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“Miss Hazuki, satisfied enough with hugging me?”

Being hugged by Shizuku Hazuki was something Li Yalin has deliberately done. He doesn’t want his imouto to be hugged by this pervert. In that case, he can only feed the tiger with his body, right?

Bring it on!

Hug me!

Don’t pity me!

Use your best!


Well, he can’t do something without integrity like Shizuku Hazuki in front of so many people.

Li Yalin spoke very coldly, and at the same time, Shizuku Hazuki also reacted, letting out a scream.

“Why it’s you?”

“Why can’t it be me? Or… Miss Hazuki, you want to take advantage of my imouto?”

Somehow when facing Shizuku Hazuki, Li Yalin always develop a sadist mentality. Maybe… because this woman’s masochist aura is too terrifying, so he got influenced by her?

But anyway, this time he successfully guarded his imoutos, saved Cocoa and Chino from falling into the tiger’s mouth.

“How… how can that be, I just want to get along with Chino-chan and Cocoa-chan. Rize-chan and Makoto-chan is good too, of course, Akane-chan is also very good. It feels like Akane-chan and Umiko has some similarity.”

Although loli in her arms suddenly turned into a big man quite shocked Shizuku Hazuki. But she quickly holds herself together.

The most important thing is that she also showed her nature in front of these lovely children. It is simply a big mistake!

While wiping the cold sweat on her forehead, Shizuku Hazuki tried to explain and conceal the truth, but it was a pity that everything she did was just useless.

“Don’t pay attention to her, she is just a fool.”

With a bang, Ahagon Umiko’s fist directly fell on Shizuku Hazuki’s head. As a former colleague and friend who knew her well, she knew exactly what character this pervert has.

Obviously, her behavior scared the girls and needed punishment.

However, while punishing, she also indirectly helped Shizuku out. After all, they are still an indispensable pair of CP.

“Ugh… Umiko, you are so ruthless… but such a cold Umiko is actually very attractive.”

Shizuku Hazuki holds her head and grumbled after getting hit by Ahagon Umiko’s heavy fist. But after that, a blush appeared on her face, like she enjoyed this punishment.

This woman… really cannot be underestimated!

What a dreadful M attribute!

“Right, although you two have met, there is no formal introduction yet. Umiko, this is our future BOSS, do you have anything to say?”

Shizuku Hazuki’s M attribute is quite terrible indeed, but in the same way, this woman seems to be very good at changing faces.

She still like a pervert with flushed face before, but then suddenly started to become more serious.

This scene stunned the little girls who hadn’t left the school gate.

“Don’t be so sure yet, he must first defeat me in the survival game if he wants to be my boss!”

Ahagon Umiko’s expression becomes a little cold from Shizuku Hazuki’s statement. She then said quite seriously while exuding a kind of aura that strangers should not enter.

To be honest, this kind of aura can really frighten the children. At least her cold reaction made Cocoa and the girls shrink back.

In comparison, Shizuku Hazuki and Ahagon Umiko are really two completely different extremes. No wonder that they are an indispensable CP combinations.

“Nonetheless, you guys should get to know each other better before the game starts, right? So… president-sama, can you set an example?”

They are a CP after all, Shizuku Hazuki has become accustomed to Ahagon Umiko’s indifference. But she seems to not want to keep the atmosphere so awkward, so she proposed a friendly exchange before the game.

From this point of view, she is actually a very considerate person.



In the beginning, Li Yalin really thought that Shizuku Hazuki was trying to ease the atmosphere. But just as he was about to speak, he was keenly aware of her faintly raised the corner of her mouth.

This is… she has an evil intention?

Right, this woman has never mentioned that Ahagon Umiko has another taboo!

Heh, want to set me up?

Do you think it’s possible?

“Hello Miss Umiko, although I don’t know if we can work together in the future. But for friendly exchanges in survival games, I would like to ask you for your advice.”

As Shizuku Hazuki expected, Li Yalin spoke up, but his words surprised most of the people present.

He actually called Ahagon Umiko by her last name?

In the district’s tradition, only close friends will call each other by their last names. Otherwise, addressing other with family name is a matter of etiquette.

Li Yalin met Ahagon Umiko for the first time. Everyone knew this well, and he called other’s name directly when they have just met. Isn’t this a bit rude?

The girls who noticed this were a bit anxious, but Shizuku Hazuki whose trying to set him up was stunned.

How can this be?

Why would he call Umiko’s name directly?

Ordinarily, shouldn’t he call her Ahagon and then trigger Umiko’s taboo?

Why it’s like this?

Yes, Ahagon Umiko’s hates her family name, and she hates someone calling her family name. But only her acquaintances know about this. As Li Yalin who met her for the first time, why can he avoid the minefield?

Shizuku Hazuki was puzzled by this matter, and couldn’t guess the answer even if she kept thinking about it.

While for Ahagon Umiko, it’s greatly improved her favorability.

Ahagon Umiko doesn’t mind being called by her last name directly. Rather, she would like everyone to call her last name and forget her family name.

So now, Li Yalin is doing very well, and he is also good at survival games and can be called a like-minded companion.

Because of this, the iceberg melted.

“Yes, I would also be in your care, and I am also looking forward to the upcoming game.”

For the first time, Ahagon Umiko smiled at the stranger she met for the first time. Not only that, she actually stretched out her hand to hold Li Yalin’s hand.

Seeing this scene, Shizuku Hazuki only felt that her entire worldview had collapsed.

This… Is this the Umiko she knew?

No… something is wrong! This is definitely not right!

It must be a fake Umiko!

She was expecting some conflict but unexpectedly discovered that the two people who were supposed to be rivals to each other had a very strong favorable impression.

All this really gave Shizuku Hazuki an ominous hunch.

Maybe in the future… her natural enemies will change from one to two…

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