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“I agree with the president that FAIRIES STORY has a lot of flaws. In the market research after the release, most players have mentioned it. This is also the main reason for the downturn in FAIRIES STORY’s sales.”

It is true that Li Yalin’s statement makes it difficult for many people to accept, but similarly, some people support his view.

For example, Ahagon Umiko stood on Li Yalin’s side very much and stated facts that many people would not like to hear.

However, no matter how unwilling to listen, this fact is placed in front of everyone, and it cannot be ignored.

“On this point, it’s up to me to do a self-reflection. As the director & planner of FAIRIES STORY, I didn’t think well.”

Although her face was a bit ugly, Shizuku Hazuki still stood up and made a self-reflection. She did have an unshirkable responsibility for the failure of the previous work.

Of course, this is understandable. EagleJump was just established at that time, and Shizuku Hazuki was also the director and planner for the first time. It is understandable that there will be mistakes.

But now it’s not an introspection meeting, so there is no need to be so serious.

“Okay, Miss Hazuki, sit down first. We’ll fix the failure of FAIRIES STORY later. The theme of today’s meeting is still about the development of a new game project.”

“This is the draft I wrote, distribute this to everyone so they can read it.”

Waving his hand towards Shizuku Hazuki, Li Yalin returned to the subject again. He announced today that he started the development of a new game, and naturally he had made corresponding preparations in advance.

The company’s first establishment task has been completed, and the optimized version of Wind Fantasy’s script already exists in his mind. He hurriedly worked day and night a while ago and finally wrote the scripts of the first series.

Not only that, the corresponding game mechanics, the settings of various characters and monsters, plus the various data in the game, he also clearly listed them.

It is worth mentioning that due to it being an optimized version, the system provides comprehensive optimization on the game’s scenario, character design and its operating mechanism, which saved him a lot of effort.

“These characters… so pretty!”

Distributed to the employees is a brief prepared by Li Yalin in advance. In addition to the game’s plot synopsis, there are also the main characters and the game operation mechanism.

Although not all the information, even so, it is enough to make everyone amazed.

Leaving aside the plot for the time being, the single-player setting has already surprised everyone. After all, it is an optimized version. The style of drawing is far beyond this world. It is normal to be surprised.

“Battle-flag games?”

The design team will definitely pay attention to the character’s style first. As the leader of the program design team, Ahagon Umiko is naturally more concerned about the operating mechanism of this game.

In this world, there are role-playing games and turn-based adventure games, but there is no battle chess game of this kind.

The map is used as a chessboard and the characters are manipulated as chess pieces… This unconventional idea is really interesting!

“This plot…”

The design team looks at the full-body standing drawing, and the program design team looks at the operation mechanism. As a director & planner, Shizuku Hazuki’s first priority is naturally to look at the plot.

As a director, Shizuku Hazuki is still very confident in her creative ability. Even if the last game failed, it was only because of her lack of experience. If she was given another chance, she would definitely not get criticized by the players again. The loopholes in the plot will definitely be eliminated.

But even so, the plot of Wind Fantasy’s work is still beyond her imagination.

With such a huge world view setting, is this… creating a complete world?

Just after watching the brief outline, she couldn’t wait to see all the plot.

This is… the true strength of the famous mangaka and light novelist?

Amazed, Shizuku Hazuki’s views toward Li Yalin has also changed dramatically. In terms of creativity, it seems that he is really far away from her…

“As can be seen, the new project we developed this time is the ‘Wind Fantasy – Magic War’ distributed to everyone. Although I have solved all the plots and character settings, I’ll leave the rest to everyone.”

“I hope to see the finished product within two months, and once the development is successful, we will immediately proceed to the development of the second series of Wind Fantasy -‘Requiem of Crime and Punishment’.”

As far as Li Yalin himself is concerned, of course he hopes to start from the original fifth game and start the series of red and blue stories. However, the first four works, Fable Leading Shunt Destiny is equally classic, he was conflicted between the two.

After careful consideration, he finally chose to start from scratch. However, the Magic War this time is different from the first part of the original Wind Fantasy series. In addition to the original chapter, it also has some easter eggs. Through various hidden lines leading to the core clues of the second work.

The original second series of Wind Fantasy was temporarily abandoned by him. After all, the timeline of the second part was before Magic War, and apart from some hidden lines, it was not much related to the first work.

After the Magic War has been developed, Requiem of Crime and Punishment can be officially started and then ended with Holy War.

As for whether or not to develop Wind Fantasy Special Purpose, only time will tell.

All in all, even if the four works are compressed into three, it does not mean that the game production can be completed immediately. Even if Li Yalin has provided very complete data, this is still a very large workload.

Without Li Yalin, the members of EagleJump have to start from scratch. It would take at least half a year to complete this work, and it would have to be overtime work.

At present, he wants to see the prototype of this work in two months, and once it goes well, it may speed up the time.

At least Li Yalin is very confident about this.

The members of EagleJump were dumbfounded when they heard that he want to see the finished product within two months. Although it did not take too long to develop the FAIRIES STORY, the length of the FAIRIES STORY is relatively small and the game mechanism is very simple so it can be completed quickly.

But Magic War, just by looking at the settings, is definitely not that simple. It was comparable with those large game companies.

Can such a big work really possible to be completed within two months?

It should be… impossible…

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