Cafe 315

“As expected of Lilin sensei, you never have a shortage of good ideas. Wind Fantasy Magic War? Will it be adapted into a manga and published in our magazine? I believe readers will definitely welcome it.”

After the meeting, although everyone was full of doubts about whether the work could be completed within two months, the task has been assigned, and they need to hurry up.

Otherwise, the more they procrastinate, the tighter the time left for everyone.

In contrast, Li Yalin, who has already completed a lot of work such as scripts and characters settings, has nothing else to do. He has already done everything he can. As the boss, he can’t do everything himself, right?

Originally, after announcing the work assignments, he will not have much to worry about. He planned to leave the company and go back to his idol office.

The idol firm has nothing much to do recently. Just yesterday, Uomi signed dumb Yui and MIO, these four girls as the firm’s contracted artists. This has greatly increased his workload.

The girls have signed in to his office, so he must ensure their development and prospects, right?

In any case, after done with the EagleJump’s side, the focus of the next work must be returned to the office.

Just before he left the company, loli chief editor Minano Matome rushed to his office like a shark smelling blood.

And her opening remark is aimed at the Wind Fantasy series.

There are traitors!

This is Li Yalin’s reaction after Minano Matome’s spoke. There is definitely the eyeliner of the loli chief editor in the EagleJump!

And this eyeliner, needless to say, he also knows who it is!

That’s right!

Shizuku Hazuki!

“Ms. Hazuki has too much free time, huh?”

Although the identity of the ‘traitor’ has already been revealed, it is rare enough that Shizuku Hazuki dared to appear with the loli chief editor without any fear.

He has taught her before, she didn’t learn enough? She still dare to talk behind his back?

Seeing Shizuku Hazuki with an innocent look next to Minano Matome, Li Yalin couldn’t help but sneer.

Learned or not, why do you like to find trouble so much?

“President-sama, what are you talking about? I don’t have that much free time, okay? It’s clear that my job is director and planner, but all my work is taken away by president-sama. What can I do? I also have no other way now.”

In the past few days with Li Yalin, Shizuku Hazuki has learned his way of speaking, especially shrugging the shoulders very artificially, which looks exactly the same.

And this also makes Li Yalin’s head full of black lines.

What happened?

You come to protest against me?

Robbing your job?

Okay, no worries, I’ll make you satisfied!

“I see. I didn’t think about it well. It’s my fault.”

He nodded first, then Li Yalin made a thoughtful gesture, and after a while, he continued to speak.

“In that case, Ms. Hazuki will continue to create new scripts. EagleJump can’t be limited to such a small company scale. It will definitely grow and produce more excellent works in the future. That way, it’s not enough if it’s just me.”

“While now, Miss Hazuki is better off writing new script, yes… how about a hundred scripts. It won’t be a problem with Miss Hazuki’s creativity, right?”

It was still ten works before, but now it has suddenly increased tenfold. If it’s not being played, who will believe it?

Unfortunately, before Shizuku Hazuki could express her anger, Li Yalin had already picked up the phone and dialed the number of the programming team through the company’s internal line.

“Ms. Umiko, Ms. Hazuki has too much free time and run to me to make trouble. I have already arranged a job for her. Can you help me supervise Ms. Hazuki? Please.”

After Li Yalin hung up the phone, Shizuku Hazuki’s face was already pale. She didn’t expect that Li Yalin could play so terribly. He even called outside assistance if she didn’t agree.

Too ruthless!

This is too cruel!

A few big bumps will pop up on her head if she gets caught by Umiko!

Seeing Li Yalin’s ‘ruthlessness’, Shizuku Hazuki turned around after a moment of silence and wanted to escape. However, it is a pity that the working place of the programming team is less than ten meters away from Li Yalin’s office. Just for that moment, her silence has made her miss a good opportunity to escape.

Under Ahagon Umiko’s iron claw sanctions, Shizuku Hazuki screamed and was dragged away from Li Yalin’s office. Looking at the backs of the two leaving, Li Yalin still did not forget to add more salt on her.

“Ms. Hazuki, don’t forget the new script. There are a hundred new scripts, can not be less!”

It feels some much refreshing!

Seeing that Shizuku Hazuki was sanctioned, Li Yalin feels refreshed in his heart. But when he looks back at Minano Matome again, he found that the loli chief editor had a strange expression.

“Yalin sensei… are you a demon?”

Li Yalin has always been a good man in Minano Matome’s heart, a gentle and handsome high school student, very popular with girls.

It turned out today was really an eye-opener for her. She never expected that, under that gentle appearance, he even hid such a sadist heart!

“No way, I was also forced.”

Regarding Minano Matome’s statement, Li Yalin shrugged his shoulders very innocently. He didn’t mind exposing some of his nature in front of the loli chief editor, because he didn’t plan to capture her anyway.

Even as a partner, perhaps he should show a strong side.

“You’re right…”

Hearing what Li Yalin said, and thinking about her friend’s temperament, Minano Matome was also a little speechless.

In the face of Shizuku Hazuki, it is estimated that no one can have a good temper.

Forget it, don’t worry about this matter.

“Then Yalin sensei, about Wind Fantasy manga…”

Putting aside Li Yalin’s sadist personality, Minano Matome has not forgotten the purpose of her trip. She has seen the game brief outline from Shizuku Hazuki and always feels that this is a rare excellent work.

Of course, being a game is okay, but again, this is also a big IP. It’s a pity for it to be just a game.

She hoped that it can be made into manga, write into light novel, and released as anime.

For this, she has to ask the author Li Yalin for the copyright, or it would be better if Li Yalin himself created it.

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