Cafe 323

The prank show was successful in every sense. Although it did not follow the script written by the segment team, it also produced a good comedy effect. Not only the idol was not afraid after seeing a female ghost, but also want to touch it, surely only dumb Yui alone.

However, after the show, Li Yalin felt a little guilty. Although the prank process was quite interesting, it really frightened Akiyama Mio.

This is not just about comfort, but also a proper apology to her.

Yeah, just do it!

After making up his mind, Li Yalin wanted to find MIO to comfort her and apologize. However, quite unexpectedly, Uomi found Akiyama Mio before him and chatted with her alone for a long time.

No one knew the content of the conversation between the two girls, but MIO obviously calmed down after walking out of the room. When Li Yalin went to apologize, she shook her head gently, indicating that she didn’t mind.

This is really amazing!

When did Uomi change her job to become a caring onee-san? Her communication result is even better than him?

Although he was very confused, MIO was not angry because of this prank, and finally let Li Yalin breathe a sigh of relief. Seeing her feeling completely calm, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

So in other words, is it a big success for the first TV show?

That should be it.

Although… there is still something left to do.

“Today is my treat, shall we have a good celebration?”

After leaving the TV station, Li Yalin proposed to celebrate with everyone. This is their first experience of recording a TV show, and it was very successful. It is reasonable to celebrate, isn’t it?

“Sorry senpai, we still have homework to be done. Now we have to go home to catch up with homework, otherwise sensei will be angry tomorrow.”

Li Yalin enthusiastically offered an invitation to celebrate, but unfortunately, the four girls in the light music club were unable to participate. According to Ritsu, there is so much extracurricular homework this week. They need to hurry home to catch up with school assignments or they will suffer tomorrow.

In fact, the four girls had agreed long ago to help each other with homework.

“So… then postpone the celebration. Go home early, and don’t forget to send me a message when you guys get home.”

They are all students after all. Of course, they have to focus on their schoolwork. They need to study. Li Yalin can’t stop them, right?

It’s just a simple meal, it can be done tomorrow if not today. So he can only wave goodbye to everyone.

“Then I will leave first. There is still work that has not been completed at the office. I will finish all the work before today.”

The four girls in the light music club had just left, and Uomi had to leave, all of them didn’t think about his feelings. In a flash, only Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari were left.

Really no solidarity…

“Forget it, let’s go. The two of us can celebrate by ourselves.”

Although everyone has serious business to do, Li Yalin’s mood will still be affected because of the failure of a good celebration.

There are only two people left. What kind of celebration is this?

Forget it, let’s all go. He still has Kohinata senpai anyway, doesn’t he?

He can just turn the celebration into a date!

“Eh? Just the two of us celebrating?”

For the sudden celebration of just the two of them, Kohinata Yukari was a little surprised, and somehow her expression seemed a bit awkward.

The two are often alone together, what’s so awkward about this?

“Yes! Just two people celebrate!”

Li Yalin didn’t notice the subtle change of expression on Kohinata Yukari’s face. He is still unhappy with the failed celebration.

In this case, only eating and drinking can relieve the mood.

“Um… I know a good coffee shop. So… why don’t we go have a sit?”

Li Yalin’s original intention for the celebration party was to have a big meal. Although the craftsmanship of the average restaurant outside is not as good as his own, eating out is for the atmosphere, eating is the second thing.

But this time, Kohinata Yukari unexpectedly proposed to go to a coffee shop. She even used a rather hesitant tone, which immediately made Li Yalin feel weird.

“Coffee shop? I don’t mind, but shouldn’t we go to dinner now?”

The recording time on the TV station was not short, and the stingy segment team didn’t even give a box lunch. So stingy.

So instead of drinking coffee, Li Yalin now prefers to eat something to fill his stomach.

“The desserts in that coffee shop are also very good, come with me.”

Before Li Yalin could say anything, Kohinata Yukari seemed impatient and grabbed his hand directly, called a taxi and got in.

It was so fast that he didn’t even have a chance to wear his glasses back.

Kohinata senpai, aren’t you conscious of being an idol?

With the fame of both of us, how do we go out without any disguise?

“That coffee shop shouldn’t have any customers at this hour, and the clerk there doesn’t seem to know us. At least my identity hasn’t been revealed when I went there, so it shouldn’t be a problem without makeup.”

In the taxi, Kohinata Yukari gave this explanation to Li Yalin’s whisper reminder. Not only did she have no makeup, but even Li Yalin’s attempt to put on glasses was blocked by her.

What’s going on?

Why does it seem so weird?

Li Yalin more or less noticed something wrong, but before he could think it through, the taxi stopped.

It turns out that the coffee shop mentioned by Kohinata Yukari is not far from the TV station, and as she said, the two walked into the coffee shop called Fleur De Lapin.

By the way… the name of this shop looks so familiar, has he seen it somewhere?

“The herbal tea in this store is very good. Many of the flowers and plants here are grown by the store itself. It is not only natural but also very healthy. I recommend this lavender tea, which helps sleep and nourish the skin. I always drink this every time I come here.”

While Li Yalin was thinking about the name of the store, Kohinata Yukari had already started to introduce him to the coffee shop’s drinks.

It is clearly a coffee shop, but it uses herbal tea as its selling point. In this setting, if there is another poor girl wearing a maid costume and a lop-eared rabbit headdress, then it will be truly magical.

“Excuse me, what would you like to drink?”


It was really magical?

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