Cafe 316

“Forget manga, I really don’t have that much time recently.”

Minano Matome has a good idea. The Wind Fantasy series is indeed a big IP. But the problem is that Li Yalin doesn’t think he has the time to write novels and manga. After all, he is already busy enough.

EagleJump still needs him and must show his face to the office. At night, he needs to satisfy the big stomach queen at home and has to go to school during the day.

He wants to improve his strength and doesn’t want to always have a leisure life. But why should he force himself to become a corporate slave, and work all day long?

He don’t want to!

Absolutely not!

It took him so much time just to make Wind Fantasy’s script and settings, now he has to draw the manga too? Like hell he would!

“I definitely can’t draw the manga, but the right for adaptation can be sold to you. You can find a suitable mangaka to draw. I believe that with your vision, you can definitely find a suitable candidate.”

Minano Matome was certainly disappointed by being so bluntly rejected, and Li Yalin also saw it clearly.

They are partners, so he doesn’t want to be too stiff. Of course, he didn’t plan to draw them himself, but giving it to another mangaka to draw them should be okay, right?

Anyway, Minano Matome runs a manga magazine, so she can definitely find a mangaka that draws Wind Fantasy well.

“Is that so… okay, thank you very much for Yalin sensei’s generosity, I hope we can cooperate more happily in the future.”

Seeing Li Yalin’s persistence, Minano Matome knew that something was impossible, so she didn’t say anything more. After all, it was very difficult to get the adaptation right.

Of course, even if the manga adaptation right is given, Li Yalin also gives it a pre-contract clause. At least the manga can’t be realised before the official game release. It will definitely affect the sales of the game if the manga comes out first.

Rather, after the game is released, the magazine will then promote the manga, which will have a complementary effect.

So during the game production period, let Minano Matome patiently find a suitable mangaka.

“It’s like dreaming… can I really make this much money?”

He’s done with EagleJump, now he’s focusing on the long-unseen Cute Sound idol firm. Hirasawa Yui, who had just successfully signed a contract not long ago, still seemed to be in a dream.

Holding the contract in her hand, she couldn’t believe that she, who hadn’t graduated from high school, started to make money. And the money she made was… a lot!

An annual salary of 5 million Japan currency, what does this mean?

Generally speaking, if you graduate from district high school and do not choose to continue your education, your salary after entering the society is generally around 200,000 Japan currency, so the annual salary is 2.4 million Japan currency.

And before graduating, she actually earned an annual salary twice as high as after graduation.

Although the money has not been finalized, the contract has been signed, and suddenly such a huge sum of money was given to her, dumb Yui has no idea what to do.

“In fact, we shouldn’t have taken that much money at all.”

Unlike dumb Yui, Akiyama Mio looks anxious at the moment, thinking that she really shouldn’t take the money.

In fact, the reason why they signed at the beginning was that they didn’t understand the market and thought that this was the contract fee for a normal idol.

But after getting signed, they went home and found out that their signing fee has reached the level of real celebrity idols. One must know that compared to those idols who have become famous in the industry and have regular fans, they are actually far behind. At best, they are just getting started.

And like them, new idols who have just stepped into the entertainment industry, not to mention the signing fee, they have to rely on part-time jobs to support themselves.

So one can understand Akiyama Mio’s anxiety right now.

Like MIO, Ritsu is in the same mood as her, but Kotobuki ojou-sama looks calm. Her family is super-rich after all, she has no idea about money value. Whether it was five million or more, she couldn’t care less.

The main reason for signing this contract is that she wants to be with everyone, which is very interesting.

“It’s too late to regret now. From today on, you are all mine.”

Looking at the four girls with different expressions, Li Yalin couldn’t help but laugh inwardly. Isn’t this scene super interesting?

While laughing secretly, he couldn’t help but impressed. He didn’t know how Uomi did it, she got the consent of dumb Yui and other girl’s parents.

These girls are still minors. To sign a contract with the firm, it must also need the signature and seal of the guardian.

But anyway, they are now on his ship, so don’t even think about going down!

“Yes, yes, we are all yours now.”

What Li Yalin said just now was actually just a joke, and at best it was to ease the atmosphere.

Didn’t expect that after he just spoke, Uomi seized the opportunity. She actually hugged his arm directly in front of everyone, clinging to him like a lover.

This posture… isn’t it too indecent, my student president-sama?

Uomi student president looks thin in clothes but actually has a big bust. Li Yalin can certainly feel the strange touch from his arm when she clings to him.

It sure does feel good, but is it really a good thing to do in front of so many people?

Sure enough, it wasn’t…

Seeing MIO blushing and dumb Yui’s curiosity, Li Yalin felt a headache.

“Ahem, let’s talk about business now. The Hot Holiday Music Festival is about to begin. I have prepared new songs so it’s time to rehearse.”

All in all, the task of Cute Sound Idol Firm is to prepare for the Hot Holiday Music Festival, and the rest can be put aside.

Only by singing on the stage of the music festival can everyone truly realize their current popularity. Otherwise, everything will be for nothing.

So… let’s start the rehearsal of the new song!

As a formal idol firm, it is obvious that everyone can no longer be as leisurely as in the past. Even if he has no plan to make a lot of money with this firm, it can’t just keep losing money, right?

In fact, Uomi has mentioned to Li Yalin more than once that since the establishment of Cute Sound Idol Firm, they had no formal income in the actual sense.

Although Li Yalin doesn’t care much about the money issue, it is impossible for student president-sama to tolerate such losses.

In other words, while preparing for the music festival, they must also consider how to turn the firm into profit.

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