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Akiyama Mio shuddered uncontrollably, her pretty face turned pale. Subconsciously, she moved her chair to Li Yalin’s side and moved her body closer to him.

Is this an instinctive seeking for protection?

MIO’s behavior was seen by Li Yalin. While he finds it funny, he also had an idea in his mind.

In the future, taking MIO to the haunted house will definitely be able to narrow the distance between them. Will she scream and rush to him when she is frightened by those ‘ghosts’?

In fact, he will soon get the answer to this question.

“You guys want some?”

After opening the lid, the female host quickly took out the salt and rubbed it on her body, and then asked the few girls ‘intimately’ to see if they want some.

MIO certainly couldn’t refuse other people’s kindness. Not only that, she agreed very quickly. Almost instantly, she took the bottle of salt in her hand, took out the salt and wiped it on her body.

“I also want!”

MIO has done a good demonstration. Dumb Yui, who likes to join in the fun, doesn’t even need to be asked. Compared with MIO, she wasn’t that afraid of ghosts. She may not have a sense of urgency or she doesn’t care at all. Rubbing salt is more fun than exorcism itself.

Both MIO and dumb Yui have done it. Ritsu, Kotobuki ojou-sama and Kohinata Yukari, as co-workers, of course could not reveal any flaws. Except for Li Yalin, all five girls wiped some salt on their bodies before continuing with the interview rehearsal.

So far, the first phase of the prank’s plan is successful!

It can be seen that MIO still has lingering fears about the previous topic. She has been uneasy since, and her body is always leaning against Li Yalin unconsciously. In her state, clinginess may have ‘levels’ behind it.

But it has already started, and it can’t just stop here. So sorry, Akiyama Mio-san’s fear will continue!

The time has come, the second phase begins!

The first stage of the prank is led by the female host to change the atmosphere in the room. In the second stage, the real fear begins, because at this stage, ‘spiritual’ events begin to appear!

“I love it, if I can be on a bigger stage…”

MIO was answering the host’s question with a serious expression, not treating this as a rehearsal exercise at all. However, at this very moment, the TV in the room was suddenly turned on for no reason. The screen was filled with snow, just like the plot in many horror movies.


Interrupted by this sudden accident, MIO couldn’t help but screamed. This can’t be helped. The TV was turned on for no reason, and it had a very strange atmosphere. In addition to the previous change of atmosphere, it wouldn’t be strange if she screams ghost.


After she screamed, MIO actually jumped into Li Yalin’s arms instinctively. Before, he wondered if this scene would appear in the haunted house, but then it was realized so soon.


Akiyama-san, in fact, we are currently in recording, can we not make such an intimate move in front of a nationwide audience? Or it will be bad for us…

Although he wanted to tell MIO this, the prank is still in progress, saying them is equivalent to exposing everything.

In desperation, Li Yalin could only pat MIO’s shoulder gently, calming her emotions softly.

Such a strange scene must have scared her.

However, contrary to MIO’s performance, dumb Yui was very interested in the sudden turn-on of the TV. Not only was she not afraid, but she went forward to observe.

“Tsk, it turned out the power is plugged in, maybe the machine is malfunctioning? Anyway, just cut off the power.”

After observing it, dumb Yui’s expression was a little disappointed. She didn’t find any abnormality, and as long as the power plug of the TV was unplugged, the snow on the screen disappeared immediately.

Well done!

To be honest, dumb Yui’s performance was a bit beyond Li Yalin’s expectations. Is she foolishly daring? It seemed that the absence of weird things made her a little regretful?

Well, in order to satisfy her regrets, let her see a real ghost in a while!

Since it is the Ghost House project, the segment team must arrange for real ‘ghosts’. In fact, there is already a well-makeup actor hiding in the room in advance, waiting to follow the command to appear on stage.

As the atmosphere in the room became more strange, the director of the segment team officially announced that the third phase was started!

The so-called third stage is not the appearance of a female ghost, but a further exaggeration of the horror atmosphere, such as… the ghost voice.

“So cold…”

Suddenly there was a sound in the room. Although everyone heard it, except for MIO and dumb Yui, everyone else treated it like they did not hear it.

As for the two girls who didn’t know anything, MIO suddenly shrank her neck, her whole body trembled. Dumb Yui looked around in surprise, as if to find the source of the voice.

“Did you guys hear anything?”

At this moment, MIO had already covered her ears, she didn’t dare to speak at all. Instead, it was dumb Yui who was still able to cutely ask questions to everyone.

“Hearing what? Was there a voice just now?”

Have to say that Ritsu is also really good at acting. The inexplicable look on her face is really vivid, but just as she spoke, the female ghost’s voice sounded again.

“So cold…”

This time, the voice is clearer than last time. Even if MIO covers her ears, the voice will definitely reach her ears, so she got more scared, and her whole body is shaking.

But Dumb Yui was even bolder. She stood up and looked around, as if she wouldn’t stop before finding the origin of that voice.

“There must be someone!”

Dumb Yui looks certain, believing that it wasn’t her imagination. But of course the female ghost that was prepared in advance could not be found so easily, so she did not find anything after looking around.

“How can it be…”

Finally, dumb Yui who could not find any abnormality, returned to her seat. But even so, she was still muttering, thinking it was weird.

Isn’t it weird?

It’s weird!

The fourth stage will begin only when you feel weird!

In the fourth stage, the female ghost will really appear. The signal is a short power outage, and the whole room is plunged into darkness.

But this time, just after the power outage, Li Yalin awkwardly discovered that MIO threw herself into his arms again after a scream.

There are so many people around, you just throw yourself in my arms, which makes me very helpless, Mio-chan.

Of course, it feels great. The one being hugged knows it!

Ahem… this is not the time to lose integrity.

The real good show has just begun!

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