Cafe 320

“Eh? Have to talk to the host first?”

As a satellite TV station that covers the entire empire, there are of course star idols that are hard to see on ordinary days. As a nobody who just debuted, the girls have been particularly cautious since they came to the TV station.

The entertainment circle in the district puts great emphasis on seniority ranking. In the face of those big senpai, they must not be rude even if they are more popular and famous, otherwise they will be squeezed out by the entire entertainment circle.

It is precisely because of this state of walking on thin ice that everyone is more cautious. Even before the show started, everyone was extremely restrained.

Even Hirasawa Yui who usually the most active has a tight face at the moment, as if afraid of saying something that should not be said.

Have to say that it was really cute, he really didn’t know that she could show such a cute expression.

In any case… this is not against the scenario.

The TV show, as early as when they enter this room, has officially started!

“Yes, this is our first interview. Be careful and try not to make mistakes, but don’t panic if you make mistakes. It’s not a live broadcast, so it would be edited later.”

As the one who does the prank, Li Yalin certainly won’t show any flaws on his face. In fact, he knows very well that the camera hidden in this room has already started recording, and everyone’s words and deeds will be recorded, so let just enjoy the performance.

Here, let’s show a gentle and considerate senpai first.

Although he usually look like this.

“So it would be edited. I thought those shows were all live.”

Knowing that it can be fault-tolerant, dumb Yui finally let go of the big stone in her heart, patted her chest and let out a sigh, her expression was very cute.

Such a scene will be filmed and presented to audiences across the country. It will definitely have a good effect.

“I feel like drinking tea when relaxing like this. It would be nice if there are cookies.”

There are no outsiders in the room now. This is the result of the segment team’s arrangement in advance. Because of this, dumb Yui’s more relaxed, as if she is back in the club room of the light music club, she actually lay her head on the table.

Hirasawa-san, your cute look has been recorded! Pay attention to the image! You are about to become a lazy idol!

“Drink tea? I have black tea and cookies. Want cookies?”

The tsukomi’ in Li Yalin’s heart is not over yet. Kotobuki Tsumugi actually took out a thermos cup and a box of cookies.

Oh my God! Are you guys here to record for the show or have a picnic? Bring both black tea and biscuits?

Perhaps because she known about the news in advance. Anyway, Kotobuki ojou-sama was really calm. Li Yalin also wondered before, why she also brought a big satchel with her. He originally thought that girl has many carry-on items, but he didn’t expect that Kotobuki ojou-sama would carry black tea and snacks at all times.


Seeing Kotobuki Tsumugi brought out the delicious black tea and cookies, dumb Yui immediately cheered, and then not only drank the black tea happily, but even asked Kotobuki ojou-sama to personally serve her cookies.

Kotobuki ojou-sama also kept feeding her happily. She seems enjoying it.

Hey guys… Is this really okay?

Seeing such a scene, Li Yalin already wanted to knead his temples!

Looking at MIO, she is not as careless as dumb Yui. Even if she knows that this is not a live broadcast, she doesn’t want to make a mistake and keeps chanting lines with a nervous expression.

The interview programs of TV stations usually have lines. At least the participating guests will know the questions raised by the host, so it is natural to prepare the answers in advance.

Seeing the scene where MIO whispered her lines, Li Yalin gave a complete thumbs up in his heart.

Such MIO is also very attractive!

There is nothing wrong with it!

With the passage of time, the prankster arranged by the segment team appeared on the stage. A man and a woman, are all well-known hosts in the industry. According to the scenario, they should be the hosts of this talk show.

And just after the two appeared on the stage, Li Yalin also led the girls to their feet. Both sides greeted each other kindly, introduced each other, and soon entered the rehearsal session.

In the eyes of MIO and dumb Yui, this is a normal interview rehearsal. But in the eyes of several pranksters, this is the signal that the prank is starting, and naturally get into it immediately.

After waiting for so long, it finally started!

“By the way… Don’t you guys feel it’s very cold?”

After a few questions, the female host who was sitting across from the group shuddered suddenly and crossed her arms while looking around.

“Eh? Very cold? I don’t feel it…”

Everyone feels weird about the inexplicable words of the female host. Of course, the only ones who really feel weird are MIO and dumb Yui. The rest of the people know the scenario early, go along with the prank.

“That… maybe you need to wear more clothes?”

MIO who had no idea didn’t feel anything unusual and thought that the female host had a frigophobia physique, and immediately asked with concern.

The female host shook her head gently, and then reached out and took out a small bottle from the bag she carried with her.

“I’m sorry, although it’s strange to say, in fact… my physique is a bit special, I can naturally feel some bad things.”

While answering this, the female host unscrewed the lid of the small bottle. Everyone could see that the contents of the small bottle turned out to be salt.

Pure salt can get rid of evil spirits. This is a saying that has been handed down in the district since ancient times. In fact, many people still believe in it. For this reason, when MIO saw the salt in the bottle, she immediately understood what she meant by bad things.

Hagimura Suzu’s successive screams left a deep impression on her. Even if she did not see the real things, she had explored seven incredible events in the school before.

So now, suddenly learning that the female host in front of her has a supernatural physique who can feel them, of course she would associate the salt to exorcise evil spirits.

Could it be… there is really something in this room?

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