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“No, you are still responsible for the job of the main interviewer. I’m just gonna listen to gain some experience.”

Li Yalin didn’t want to leave a bad impression on Toyama Rin’s heart, so he shook his head to express that he had absolutely no intention to interfere with her. He just wants to accumulate experience, so he wanted to listen.

This is a sound argument, right?

“So, it’s like that… But it’s the first time I’m in charge of this kind of work. I don’t have much confidence in whether I can do it well.”

Toyama Rin was relieved after hearing what Li Yalin said. But afterward, she suddenly gets nervous.

Li Yalin wanted to gain some experience, but isn’t she actually the novice one? Although she reviewed a lot of relevant knowledge overnight and would ask questions in due time, she still lacking in self-confidence when it’s about to begin.

So while speaking, Toyama Rin’s frowned slightly.

“It’s okay, you’ll get more familiar if you have done it once or twice. Anyone has their first time, we can coordinate with each other when needed.”

Seeing that Toyama Rin actually getting timid, Li Yalin suddenly laughed. The current Toyama Rin was much more inexperienced compared to the original plot.

In the final analysis, she is just a girl who has just left university.

“You right, I’ll rely on the president then.”

Toyama Rin’s eyes also lit up after hearing what Li Yalin said. Just now, she thought that Li Yalin was trying to rob her of her job, but now she felt that her president was deliberately taking care of herself.

What a gentle person, it’s no wonder he can be this successful at such an age.

Toyama Rin couldn’t help feeling sentimental.

In this way, EagleJump’s first recruitment after the reorganization officially began. The interviewers were Li Yalin and Toyama Rin respectively. For this reason, Shizuku Hazuki was quite depressed. She thought of taking control later and get the goodwill of those cute new employees.

In Shizuku Hazuki’s mind, Li Yalin is already a rival to her for snatching away her harem. Although he looks ordinary, he can sway people with money and power, and he’s also good at flirting.

Umiko just returned to the company, and she seemed to get along with him so well?

Sure enough, she can’t relax her vigilance against him!

Putting aside Shizuku Hazuki’s grievances for the time being, let’s focus on Li Yalin’s side. Being an interviewer is not easy, every applicant must be treated seriously.

After passing the interview, they would become their companions to work together in the future. Character and ability need to be taken into account.

He has to compliment Toyama Rin for this. Although she didn’t have much confidence in herself beforehand, after actually starting the work, she was able to hit the ground running very quickly and assume the responsibility of the interviewer.

Yes, she is really capable, and what she lacks now is just a stage to display her abilities.

And Li Yalin can give her exactly what she needs.

“Next applicant, Miss Shinoda Hajime.”

After interviewing several candidates in a row, Li Yalin finally heard a familiar name, which made him feel excited

To put it bluntly, he came to serve as an interviewer this time, while on the surface, he wanted to get some experience, but in fact, it was for the two girls who will join EagleJump.

Now that Shinoda Hajime is going to show up, he certainly didn’t want to miss it.

“Ms. Toyama, how about let me interviewed this applicant?”

In the beginning, Li Yalin handed over everything to Toyama Rin, always acting as a spectator. But now he can’t just sit back.


Toyama Rin didn’t know Li Yalin’s careful thoughts. She thought he really wanted to try an interview job, so she gave up her position as the lead interviewer without hesitation.

Not long after, the door of the interview office was knocked softly, and just after Li Yalin said: “Come in”, a slightly worried and uneasy figure appeared in front of the two of them.

This person is Shinoda Hajime!

To tell the truth… her image doesn’t really match the impression in Li Yalin’s mind at all.

In the original plot known to Li Yalin, Shinoda Hajime is a sporty girl with a little boyishness with short hair. While full of vitality, she is also an otaku girl who likes anime and live-action film.

Contrary to his expectation, Shinoda Hajime who was standing in front of him now was dressed in a fashionable dress, with long hair tied behind her head, giving people a pretty girl image.

When he first saw Shinoda Hajime, Li Yalin really wanted to ask: “Who are you beauty?”, but he can’t really say that out loud.

Did he get the wrong person?

Just the same name?

It’s unlikely…

“Miss Shinoda, please sit down.”

With many doubts in his mind, Li Yalin stretched out his hand to signal Shinoda Hajime to sit down. In any case, he is now an interviewer and should be responsible for the job.

“Hello interviewer.”

It is probably because she rarely has an interview experience. Shinoda Hajime seems to be very nervous at the moment. Speaking of which, this is a common problem for newcomers. The previous applicants were similar.

The game industry has only just begun to develop after all. The applicants are basically young people who have a passion for games. This is also normal. Li Yalin and Toyama Rin have been mentally prepared.

Li Yalin is okay, but Toyama Rin feels deeply about this. When she and Kou Yagami came to the company to apply for the job, their performance was not much better than Shinoda Hajime.

“From Ms. Shinoda’s application resume, it seems that you have no experience in the game industry. Then, what caused you to choose this industry?”

Although he didn’t preview in advance, he had seen Toyama Rin interviewing a few people. In addition, Li Yalin had a similar experience, and wouldn’t feel unfamiliar when asking questions.

However, compared to Li Yalin’s calmness, Shinoda Hajime’s facing some issues. Obviously, she did not prepare in advance. Faced with this question, she hesitated for a while before finally giving an answer.

“Because… I like games!”

Such an answer, if Li Yalin is a serious examiner, she would be deemed inadequate. In fact, for most interviewers, this is not a good answer.


Very interesting answer, isn’t it?

“Because you like games, you want to work in this industry? So, Ms. Shinoda, what position do you expect to get if you join our company?”

“I want to be a motion designer!”

Shinoda Hajime hesitated for the first answer, but when faced with Li Yalin’s second question, she answered without hesitation and directly stated her expected position.

And her answer made Li Yalin confirmed his guess.

The motion design, as expected, she is without a doubt the Shinoda Hajime he knows!

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