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“I think we don’t need to improve our reputation through prank shows, it’s completely unnecessary.”

Feeling Uomi’s unhappiness, Li Yalin also hurriedly defended himself. Of course he had also heard about those variety shows. It is said that the star idols who participated in the show were miserable, so he had to let Uomi dispel that idea no matter what.

We are taking the professional idol route, and not going to become comedians. Why should we embarrass ourselves in front of nationwide audience?

Wouldn’t that be self-defeating?

“But still, it was a rare opportunity. And I really want to see you embarrassed yourself.”

Of course, Uomi understands what Li Yalin means, but it does not mean that she will agree with it. After all, it is normal to have resentment after being ‘treated coldly’ for so long.

“Sorry, but I refuse.”

Li Yalin still refused even in the face of Uomi who is ‘full of resentment’. It was a no-no for him.

“No chance to change your mind?”

Although Li Yalin had a decisive attitude, Uomi still did not give up. It is said that the office will basically not notify their own artists when participating in this kind of prank shows, lest the artist behaves unnaturally when the prank begins and expose themselves to the audience.

But Li Yalin as the owner of the firm, can’t be concealed from this matter of losing face.

It is probably for this reason that Uomi is unexpectedly honest.

Unfortunately, Li Yalin still didn’t budge.

“No means no!”

“What a pity. I thought that if you are in charge of the prankster, I’ll go gather Kohinata senpai, Akiyama-san and the other. Alas… It seems that we can only reject this show.”

“Hold on!”

Originally, Li Yalin thought that as long as he refused firmly, the matter would be over. But he didn’t expect that, after Uomi let out a sigh, the conversation took a turn, and attracted all his attention.

He is certainly not willing to be pranked, but if he is the one to prank…

This is negotiable.

“You mean… you want to prank Kohinata senpai and the others? There’s really no problem?”

Have to admit that Li Yalin is very excited about this whole prank thing. As long as the prank didn’t go too far, he is of course happy to enjoy the fun of pranking.

Is this really okay?

This whole prank thing can gets out of hand. It will not go overboard, right?

“Don’t worry, they are our idols. Of course, we still have to pay attention to the idol’s face and not overdo it. In fact, I have seen the prank scripts provided by the segment team. They are all pranks within the safety line. So there’s no problem.”

Seeing that she successfully aroused Li Yalin’s interest, Uomi also struck while the iron is hot and directly took out the prank scenario given by the segment team.

As she said, it is indeed a prank within the safety line. It is not something that goes overboard. Compared to the plots of being thrown into the muddy ground or being chased by ink-water guns, this is indeed too gentle.

Ghost House’s prank, hmm… it’s kind of interesting. But this scenario seems to have a lot of loopholes, and it’s actually hard to achieve.

Li Yalin has been completely shaken after seeing the prank’s scenario. It could be said that he was really interested!

But in the same way, although this scenario is quite interesting, it also has loopholes. It is estimated that it is difficult to achieve good results.

That being the case… how about adding a few things to make this scenario more interesting?

This seems possible!

“Ghost House’s scenario is very good, but I can’t be the only one who does the prank. And we can’t prank the whole group, I need to increase the co-workers.”

“Kohinata senpai can help me, Ritsu-chan and Tsumugi-chan are also suitable candidates. Let’s say… they are the least suitable candidates to be pranked.”

“Mio-chan should be very afraid of ghosts and can be fooled, we can prank her alone. But Yui-chan has no acting skills, she will expose everything if we tell her the truth in advance. So she can only be treated as the prank object.”

“Well… we need to improve the scheme, and the actors who play the ghosts should use make-up to make it look real… That’s it, I don’t have other ideas for the time being.”

From his decisive refusal at the beginning, to the hesitation in the middle, to the later filling up the prank loopholes, Li Yalin’s series of changes only took a short half an hour.

And his behavior was seen by Uomi, and it also made our student president-sama to look at him weirdly.

“Although I wanted to say this before… but sure enough, you are a sadist, huh?”

Li Yalin had a look of interest just now, did she misunderstand something? In other words, in Uomi’s eyes, he has become some sort of sadist.

“Hehe… didn’t you propose to participate in this prank show? Why am I being sadistic?”

Li Yalin was helpless to suddenly being referred to as sadist. Although he also noticed that his personality has indeed changed a little recently, but it was all driven by Shizuku Hazuki.

To be honest, he is actually a very gentle self-proclaimed otaku uncle. Something like haraguro or sadist, he has none of these attributes!

“You are obviously a sadist… Forget it, it’s just a small detail, it wasn’t my concern. The scenario you took out is not bad. I will communicate with the segment team. If everything goes well, we can start recording within this week.”

Whether Li Yalin is a sadist or not, Uomi obviously has no intention of arguing with him. The important thing at the moment is the upcoming prank TV show.

Since they didn’t intend to refuse, she has to contact the segment team as soon as possible.

At this moment, Uomi is already very much like a professional manager.

“Within this week? So fast?”

Obviously, Li Yalin was very surprised by the shooting speed of the segment team. Ordinarily, even if he agreed to participate in the recording, it would take a long time to prepare. To start within this week, what’s the hurry?

“Of course, we need it to increase your popularity, and the segment team is to take advantage of our current popularity. This kind of thing should be done sooner rather than later. We will start recording this week and then let it aired on TV in the next week.”

“By the way, it’s a large variety show nationwide. Remember to perform well. If it goes well, maybe you can turn into a comedy artist.”

How should Li Yalin respond to Uomi’s statement?

Like hell he would!

Who wants to be a comedy artist!

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