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If this is the real battlefield, Ahagon Umiko’s machine gunner may have been killed by a headshot. But in this survival game, she was only hit by a BB bullet, with a heavy helmet, goggles and mask protection, she will not be hurt at all.

But even so, being shot in the forehead also announced her exit.

Their machine gunner was ‘dead’ before seeing the enemy, which undoubtedly greatly affected the morale of Ahagon Umiko’s side.

Looking at the two assaultmen who followed the machine gunner on the left and right, they seemed to be frightened. They crouched down in a hurry, holding up their weapons and looking left and right, trying to find the target who killed their teammates.

It’s a pity that Li Yalin immediately shifted his position after he succeeded, and went to the next sniper location that he had chosen.

Obviously, the investigation by Ahagon Umiko’s side could not get any results.

“Brother Yalin is amazing! He is so good at survival games.”

Outside the arena, everyone has seen this scene through the monitor. As an ojou-sama from a military family who likes guns and survival games, Rize is of course very surprised and pleasantly surprised.

Previously, she thought that only she liked firearms and weapons since when she was at home, Li Yalin never showed such a hobby.

Never expected that he was really good at it. Not only was he a sniper player, but he was also proficient in the essentials of being a sniper. This is really too professional!

“Tsk… he got some skills, can he just be killed by Umiko as soon as possible?”

Compared to Rize’s surprise, Shizuku Hazuki is quite unhappy. From her standpoint, she should have cheered for Li Yalin and expected him to win.

But because of the previous events, she is now very unhappy.

It’s better if he gets killed as soon as possible. As for how to get Umiko back, they can figure out a solution later.

So… Umiko, fight on!

Get rid of that flirty BOSS!

It’s a pity that Shizuku Hazuki’s expectations are destined to be impossible to succeed. Looking at the screen in the arena, it is clear that Ahagon Umiko is still searching for Li Yalin. But after a few minutes, not only he was not found, they revealed their position to the sniper and was taken away directly by one shot.

It put them in a difficult situation for losing the firepower advantage and the long-range sniper advantage. The remaining four assaulters can only gather in a group, guarding each other’s back, for fear that a bullet will come over in the next moment and kill them.

Among the survival games, the most feared sniper is this kind of phantom sniper. Sniper’s shot is so annoying as one gets taken out inexplicably, there is really no game experience.

In fact, Li Yalin also finds it boring.

Hidden in the dark, Ahagon Umiko’s whereabouts are all under his control. If he wants to, he can kill the four in minutes, but it would be too boring if he uses this method.

Sure enough, let’s end the game in another way!

Making up his mind, Li Yalin put the 98K behind him and then took out the Scorpion on his waist. He wanted to use this weapon to wipe out all his opponents frontally!

He wants Ahagon Umiko to lose convincingly!

In the arena of survival games, Li Yalin has a huge advantage that no one can match, that is, he has a Stealth skill. As long as he does not stand in front of his opponent, he will never be found out.

So now he used this skill to approach the alerted four-person team without making any sound.

Closer, more closer!

Outside the arena, what Shizuku Hazuki saw at the moment was shocking. If possible, she would like to inform Ahagon Umiko immediately that her enemy is by her side!

Unfortunately, Shizuku Hazuki couldn’t contact Ahagon Umiko. She could only watch Li Yalin approaching Ahagon Umiko’s team through the surveillance screen, and while he appeared in a thunderous manner, he used the crazy pouring bullets of Scorpion in his hand.



Following the referee’s announcement, two people in Ahagon Umiko team were killed in an instant, and only Ahagon Umiko herself and another programmer girl were left.

At this moment, the psychological pressure they endure has also increased exponentially, it was like a huge nightmare enveloped them, and this stadium trapped them in a cage.


They finally found him!

This time Li Yalin appeared was less than ten meters away from Ahagon Umiko when he killed the two. In this case, unless he uses the invisibility technique, he will definitely not escape the eyes of others.

At least the location he was hiding had been locked by Ahagon Umiko, and a few moments later, he was chased by the remaining two.

Very experienced indeed, but… still insufficient!

It can be felt that Ahagon Umiko is an expert. In contrast, the programmer girl beside her is inferior.

For this reason, Li Yalin also successfully ‘kill’ the programmer girl in their chasing, and finally only left Ahagon Umiko in the area.

“Miss Umiko, you and I are the only ones left now.”

Leaning back against the wall, Li Yalin said aloud. He knew that Ahagon Umiko could hear him because she was on the other side of the wall at the moment.

“You are very good. This is the first time I have met someone as skillful as you.”

Sure enough, as soon as Li Yalin’s voice fell, Ahagon Umiko responded in the same way. But from her voice, it can be known that she is currently exhausted and panting heavily.

Even if she is good in a survival game, Ahagon Umiko is still an ordinary person and a woman after all, so she must have a natural disadvantage in terms of physical strength.

On the other hand, Li Yalin’s physique at 19 points is not a joke. After running for so long, he didn’t even short in breath and rather relaxed.

And all this, thanks to the blessing of Red Queen.

Queen’s kisses are really amazing!

“Miss Umiko is not bad. After I win this game, we will have the opportunity to learn from each other in the future.”

When he said this, Li Yalin had already decided that it was time to end the game. This battle will ultimately decide the outcome!


“Won this game? No… we can’t be so sure of the winner yet!”

Just after Li Yalin spoke, on other side of the wall, Ahagon Umiko had already acted early. And this time, she did not take the usual path, and with her own effort, she climbed the two-meter high wall and prepared a surprise attack on Li Yalin at the other end.

As she said, no one knows who will win in this battle. The real winner is the one who laughs last!


“How can this be…”

A confident sneak attack over the wall, Ahagon Umiko was surprised that there’s no one on the other end of the wall.


When Ahagon Umiko was still surprised, she only felt that a gun was pointed at her temple, and at the same time Li Yalin’s voice was transmitted to her ears.


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