Cafe 313

Shizuku Hazuki thinks that her only savior Ahagon Umiko has already colluded with Li Yalin. She can rope Toyama Rin in, Li Yalin can naturally find Umiko. An eye for an eye; tit for tat.

As for Ahagon Umiko, she was happy to watch this development. Shizuku Hazuki always troubles her again and again. Of course, she could not miss such a good opportunity.

As a result, Ahagon Umiko’s sentence undoubtedly gave Shizuku Hazuki a heavy hammer.

It’s a bunch of unreliable guys!

In the end, she can only rely on herself!

After suffering a fatal blow from Ahagon Umiko, Shizuku Hazuki finally learned her mistakes and started thinking hard all night. But her thoughts often go all over places. If she deliberately thinks about it, it will have a negative effect.

So, Shizuku Hazuki worked hard all night to writes, but only half-finished products were obtained. The rest of the discarded materials was thrown in a trash can.

She looks crazy!

The next day, when Li Yalin saw Shizuku Hazuki again, he couldn’t help but stepped back and was taken aback by her look.

Fluffy hair, thick dark circles, and her lifeless look. When he first saw her, he thought he saw the zombies of Gakkou Gurashi.

It’s only one night, she doesn’t have to be like this even for an all-nighter, right?

“Miss Hazuki… what’s wrong with you?”

“Isn’t this all your fault!”

To Li Yalin’s surprise, Shizuku Hazuki directly give him the stink eye. She worked hard all night, but the more she thinks, the more it drives her crazy. Writing a script is not an easy matter.

And all this caused by the man in front of her!

My rival!

You are the enemy of my life!

“Ms. Hazuki is so hard at work, it was admirable.”

With a roll of his eyes, Li Yalin could already feel Shizuku Hazuki’s deep resentment. But she screwed him over, and this time was his retaliation. We just get back to each other.

Since she regards him as her enemy, wouldn’t it be too bad if he didn’t retaliate?

At this moment, the smile on Li Yalin’s face was in sharp contrast with Shizuku Hazuki’s resentment.


“Okay, get ready for a meeting. It’s time to start doing business.”

Originally, Shizuku Hazuki wanted to say something. But just when she spoke, Li Yalin suddenly became serious.

Yes, that’s the end of this farce. After such a lot of work has been done on the company in recent times, it is time to get on the right track, right?


And it’s not just a small meeting of high-level personnel, but a large meeting that includes all employees of the entire company!

For today, Li Yalin was prepared early!

When Li Yalin said that they should do business, Shizuku Hazuki still looked inexplicable. It was not until all the company personnel was all present that she finally understood that something really big was going to happen.

Business… Is this announcing the development of a new game?

But has it been decided what new game subject to develop?

What is he going to do?

“Everyone, I have gathered everyone here for this meeting. The first thing I need to tell you is that from this moment, our EagleJump company will start the development of a new game!”

At the meeting, Li Yalin first made an announcement to all the employees of the company. As Shizuku Hazuki thought, this is indeed a development meeting for a new game.

But as soon as he spoke out, there was an uproar in the entire conference room. This can’t be helped. The news was really unexpected. There was no wind before, and there’s no preparation at all. How can they develop a new game?

Is the planning ready?

Did the market research produce results?

Have all the data been done?

“Excuse me… Is the development of the new game the second work of FAIRIES STORY?”

As the people in the conference room were buzzing about, Li Yalin did not continue to speak but waited for everyone to calm down. At this moment, Toyama Rin who was sitting not far away suddenly raised her hand.

As a veteran employee who has joined the company since its founding and has never abandoned it in the most critical moments, Toyama Rin is undoubtedly one of the most qualified to ask questions.

In fact, regarding Li Yalin’s announcement today, she did not know the situation in advance. In this case, she certainly has to ask questions.

Under the premise of no warning at all, the new game development she can think of is just a continuation of the previous work.

Even if… FAIRIES STORY sales of this game are not satisfactory.

“No, I intend to temporarily terminate the development of the FAIRIES STORY series games.”

Toyama Rin raised a question immediately silenced the meeting room. The BOSS was about to speak. As an employee, of course, they couldn’t talk back to the president.

Under the attention of all members of EagleJump, Li Yalin also shake his head slightly and said something that was unacceptable for many people.

FAIRIES STORY series game development… was terminated!

“I understand that FAIRIES STORY is the first and only work of EagleJump since its establishment. It carries the efforts of many people, and many people are looking forward to the development of the second series.”

“But even if FAIRIES STORY has gained a good reputation after being sold online, it is also true that the sales of the works are not good enough. Although it is undeniable that there are external factors, we cannot ignore the flaws of this game.”

FAIRIES STORY is a game that Li Yalin has already played. His evaluation on it? To put it mildly, nothing bad but nothing special. To put it bluntly, it is a mediocre game.

This is already the most polite statement.

The development of games in this world has just started, and the innovation of various works is insufficient. It is easy to fall into stereotypes.

In his eyes, the clichéd plots placed in this world can basically be described as outdated. Anyway, when he is playing this game, he has to be patient to clear it. It didn’t have much entertainment at all.

Of course, it cannot be said that this work has no single redeeming feature. At least the main creative team of EagleJump is still very bold, because this work breaks away from the traditional rough style of drawing in the past, but uses a lot of cuteness and realism.

And this is the main reason why this game has gained a lot of word of mouth.

The difference lies in the plot, the drawing style barely passable. It has no new idea but it can make people discover the shining points. They may be able to get excellent results if they continue to develop the next generation of works on this basis.

It’s a pity that Li Yalin really can’t continue the game project now. For him, the most important thing is to make the game he needs and open new lottery items for him.

This alone is enough for him to overturn all the reasons.

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