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As soon as Li Yalin’s muzzle pointed on Ahagon Umiko’s temple, the outcome of the game has been decided.

Yes, as early as when Ahagon Umiko acted, Li Yalin also reacted. He also overcame the wall when she overcame the wall, and the moment both sides overcame the wall, he also used the Stealth skill, and sneak attack on Ahagon Umiko who didn’t notice it at all.

In this way, Li Yalin succeeded in winning the survival game, facing the six players on his own, and won the match!

“I lost.”

After confirming her defeat, Ahagon Umiko took off her tactical goggles and mask, readily admitted her lose.

She wasn’t someone who didn’t want to admit defeat. Lose was a lose. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.


Facing Ahagon Umiko, Li Yalin also stretched out his hand and have a friendly handshake with Ahagon Umiko.

As the system prompts, defeating this woman in her best game, can indeed reap a lot of her goodwill.

In every sense, this Miss Umiko is a very simple person.

In any case, this is a good game. After the game, the communication between the two parties is also very smooth, and they get along well with each other. After all, programmers are a group of people who are easy to communicate with.

From this scene, Rize and Ahagon Umiko are both arms lovers and soon found a common topic. The members of the remaining programming team also chatted with Cocoa and the others, and even explained survival games for the girls to give them some experience and knowledge.

Not bad, not bad at all.

Everyone had a great time getting along, Li Yalin was happy in his heart. But at this time, there was one person who felt lonely.

Yes, Shizuku Hazuki felt like she was abandoned. Whether it was Li Yalin or Ahagon Umiko, she was ignored intentionally or unintentionally. No matter which small group she was in, she could not participate in it.

“Mozuku ah Mozuku, in the end, will you still be the only one with me?”

Caressing Mozuku in her arms, Shizuku Hazuki’s expression was full of loneliness. It’s like her life was forsaken.

So many lovely girls she can kiss and hug, but unfortunately, the only one who can accompany her in the end is the cat that she raises.

Sure enough, only Mozuku is the most loyal…

Shizuku Hazuki thought so in her mind, but then Kowata Akane and Makoto’s familiar Kenny and Chito together passed by in front of her.

The intelligence of these two familiars is not inferior to that of humans. Naturally, they won’t bother Shizuku Hazuki who was alone. But their passing by attracted Mozuku’s attention. The fat cat actually struggled desperately. The unprepared Shizuku Hazuki can only let go, letting her pet fall to the ground.

“Mozuku you…”

Mozuku’s sudden struggle made Shizuku Hazuki completely incomprehensible, but before she could express her surprise, Mozuku has already chasing Chito and Kenny.

Seeing this, Shizuku Hazuki could only kneel on the ground feebly, with endless sadness written on her face.

This is really… pitiful.

She was abandoned by her own pet.

But… why it makes people want to laugh when they see this scene?

After the survival game ended, Li Yalin gained a lot of goodwill from Ahagon Umiko, and all the members of the programming team also returned to EagleJump, which greatly filled the company’s vitality.

However, they still slightly short of manpower with just the programming team, so they still need to carry out the recruitment work.

Regarding the recruitment, Li Yalin did not intend to interfere more, but he still has a say as the president and BOSS.

Although EagleJump was not established for a long time, it finally launched a successful game. Even though it didn’t sell well, it is still very popular. In addition, the company’s treatment is good, so the number of applicants is really large.

However, although there are many applicants, most were eliminated by just one condition. According to Shizuku Hazuki, she doesn’t want a man full of sweat in the company, nor does she want a man to come to her harem. So the male applicants were eliminated in the starting line, with no chance at all.

Regarding Shizuku Hazuki’s extreme thinking, Li Yalin gave her serious criticism and education, but in the end, he did not express any opposition. Instead, he allows her ‘nonsense’ to cut off the resumes of all male candidates.

In the final analysis, Li Yalin and Shizuku Hazuki are similar people in various senses, and naturally they have the same idea. It just Li Yalin will not show it, nothing more.

In fact, with Shizuku Hazuki charging for him in front, why should he expose his true thoughts?

So it’s good for him, not only has preserved his own integrity but also successfully achieved his goal.

Sure enough, a company with beautiful girls worker is so pleasing to the eye!


Let’s take a look at the remaining applicant information.

After cutting off the vast majority of applicants, there were not many candidates left. It didn’t take a moment for Li Yalin to read everyone’s information.

In these materials, he was surprised to see two familiar names.

Iijima Yun… Shinoda Hajime…

It turns out that although they did not join EagleJump before, the inertia of the plot will not change much. So they still come to this company to apply after all?

Yes, since it was changed into this real world, the plot that Li Yalin was familiar with has changed drastically, such as the establishment of EagleJump and the working hours of Kou Yagami and Toyama Rin.

But even so, what should come will come, and there will be no fewer members belonging to this company.

He didn’t see the two girls, Iijima Yun and Shinoda Hajime. Li Yalin thought they would be difficult to reappear, but did not expect that their names appeared on the applicant list.

Isn’t this very interesting?

“President, you want to… be an interviewer yourself?”

It’s true that Shizuku Hazuki has stepped in to remove a large number of people, but she can’t do all the interviews by herself. The work of the personnel department and the finance department has been delegated by Li Yalin to Toyama Rin. In this part of the interview, she was still in charge.

If Shizuku Hazuki intervenes again, it would go beyond her authority as she is not the president and cannot control all the power in the company.

However, what Toyama Rin did not expect was that Shizuku Hazuki was unable to intervene in the interview. As a result, Li Yalin stepped in again and wanted to be an interviewer.

While this surprised her, it was quite a headache for her.

Just pushed one away, but another one came. Can she still work properly?

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