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Ghost House, this is the first time that the prank shows will use the ghost topic as the plot of the prank since its first broadcast. In the district, there are countless ghost legends. Many people believe in the existence of souls. This type of scenario naturally very eye-catching.

It is for this reason that both the segment team and Li Yalin’s side attach great importance to this scenario. Especially Uomi, in order to better participate in this show, she even pulled the student council trio from Ousai Academy to help out.

Even if MIO and the others have signed to Li Yalin Akane’s office, their main task now is to promote Ousai Academy. Regarding this, Uomi has reached an agreement with the dirty joke student president in private.

Rather, Uomi had no good intentions. Although she didn’t say it clearly, Li Yalin could see it. She seemed to want to bring the dirty joke trio to the office and even wanted them to join the office after graduation.

It’s just… with the personality of Amakusa Shino, joining the firm seems not impossible, they can lose integrity and talk about dirty jokes together. But Hagimura Suzu, isn’t she planning to continue to study? She should be planning to study abroad in the U.S. Would she really stay with everyone?

And Shichijou Aria ojou-sama, who is a daughter of a big company, would she bothers to be in their small office?

Let’s not talk about Kohinata Yukari and Kotobuki Tsumugi at this time. Those two ojou-sama are special situations and must be treated specially.

Okay, now is not the time to discuss such a long-term issue. Everyone is still have not graduated yet, this can be discussed later.

What needs attention right now is this hell planning. The student presidents of the two schools have reached a tacit agreement in private and it was clear that they are going to collude. In this case, Li Yalin feels a bit pitiful for MIO and dumb Yui who become the prank target.

Afterwards… well, he must comfort them afterwards, especially Mio-chan.

But before that, you guys should feel the fear of the prank!

Before the prank really starts, it is necessary to prepare in advance. The segment team is responsible for the venue, the items used for the prank and the actor all are done by them. Li Yalin took the time to secretly make appointments with Kohinata Yukari, Tainaka Ritsu and Kotobuki Tsumugi, and inform them of this prank project.

Of course, Ritsu who likes to stir up trouble raised her hands in favor. Kotobuki ojou-sama was also very interested, she clapped her hands and expressed interest. Only the innocent-minded Kohinata Yukari was a little worried.

Regarding this, Li Yalin also repeatedly stated that even a prank has a bottom line. When it gets too far, the prank will be interrupted at any time to tell Mio-chan the truth.

Under this guarantee, Kohinata Yukari finally settled down and agreed to become one of the prank’s co-workers.

As Uomi’s assistant, the dirty joke student council should also provide assistance. Of course, they are going to use a gentler way. Before the prank show starts, first instill the thoughts about the existence of ghosts to MIO and dumb Yui.

For example… took the light music club members to look for the seven incredible events on campus in the evening, and guided their thoughts through a series of situations.

The plan is very good, but there is a deviation in the implementation.

In fact, even Li Yalin overlook it. Because it was Hagimura Suzu, not Akiyama Mio, who feared ghosts the most.

And so…

This terrifying scream, Li Yalin felt that it could actually be used for TV shows.

Searching for the live videos of the seven incredible events in Ousai Academy, it was recorded by Hata Ranko-san of the news club. She is a spatial ability user who can appear and disappear mysteriously. Hidden candid photos are her strength, let alone the four light music club girls, even the student council who know about her did not find her from beginning to end.

They forget about her when she disappears, so in the lens, Hagimura Suzu perfectly presents the most realistic scene.

At first it was just shivering, but with the darkening of the sky, her face was as pale as she was smeared with flour.

By the way, everyone didn’t see ghosts from beginning to end. That thing didn’t exist after all. The reason Suzu-chan was scared like that was because she scared herself.

But still, the show has first-rate effects, and maybe Suzu-chan can embark on the road of comedy artists in the future.

Of course, the real protagonists this time are the pranked Akiyama Mio and Hirasawa Yui. MIO performed well. Although her face was pale the entire time, her small fists were tight, she was not like Hagimura Suzu who keep screaming.

While dumb Yui, she didn’t show much reactions.

Overall, the cooperation of the dirty joke trio is good, at least they have successfully instilled a concept in the hearts of the two girls, that is, the legend of horror and ghost.

This kind of thing is usually nothing, but once someone mentions it, it often awakens the most real fear in people’s hearts.

What Li Yalin needs is this effect.

Everything is all set except one thing. Only need the right time to start the prank project!

So without saying much, act in concert with the show, get ready to start!

“Eh? Are we going to be on TV?”

He can’t tell the truth since it is a prank. At least what the two girls, Akiyama Mio and Hirasawa Yui, have learned is the news of the upcoming TV interview.

Dumb Yui was puzzled at first about the upcoming TV interview program covering the whole country, and then she was full of excitement.

In contrast, MIO is a little bit reserved and shy, but also a little excited. She is a very timid girl. She can muster the courage since the interview is with everyone.

“Well, we are going to the TV station tomorrow. Remember to prepare well and don’t lose face in front of the nationwide audience.”

On the surface, Li Yalin responded to dumb Yui in this way, but in his heart, he was already laughing over and over.

Be sure to perform well, everyone is looking forward to your performance.

In this way, MIO and dumb Yui, who was kept in the dark the whole time, were put on the trap. They didn’t understand the real details. From beginning to end, they thought that they are going to participate in a talk show, and with enthusiasm and excitement went to the TV station with everyone.

They don’t know at all, what fear is waiting for them!

The show… is starting soon!

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