Cafe 32

“Cocoa-san… would she be okay?”

Cocoa is now playing the role very conscientiously as a ‘senpai’, introducing the Rabbit House to Rinna Fuwa wholeheartedly.

But Cocoa’s wholehearted commitment did not reassure Chino. In fact, Chino’s eyes never left Cocoa and Rinna Fuwa even if she standing behind the bar counter.

She was really worried since she obviously only worked in the store for a short time. Can Cocoa really help miss Rinna Fuwa?

Will she mess it up?

How about call Rize-san for help?

“Relax Chino, Cocoa doesn’t seems reliable at times but she can be trusted at a critical moment.”

Li Yalin can see Chino’s worries. He had no other way than to appease her like this. After all, he had already handed over the work to Cocoa. Wouldn’t it hurt Cocoa if Rize replaced her?

We can’t hurt her heart no matter how thoughtless she look, right?

“Well… if you say so… “

Although Chino can’t completely rest assured with his comfort, it can calm her down a little.

Cocoa is trustworthy sometimes like Li Yalin said, so she should also trust her now!

“Chino’s eyes are on me! I must do my best as Chino onee-chan! Just leave it to onee-chan!”

Cocoa is full of motivation being watched by Chino. She did not say the words aloud, but Li Yalin seems to be able to read her mind from her expression and the movement of pulling her sleeves.

Yes, this is Hoto Cocoa feeling right now!

Then… do your best.

Li Yalin couldn’t help but sigh when he sees Cocoa full of energy. Just hopes that Cocoa wouldn’t cause any problems because of too much effort, else her path of becoming Chino’s onee-chan will get farther away.

“Come on Rinna! You will be fine!”

While Chino is worried about Cocoa, Mihari is also cheering for her friends. Although he don’t know how good their relationship is, it seems close enough for her to appear in person to help her friend.

So… will Rinna Fuwa be qualified for this job?

“Not good! Something big happens!”

“What? What happened?”

Rinna Fuwa was about to start work. editor girl Mihari and Chino behind the bar counter were very nervous. Cocoa who had already introduced the basic work to Rinna Fuwa and took her to the dressing room to change her uniform suddenly ran out.

Chino and Mihari’s hearts almost popped out of their throats seeing her panicked, even Li Yalin frowned.

Something big happen?

What happened?

Chino and Mihari immediately rushed to the locker room. Li Yalin also keep up quickly afraid some accident happened.

But just as Li Yalin arrived in the dressing room, after seeing Rinna Fuwa awkward and blushing appearance with tears in the corners of her eyes, he turned around very helplessly to withdraw his sight.

This is inevitable since in the dressing room Rinna Fuwa upper garment unbuttoned, and the pink bra is reflected in Li Yalin’s eyes. The atmosphere will definitely become more awkward if he didn’t turn around.

“What happened?”

Chino and Mihari stare blankly at this scene while Rize remain calm, she calmly stepped forward to help Rinna Fuwa block her chest then asked her.

“This dress… I can’t wear them… “

Faced with the calm and mature Rize, Rinna Fuwa finally revealed the truth of the matter and the place temperature dropped a few degrees in an instant because of this.

“You can’t wear… the clothes?”

Mihari’s voice somehow sounded colder, and her sight were naturally aimed at Rinna Fuwa’s chest.

Rinna Fuwa’s uniform now is not the same style worn by Chino and Cocoa, but a white shirt and black vest that looks like male-style waiter clothes.

Chino has only three pieces of uniform in the shop and all was made by Chino’s mother. She can only change with an ordinary uniform since she just arrives, but this result…

Isn’t this too exaggerated?

Rinna Fuwa’s chest size is indeed too big. Everything else can fit but only the chest issue is hard to solve. The shirt button can’t be buttoned which undoubtedly a blow to all the women present.

No wonder Cocoa just said something big. In a sense, it’s really big.

“Haha… this ‘big thing’ won’t fit since this is not Rinna size… “

Looking at the scene in front of her while subconsciously rubbed her own AA-level chest, Mihari expression is very stiff… I mean, it become a little bit scary.

The grudge of AA cup?

Miss Mihari! there is a market even for AA cup. It is better to say that something flat like yours is a scarcity property!

Okay, he had the feeling she will snapped if he really said this, so just do tsukomi silently in the heart.

“It’s me who never thought of this. Today miss Fuwa can wear casual clothes to get familiar with the work. Give this uniform to me first.”

Fortunately, Chino’s timely words broke the awkward atmosphere even if the place temperature dropped. At Chino’s age, she is not entangled with her bust but her height.

“Yes, let’s do that.”

Everyone is a little relieved by this, so this should be the end of this episode.

He just don’t know why. After that, Cocoa gazed at Rinna Fuwa always somewhat strange, and her eyes often stayed on Rinna Fuwa’s chest.

Li Yalin feel strange at first, and he didn’t understand until later when he found an opportunity to ask Cocoa.

It turns out that Cocoa has always been very curious about Rinna Fuwa big size. If she can, she would also like to ask Rinna Fuwa how to achieve that size.

Does girls care about their size? Even Cocoa?

In a sense, this is true.

After learning about this, Li Yalin couldn’t help but sigh. It doesn’t matter what size they are, why bothered if it suit them?

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