Cafe 312

He didn’t expect that Toyama Rin would double-crossing him, and become Hazuki’s internal spy!

It was not until the end of the interview that Li Yalin finally learned that it was Shizuku Hazuki’s trap from the beginning!

Was it unexpected?


It was indeed a surprises… please, forgive me!

Yes, Toyama Rin purposely revealed his identity just to trap him, and the reason for this is naturally Shizuku Hazuki’s secretly doing things from behind.

As a woman who wants to open a harem in the company, she has two enemies in EagleJump. One is Ahagon Umiko who can’t be persuaded and which she really can’t do anything about. The other one is Li Yalin the flirty BOSS, and is definitely her rival who is going to snatch her girls.

But unfortunately he’s the boss she can’t provoke. In desperation, she can only play a trick to makes things difficult for him.

Most of the game companies’ employees have hobbies like anime and manga, which is actually quite normal. If one likes manga, there must be fans who like Cat Eye. This is completely normal.

In that case, what kind of attitude will a fan show after seeing the mangaka sensei they like?

As an interviewer and as a mangaka, what kind of expression will Li Yalin show when he meets applicants and fans?

Anyway, it must be quite interesting.

At least it was interesting for Shizuku Hazuki.

With this idea, Shizuku Hazuki found Toyama Rin and made a private transaction with her. As long as she succeeds in getting Li Yalin into an embarrassing situation, she will not only bear the responsibility afterward but will also give her and Kou Yagami a day vacation, as well as giving two tickets to the Marine Memorial Hall for the two to travel.

In this way, Toyama Rin fell. How could she miss a good opportunity to travel with Kou-chan?

However, she still hesitating when the time comes. After all, she’s going to screw her own boss. Although their time in contact is not too long, she knew that Li Yalin was a good talker, and she’s going to do something bad to him.

So she didn’t mention anything about it when interviewing the first few applicants and was planning on letting things be.

It turned out without her bringing it up, but Li Yalin himself running into trouble and unearthed such an avid fan like Shinoda Hajime.

While Shinoda Hajime keeps talking, Toyama Rin still hesitated. But in the end, the feelings in his heart had the upper hand.

She still hopes to be able to hang out with Kou-chan!

So Li Yalin was sold completely just like that.

You guys really set me up…

Li Yalin was dumbfounded after learning the truth. She sold her boss just for two tickets and one day’s holiday. I am seeing you in a new light Toyama!

Because of this farce, the following interview job was done in an anticlimactic way. Although he saw Iijima Yun, it was a surprise that she was wearing thick glasses and dressed like a rural girl, but in the end, Li Yalin lost the energy to be surprised.

This is enough. He can just wait for them to enter the company to talk more with them.

A total of ten new recruits were recruited from this interview. They are basically inexperienced newcomers and must be trained in the future.

And the entrap incident…

It’s not that he was really angry. After all, Li Yalin’s identity is not a secret. Everyone will know in the future. It is nothing more than the difference between early and late exposure. But it would be a lie if he says he didn’t take any offense.

He’ll keep it in mind to ‘retaliate’ on the accomplice Toyama Rin later.

As for Shizuku Hazuki who incite everything…

Hehe, is it because I can’t use weapon, so you think I’d let you off?

You used Toyama to gain an advantage over me?

Do you think I can’t retaliate?

“This is an abuse of power for personal revenge! Absolutely!”

At the internal staff meeting, Shizuku Hazuki was distraught looking at the work transfer file in her hand. Because the next job Li Yalin arranged for her was actually writing the script for the new game.

Ordinarily, this is indeed her own job as a director & planner. But what’s the meaning of writing ten finished scripts in two days?

What a joke!

This is simply an impossible work!

“Ms. Hazuki, who vowed to me at the beginning that she will never lack creativity and ideas. To be a director is to bury her own talents and should have become a well-known mangaka or a writer? You back down with just ten finished scripts?”

In response to Shizuku Hazuki’s uprising, Li Yalin pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose indifferently, and then put his hands together to imitated Gendo Ikari classic move.

His words also made Shizuku Hazuki speechless. It was indeed her own fault for talking big.

As her strong opponent, Shizuku Hazuki often shows her presence in front of Li Yalin. As a result, she committed serious mistakes. Li Yalin remembers her words, and use them to strike back at this moment.

“I… I never said I’d back down? Isn’t it just a few scripts! Let alone two days, I can finish it in one day!”

Shizuku Hazuki certainly didn’t want to lose her momentum in front of Li Yalin. She had to carry on and fight.

However, it is a pity that Li Yalin is getting more and more sadistic in front of her. The more she resists, the stronger he is to the end!

“Okay, it’s one day then. I am looking forward to Hazuki sensei’s work at the meeting tomorrow.”


It was clearly just a pretentious remark, but Li Yalin actually took it seriously. What could not be done in two days was actually compressed to one day.

This is revenge!

This is definitely revenge!

She just wants to give him a little trouble. Is there really the need to go this far?

Shizuku Hazuki really wanted to cry without tears. If she had known this a long time ago, why did she deliberately provoke him?

“Umiko… help me!”

After the meeting, there’s only Shizuku Hazuki with a body covered in gray, and Ahagon Umiko who had not expressed any opinions, remained in the meeting room.

And this also let Shizuku Hazuki see the last light of hope.

In the end, only Umiko be on my side?

Sure enough! Only Umiko is my true friend!

So as a friend, Umiko would help me, right?


“Help you? Sorry, I just want to remind you that you are running out of time now. Please work hard as soon as possible. If you are really tired, I still have energy drinks over there, which can be provided to you for free.”

Ahagon Umiko’s going to help Shizuku Hazuki out?

Sorry, that’s impossible.

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