Cafe 322

The short power outage made the girls in the room a little flustered. Of course, except for MIO and dumb Yui, the rest of the girls were all acting.

The main reason for the power outage is to make time for the female ghost to appear. After all, if it comes out of the hiding place naturally, no one will think it is weird, right?

With the lights on again, everyone’s sight gradually restored. The female ghost was fully in place, waiting for the next step.

Of course, those who have already known the scenario still remain calm. Yeah, their acting skills are quite good.


There is one more person in the room. It would be found no matter how one has bad perceptions. So this time it is finally dumb Yui’s turn to scream.

No matter how big her nerves are, it is impossible to treat the ‘female ghost’ that suddenly appeared in the room wearing a white dress, with gray skin, and long black hair with blood-red eyes as a staff passing by.

Dumb Yui’s scream naturally attracted everyone’s attention. But according to the setting, only dumb Yui and MIO could see this female ghost. With advance notice, everyone was showing off their superb acting skills, completely ignored the female ghost, and instead asked worriedly their companion who suddenly stood up.

However, a shrill scream instantly overwhelmed dumb Yui’s exclamation.


Needless to say, this scream must be MIO.

Originally, MIO was lying in Li Yalin’s arms and hadn’t seen the appearance of the female ghost. But with dumb Yui’s exclamation, she couldn’t continue to ignore it.

As a result, just as soon as she looked up, MIO saw the scary female ghost. It goes without saying that she was really terrified.

This time, she hugged Li Yalin’s waist tightly and would never let go. And at the same time buried her face deep in his chest, regardless of others.

Li Yalin was also very speechless with this situation.

The prank was effective, but how to continue with the act after being hugged like this?

“What’s wrong Mio-chan?”

The show is still being recorded, and Li Yalin can’t comfort her that all this is fake. So he can only ask softly and use his softest voice to soothe the fear in MIO’s heart.

“T-there a ghost!”

Perhaps Li Yalin’s voice had some effect, at least MIO could still speak. But she still didn’t remove her face from Li Yalin’s chest, she just used one of her hands to point in the direction where the ghost was standing.

The panic in her heart made her dare not look at it at all. She could only remind Li Yalin in this way that there was a ghost in this room.

“A ghost? Why didn’t I see it?”

Although there are indeed ‘ghosts’ in the room, Li Yalin can only lie through his teeth since they are still in the setting.

MIO believed what he said, and finally plucked up the courage to look up. As a result, she immediately collapsed after seeing it. Not only did she hold Li Yalin’s arm harder, but this time she will never look up again no matter how she was persuaded!

This reaction… really amazing.

Li Yalin was very helpless being hugged tightly by MIO. Although he was very happy in his heart, he can’t show them on his face. Because later in the future, audiences across the country will see their reactions through the cameras in this room. So he has to be in the right frame of mind!

But having said that, MIO’s reaction is really like those in a prank show, which people would find funny. This scene will definitely make many audiences laugh.

It’s just that he feels sorry for her, as she is really scared now. Without choice, he can only rely on himself to give her more security.

Li Yalin was hugged tightly and couldn’t move at all. While dumb Yui, her reaction was actually amazing.

Although she was fearless, there’s no way she wasn’t scared of a real ghost. She will definitely retreat at first, especially when she finds that everyone can’t see the ghost, only she and Mio-chan can see it, which made her more afraid.

But for a moment, when she discovered that the female ghost had no intention to act, she suddenly became bold again. Her big watery eyes looked straight at the female ghost, as if studying her body structure.

Is she exploring how that female ghost is different from herself?

Just when Li Yalin was hugged by MIO and was unable to move but his heart was constantly tsukomi, Hirasawa Yui-san once again showed her amazing side. She even started to talk to the female ghost!

“Excuse me… are you a ghost?”

With this sentence, Ritsu could barely contain her laughter, almost breaking her poker face.

You are talking with the female ghost?

“Can I touch you?”

Yes, seeing the female ghost did not speak, dumb Yui was even bolder. She was not satisfied with just having a conversation, she actually wanted to touch the female ghost.

This is more than just a bold statement, right?

This is nothing but a lack of common sense!

“Eh? Don’t run away!”

In the original plan, after the female ghost came out, she should chase dumb Yui and MIO. As a result, dumb Yui didn’t behave in a conventional manner. Before the female ghost acted, she wants to touch her first.

But this female ghost is only played by an actor, not a real ghost. Once touched and feel the body temperature, then everything will be exposed. So the female ghost’s reacted quickly, turning around with the intention of withdrawing.

The female ghost didn’t want to be exposed, but dumb Yui was very unwilling. There was a ghost, but she refused to let her touch it. This was too weird.

No! She wants to touch her! She wanted to know the difference between ghosts and humans!

With this thought in mind, dumb Yui ran after her, and the female ghost ran away. Although this was very close to the script arranged by the segment team, the target of chasing was completely reversed.

Why is it that the female ghost is not chasing people, but people chasing female ghosts?

Such an accident made the director of the segment team very confused. The prank was to scare people away, but the ghost was scared away, not the people.

How can they continue this?

With no other choice, they can only announce the end of the prank, and the segment team personnel will appear.

“Fake? So it’s not a ghost…”

With the appearance of the segment team personnel and cameras, this prank show came to an end. And dumb Yui was a little discouraged after learning the truth.

Did she really want to see a ghost?

She has a lot of nerve.

In contrast, MIO’s reaction was much worse. Even if she knew it was a prank, she still hid in Li Yalin’s arms and refused to come out. No matter how much the camera shoots, it is useless.

Looks like it will take a while for her to accept all this.

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