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“Although according to the agreement, you need to defeat our entire programming team alone, this condition is indeed a bit harsh. Otherwise, let the girls behind you play with you, so we can have a fair match.”

That’s why improving the favorability is a good thing. After a bit of conversation, Ahagon Umiko abandoned her previous insistence and eased the conditions.

And this also makes Shizuku Hazuki want to cry without tears.

She clearly was so cruel and ruthless towards herself. Shot herself with a gun without hesitation in the survival game arena, and would never stop even if she begged for forgiveness.

But why?

Why did Umiko compromise just for a man?

Could it be … her president-sama is unexpectedly an expert in flirting?

This unscientific!

Faced with this situation, Shizuku Hazuki really felt like she’s shooting herself in the foot.

“No, better not to change the agreement. And although my imouto looks decently equipped, none of them were good at survival games. They just come along for the ride, and wanted to experience the survival game.”

Shizuku Hazuki was shocked by the scene before her, and Li Yalin even more unexpectedly rejected Ahagon Umiko’s kindness.

The reason is actually very simple. Firstly, apart from Rize and Kowata Akane, the rest of the girls have no combat experience and would just become a burden. Secondly, the system requires him to fight alone. Would he not be able to complete the task if he didn’t comply with it?

Therefore, it is better to maintain the current situation.

“I see, if they are interested, then we can let them experience it after the game.”

Originally, Ahagon Umiko thought the girls behind Li Yalin wearing decent appearances were all good, who knew they were all novices.

But it didn’t matter, as a fan of survival games, she is very happy to see more people participating, newcomers would be most welcome.

It seems that Ahagon Umiko had a misunderstanding because of this, thinking that Li Yalin also likes survival games, and will promote survival games to more people, including his imoutos.


Like-minded companions!

At this moment, Ahagon Umiko had such a feeling in her heart. Unseeably, it seemed that her favorability had increased again.

If Shizuku Hazuki knew this, would she cry out?

Maybe… she would really cry.

Okay, let’s stop with the nonsense. Today’s theme is survival games, the greetings are over, and they are about to enter the next topic.

Li Yalin would be fighting alone. The weapons used were 98K rifles with sniper scopes and Scorpion. While on Ahagon Umiko’s side, there were a total of six players, including one sniper, one machine gunner and assaultman. Four kinds of weapons, all of them are very classic gun types.

The weapons used in survival games are all airguns, which are completely different from real firearms. The rate and power of bullets have nothing to do with the gun type. What matters is whether the user can skillfully use it.

Otherwise, switching to a real battlefield, the 98K in Li Yalin’s hands can be described as an old antique, how can it be comparable to other weapons.

They still have to talk about the rules before the game starts. In fact, it is very simple. Must leave the battlefield after being hit two times in the arm and leg. Will be declared dead immediately if the body and the head are hit, and must go to the standby area. Any zombie behavior were prohibited.

In the beginning, Ahagon Umiko also proposed to use the capture flag defensive battle. In the capture flag defensive battle, Li Yalin could win as long as he takes away the opponent’s flag. While for annihilation battle, he must ‘kill’ all enemies.

Although it was out of Ahagon Umiko’s kindness, and likewise Li Yalin appreciate her kindness, but he refused her offer.

Even if the capture of the flag is better for him, but does he really need it?

The answer is of course no.

“Then I declare! The survival game annihilation war begins now!”

As a professional survival game venue, the configuration here is quite complete. The spectators outside the arena can observe the situation inside the arena as long as they pass the monitoring lens installed on the arena.

With an order from the referee, Li Yalin and Ahagon Umiko entered the arena from two directions respectively. Outside the arena, the girls were also watching the monitoring screen throughout the entire process, and the atmosphere around them suddenly became tense.

However, compared to the tension outside the arena, Li Yalin entered the arena in a relaxed manner. Rather, he now feels more at ease.

It’s like returning to the world of Gakkou Gurashi. It’s really… a long-lost combat state.

The Scorpion is hung around his waist and the 98K rifle was carried on his back. Li Yalin’s first task after entering the field is to observe the surrounding terrain and find the best sniper position.

According to his plan, the primary goal of this battle is to kill the enemy’s machine gunner, followed by the sniper. As long as these two were knocked out, the remaining four assaulters will no longer be a problem.


Let’s start!

Even if the battle has not really started, Li Yalin is still very prudent. After observing the terrain, he immediately looks for the enemy’s location.

This survival game site is more complex, with high walls, iron barrels, baffles, trees, and even scrapped cars. In this environment, it is really necessary to occupy the commanding heights first.

Good… found the target!

When he rushed to a tree, Li Yalin took out his binoculars and took a closer look. After almost a minute, several figures came into his eyes.

The machine gunner appeared. The two assaulters were around the machine gunner. No Ahagon Umiko in sight. The location of the sniper is unknown.


No, the opponent is advancing the battle. This means that they don’t intend to play a sneak attack, but is ready to rely on quantity to win?

Ready to take advantage of the superiority in numbers?

That being the case, let’s get rid of your firepower configuration first!

Li Yalin has absolute self-confidence in using guns. Don’t forget that he is a man with adept level Firearm skills. Even if an airgun is not a real gun, it also belongs to the category of firearms. Naturally, this skill was in effect.

The +3 gun accuracy has brought great convenience to his sniping.

Aiming at the target…

Pull the trigger!

Airgun can’t make that sweet and crisp gunshot. Compared to real guns, it’s like a toy.

But even so, the power of airgun is also not small, as a BB projectile shot out of the muzzle, in an instant, the machine gunner of Ahagon Umiko team was shot.

Kill the enemy with one shot!

It’s that simple!

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