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“I see, motion design… Then Ms. Shinoda, why do you want to apply for this job?”

After getting Shinoda Hajime’s answer, Li Yalin can be sure that although there are some differences in appearance, this girl is indeed the sporty otaku girl he knows.

He was more at ease after confirming this. At this moment, he was not so much interviewing, as he was talking happily with the other party.

At least his words and deeds did not put too much pressure on Shinoda Hajime.

“I like the job of moving characters.”

Li Yalin’s attitude is very gentle, which makes Shinoda Hajime gradually relax. In fact, she has finally got into it and no longer has any hesitation when answering questions.

She answered the next few questions very well, not only satisfied Li Yalin but also made Toyama Rin nods in approval.

This is a good newcomer. Although still somewhat young and inexperienced at this stage, she can be very promising after a little bit of training.

“Then finally, Ms. Shinoda, do you have any other hobbies?”

After asking the first few questions, Li Yalin and Toyama Rin have reached an agreement privately to recruit Shinoda Hajime into the company.

But in the end, there is still a question to ask. After all, this is also an understanding of future colleagues.

However, this question made Shinoda Hajime hesitate for a long time, and then her face become slightly flushed.

“I like some sports, and… and…”

Can’t talk anymore?

What’s the matter?

Could it be that she still has some unspeakable hobbies?

“I like manga!”

Well, Shinoda Hajime finally said her hobby after all. It is not a strange hobby as imagined, she just like manga.

And this is what Li Yalin and Toyama Rin can’t understand.

Why she hesitated so much just from liking manga?

“It’s a good hobby, why does Miss Shinoda hesitate so much? This is not something to be ashamed of, right?”

Pressing his temple, Li Yalin feels that he can’t keep up with Shinoda Hajime’s thinking. Although manga is not a popular entertainment these days, it has been accepted by the society. At best, some people think that manga or games are a time wasters. And even vaguely regards some otaku girls who like this kind of entertainment as NEET with too much time in their hands.

Ordinarily, it’s usually normie who have this thinking. Is it possible that Shinoda Hajime’s life circle is all normie who look down on the otaku?


Shinoda Hajime really couldn’t answer Li Yalin’s question. Her face flushed after holding her breath for a long time. Li Yalin was really afraid that she would faint if she keeps holding her breath.

Is it really that exaggerated?

“In fact, you don’t have to say them if you don’t want to. So Miss Shinoda, any manga you like?”

Although Shinoda Hajime could not answer the real reason, Li Yalin did not insist on asking again, he had vaguely sensed the truth.

In order to ease the awkward atmosphere, he quickly asked another question to change the topic.

“Favorite manga… I love Cat’s Eye the most!”

Originally, Li Yalin just wants to change the topic. But who would have thought, after a moment of thinking, Shinoda Hajime gave him an answer that surprised him.

Like Cat Eye, Shinoda Hajime is a fan of Cat Eye!

“Although I like a lot of manga, my favorite is Cat’s Eye. Lilin sensei is really amazing. He can create such a wonderful story. I like every one of the Kisugi 3 sisters. Especially the second sister Hitomi is simply the most perfect female lead. The eldest sister Rui is pretty good too, she’s mature and pretty, it was something people yearned for…”

It’s like the switch of Shinoda Hajime was turned on by Cat Eye, which made her out of control. He only asked her what’s her favorite, but she actually rambling on about her impression.

Seeing Shinoda Hajime keep talking non-stop, Li Yalin broke out in a cold sweat.

Yes, this girl really likes Cat Eye, and even understand every detail of Cat Eye clearly. She was basically a fanatic fan.

But as the creator of Cat Eye, at least the creator in this world, Li Yalin feels a lot of pressure.

This feels like some kind of humiliation play.

“Cough … uhm… Ms. Shinoda, calm down first.”

Out of excitement, Shinoda Hajime had already risen from her chair, leaning forward, and almost knock into Li Yalin. As for Li Yalin, he was left speechless and could not stop Shinoda Hajime’s excitement.

In this case, Toyama Rin’s really reliable. Her light cough finally stopped Shinoda Hajime’s ‘outburst’.

“I’m very sorry…”

Shinoda Hajime finally comes to her senses after Toyama Rin intervened. She currently not talking with close friends, but is applying for a job.

It’s hopeless…

Such a big embarrassment!

“You may not know, Ms. Shinoda, the next door to EagleJump is actually the headquarters of Weekly Young GONGON.”

Li Yalin felt a little grateful toward Toyama Rin’s help. But his gratitude did not last long, because Toyama Rin’s words gave him an ominous premonition before he could even speak.

“Eh? Next door is the headquarters of Weekly Young GONGON? In other words, I have a chance to meet Lilin sensei if I work here?”

When Shinoda Hajime was attracted by Toyama Rin’s words, Li Yalin felt a bad hunch when he saw her expectations look. He won’t be sold here, right?

She’s clearly a gentle girl, she wouldn’t suddenly show her haraguro attributes, right?

Unfortunately, Li Yalin guessed completely wrong.

“Actually, you have already seen Lilin sensei. Let me introduce you, the one sitting next to me is Lilin sensei who created Cat’s Eye.”

Well, he got sold after all, and was sold clean and thoroughly.

And then, unsurprisingly, after learning the news, Shinoda Hajime first looked incredulous, and then screamed in excitement, asking for an autograph and group photo, which perfectly align being a fanatic fan.

This is really… she dares to sell her boss?

While very helpless about this, Li Yalin couldn’t help but glare at Toyama Rin, the initiator of the incident. But when he looked at Toyama Rin, she actually had a bitter smile on her face and made an apology with her hands folded.

What does that mean?

First you sold me and then apologize?

What the hell?

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