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How should the firm make money?

It’s very simple. As long as the idol star that has signed with the firm makes money, the firm can take a cut.

And how do idol stars make money?

There are many ways. Advertising endorsements, filming movies and TV series, selling CDs, recording TV shows, holding concerts, engaging in commercial activities and performances, etc., are all ways to make a lot of money.

However, if the firm wants to make money at the moment, it must not be bludgeoning, it must find the most suitable way.

Since they are not a professional actor, they can pass the filming of a movie and TV series. For advertising endorsements, they need to find investors first. There’s no hurry for this. Commercial activities and performances are the same, so ignore them for the time being. Started a concert… they are not in the condition to do this.

They can sell CDs, but it’s best to do it after the music festival for the best results. As for recording TV shows…

“You don’t really plan to let us record a TV show, do you?”

After a hard rehearsal, Li Yalin did not go home immediately but discussed with Uomi about the direction the firm would take in the future. After screening one by one, he showed a weird expression.

Filming is not good, CD sales are not good, advertising endorsements are not good, commercial performance is not good.

They can’t do everything above, isn’t there only one option left?

“No other choice, we are now at a very awkward stage. Putting aside Akiyama-san and the others. Because of the sudden popularity of you and Kohinata senpai, many people in the industry consider it to be just short-lived popularity, and there is no possibility that it will last.”

“Under such circumstances, your popularity will not be stable one day, you will not be recognized by the industry, and it will be difficult to get a suitable job.”

“So I think it is indeed time for you to show your face in front of the TV. At least before the music festival, what we need to do is to maintain our reputation.”

Have to say that as the manager of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari, Uomi really did a lot of homework. She had no knowledge of the entertainment industry before, but during the time when Li Yalin was dealing with EagleJump, she had already learned so much.

As she analyzed, they did gain unprecedented popularity due to the previous popularity on the internet and their appearance on the finals. But they are still too low in the foundation, and they completely unlike normal idols with unceasing public notice.

After an appearance, not only did he not launch new works, but also did not continue to appear in public to stabilize his popularity. This behavior is simply amateurish, not recognized by the industry, and not getting endorsements and commercial performance opportunities is a reasonable thing.

In fact, perhaps Li Yalin and the others will really become a short-lived shining meteor if this continues, as some people in the industry believe. This situation is not uncommon in the entertainment industry.

So to prove those in the industry wrong, the first thing they need to do is to launch works or increase exposure.

Everyone has already discussed the issue of the release of the works. They are going to present the best works at the festival.

So the only option left for everyone is to increase their exposure.

Generally, for idol stars to increase their exposure, they just need to be in gossip to gain some popularity. But school idol obviously can’t do these things, so they have nothing but to go to the TV show.

“A TV show… like an interview kind of show? That’s doable.”

Li Yalin approves of Uomi’s statement. What she said is correct. Although he didn’t plan to use advertising or commercial performance to make money, likewise, the few girls’ popularity is not stable enough.

In recent periods of time, Uomi, Mihari, Rinna and others are basically in the management office. Whether it is external public relations or interaction with fans, he is completely out of touch. They need to take it one step further to maintain popularity. It is obviously not feasible to continue to maintain this state.

Therefore, he still has to show his face, not to mention that his task has not been completed. He has to shoulder this responsibility if only for the few girls who signed under his agency.

Then, just go with the talk show.

Since the debut of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari, TV stations have kept asking for interviews. But at that time, the ones who would pay attention to them were all TV stations with active coverage, and the biggest TV station was only the district TV station. They still can’t meet the large TV station with national coverage interview requirements.

Now, as the winner of the finals, the popularity of Li Yalin and the few girls is also rising rapidly. It is estimated that they have aroused the interest of large TV stations.

Accepting an interview at this time is a rational thing to do.

At this moment, Li Yalin’s thoughts were not wrong. But when he said those words, Uomi face showed a mysterious smile.

“The interview program can be put aside for the time being. What we are going to participate in now should be a more influential TV program.”


He thought it was just a simple interview, but he didn’t expect to hear this from Uomi. This was far beyond Li Yalin’s expectations.

It feels like student president-sama’s up to no good.

She wanted to give him a lesson?

Could it be… She was dissatisfied that he had been focusing on EagleJump before?

“Explain in advance, if it’s the messed up variety show, especially the prank one, my answer is NO!”

Li Yalin who felt something was not right, crossed his hands very decisively and made a big X on his chest. He knew that as the empire vigorously developed the cultural and entertainment industry, major TV stations were innovating and creating new ideas. The purpose of all kinds of prank variety shows is to attract the audience’s attention.

And recently in district TV shows, there has been a wave of prank shows, and many well-known artists and idols have been getting pranked.

In this case, he doesn’t want to be the target of a prank, so it is better to prevent such things in advance.

Even if it is to stabilize his popularity, he doesn’t want to get pranked without him knowing!

“Why you call it like that? The variety shows that prank people for laughter recently is so popular that even the A-list stars have been pranked, and their popularity was soaring after. What’s wrong with this?”

Her purpose being seen through by Li Yalin’s makes Uomi quite unhappy, but… she really wants to get him pranked!

Thankfully he can see through her. Otherwise, he will really make a fool of himself in front of the nationwide audience!

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