imouto?

Is it that easy?

Li Yalin, who had already seen through her, acted decisively. The moment Shizuku Hazuki flew forward, he jumped directly to his perverted subordinate with his super agility of 16 points.

Shizuku Hazuki would hug Cocoa and Chino directly if no one stops her, but with Li Yalin’s intervention, she sturdily hugged him.

In the beginning, Shizuku Hazuki hadn’t reacted yet and actually rubbed her cheeks on Li Yalin’s clothes back and forth, as if she was absorbing the smells of loli.

After rubbing back and forth a few times, she found that the situation was not quite right. Logically speaking, loli’s body should be soft, small and fragrant.

But this one she held…

Although she didn’t hate the smell, but this body… why it feels like a bit too strong?

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