Cafe 31

“Recruiting a clerk?”

Li Yalin’s words immediately attracted the attention of Chino and Tippy. It is no wonder that although such topics have been mentioned before. Except Cocoa accident, no one actually came to the store to apply for it.

That is to say, the recruitment of new clerk failed completely.

How to recruit new clerk in this situation?

“Yes! Maybe we can use some resources, such as mobilizing people we know… well, that’s it!”

Both Chino and Tippy are not optimistic about recruiting a new clerk, but Li Yalin is very confident. He has not been in this world for a long time but for a connection, don’t forget that he is very valued as a popular mangaka of Weekly Young GONGON.

Asking Minano chief editor with her very vast connection, it should be an easy problem to solve.

Well, Minano chief editor can definitely solve this small matter easily!

“Eh? Yalin sensei hiring a new clerk? It just happen I have a friend looking for a job… “

“What? Mihari, you have the right person to introduce me?”

Recently, Li Yalin got along very well with his editor. Otosuna Mihari really respects and worships him. He also likes this positive and hard-working girl. The degree of familiarity with each other naturally increases rapidly.

So Li Yalin has started to directly call Otosuna Mihari’s name, but unfortunately she still maintains her way of calling him sensei.

Of course, this is not the point.

Li Yalin call her now mainly to contact Minano Matome through her. Although he does have the Minano chief editor phone, he always thought it was better to let Otosuna Mihari help to convey it.

However, she overwhelmed him by surprise when he said his intentions.

“Yes, I have a friend who has been relatively idle recently… she can work in the coffee shop full-time, but I don’t know if Yalin sensei don’t mind… “

Because it was too unexpected, Li Yalin was excited and grabbed the editor girl’s hands directly. This made her quite flustered making her face turned red instantly.

Her hand was grabbed by Li Yalin makes her stammered. It was not easy to say the words.

But before she finished speaking, Li Yalin had started to keep nodding.

“It’s a good thing since it’s Mihari friend! Please tell your friend as soon as possible to come to the store for an interview.”

The school day is imminent. They must find a clerk as soon as possible if they don’t want Rabbit House to close during the day.

For this reason, Li Yalin certainly hopes that Otosuna Mihari friend can show up as soon as possible.

“Oh… okay, I will contact her… “

Looked at Li Yalin’s eyes while her hands being tightly grasped, Otosuna Mihari only felt that her body temperature was soaring rapidly.

Her clothes would get soaked in sweat if this continue.

Fortunately, Li Yalin response quickly. After seeing her state, he knew that he was a little too excited and took back his hand quickly, finally letting Otosuna Mihari relax.

She is not disgusted with Li Yalin’s physical contact, but she can’t adapt to this kind of situation since she never experience them.

And she hopes such a scene can happen in a more romantic place.

No no… I’m thinking about something crazy!

Li Yalin withdrew his hand makes Otosuna Mihari relaxed but also makes her heart felt a little loss. Although she quickly turned her mind around, her eyes still could not help but stare at him when she contact her friends by phone.

Yalin sensei’s hand… is really warm…

Without saying much about her girly thoughts. Let’s focus on Otosuna Mihari’s friends.

Her friend is a college student acccording to her description. She had plenty of time because this is the last of year of her studies. Now she seems very confused since she have not find her path after graduation.

So this friend of Otosuna Mihari hopes to find her future goal through part-time work, but she has not been able to find her favorite job in the recent period. Since Rabbit House is short of people, let her try it.

After listening to her introduction, Li Yalin felt that the other party’s situation was not bad. The next step is to wait for the other party to arrive. To really see if the other party is fit for working in the store.

But when the friend of editor girl came to Rabbit House, Li Yalin was surprised when he actually saw her.

“Hello, my name is Rinna Fuwa. Nice to meet you.”

Standing in front of Li Yalin now is a very beautiful girl with long hair. To say her first impression is tenderness and the second impression is big breasts!

That’s right, compared to Otosuna Mihari’s AA cup, Rinna Fuwa’s D cup can be described as spectacular.

Although he is very curious why a girl with such a poor breast will have a friend with big breasts, but Li Yalin thinks that someone will broke if he really ask such question.

It does not worth the trouble if that happen, so better not say aloud the tsukomi.

Let’s talk about this Miss Rinna Fuwa, he didn’t react at first but Li Yalin soon recognized her identity. Because in the story he knew, this Rinna Fuwa should have debuted as mangaka assistant.

He never expect that in this real world, she came to Rabbit House for an interview as a friend of Otosuna Mihari.

Should he sigh how wonderful the world is?

But she can be trusted if it’s her. Although to his knowledge, this girl’s personality is somewhat airheaded…

All in all, let her try first.

“Cocoa, take miss Fuwa to the dressing room. You have to help her as a senpai.”

After the arrival of Rinna Fuwa, Li Yalin quickly introduced everyone to each other and then turn his eyes to Cocoa.

He can felt Cocoa’s eagerness. In that case, just let her guide Rinna Fuwa’s to her work. Cocoa worked in the store not that long but she still much better than a novice like him.

Since he is not in touch with the work of the store.

“Yes! I’ll complete this task!”

As can be seen by Li Yalin, Cocoa is really full of joy. As a normal sophomore high school student, how does it feel to become a senpai of a college student? isn’t this interesting?

How could Cocoa miss such opportunity?

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