Cafe 324

Along with the sweet greetings, a blond girl wearing a black and white maid costume and a lop-eared rabbit headdress appeared in front of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari.

Obviously, this beautiful blonde girl is the clerk of this store, who is now in charge of entertaining the two.


Through the above settings, is the girl standing in front of him is known but never met, Chiya’s childhood friend, and also Rize kouhai the poor girl Kirima Syaro?



Is this a coincidence?

Kirima Syaro is one of GochiUsa’s female leads. Li Yalin is of course very familiar with her. But after coming to this world, he has never been able to meet this girl.

Rabbit House turned into an otherworld restaurant not long after it opened, completely cut off from the outside world. Let alone Chiya will not bring Kirima Syaro over, even Rize couldn’t bring outsiders into the store, so as to not let everyone’s secrets be exposed.

Li Yalin feels a bit regretful about this. But unfortunately, he can’t tell everyone, he can’t just ask Chiya or Rize about Kirima Syaro after all.

That’s easy to be misunderstood, okay!

He thought it would be a long time later even if he could see Kirima Syaro, but it turned out they unexpectedly met today.

What could this be?

Fateful encounter?

“That… guest, do you want something to drink?”

Perhaps Li Yalin’s gaze is too aggressive. When he watched her closely, Kirima Syaro couldn’t help taking a half step back. There was also a slight redness on that delicate face.

He’s being rude to the girl!

This is really bad.

“Well, I will follow the recommendation of Kohinata senpai and have a lavender tea. Also, any recommended cookies in your store?”

Although he originally liked the poor girl, it was indeed too rude of Li Yalin to stare at people so much. In order to avoid being misunderstood, Li Yalin also quickly put away his thoughts, smiled and spoke to cover up his faux pas.

“We have freshly baked cookies and cakes here. Would the guests want some?”

Maybe it’s because Li Yalin’s gaze has returned to normal, Kirima Syaro has also resumed her hospitality attitude. The professional smile is really dazzling. It’s like she has done special training.

“Yeah, give us some. Kohinata senpai, what would you like to order?”

Nodding lightly, Li Yalin immediately turned his gaze to Kohinata Yukari. He has determined the identity of Kirima Syaro. Although there is no further contact, there will definitely be opportunities in the future. There is no need to rush at this moment.

“I want lavender tea too.”

“Understood, please wait for a while.”

Kohinata Yukari seems to be really familiar with this store. She ordered her favorite drink in a familiar way. While for Kirima Syaro, she also bowed gently and turned to leave.

“You seem to be very interested in that girl, uh… it is indeed a beautiful girl. You like that type of child?”

Kirima Syaro left, but Kohinata Yukari didn’t plan to let Li Yalin go. She saw his every move just now. such disrespectful gaze is quite rare for him.

Does this mean that that girl is special in Li Yalin’s eyes?

Before knowing it, Kohinata Yukari’s words have some sourness in them.

“How could it be, but… I probably know her.”

Although he can meet Kirima Syaro by accident in this store, Li Yalin doesn’t really lose his sense. So many of his favorite characters have appeared, another poor girl won’t cause any fluctuations in his heart.

At best, he just felt surprised and felt that fate was really amazing.

To say liking people, this is not a clichéd shoujo manga, where there is so much love at first sight.

But then again, is Kohinata senpai jealous?

Such senpai is actually very cute.

“You know that girl?”

Li Yalin felt it was funny, but Kohinata Yukari was surprised by what he said. Speaking of which, the girls around Li Yalin seemed to be very cute and pretty, she was completely used to this. But he came to an unfamiliar coffee shop and knows the pretty girl he just sees, isn’t that amazing?

How come he knows all the pretty girl?

Is there such a coincidence?

“Well, if I guessed correctly, she should be Chiya’s… er, it’s my imouto childhood friend, although I can’t fully confirm it yet.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Li Yalin can only say that it was such a coincidence. In fact, he is also quite surprised.

However, that’s all.

Not surprisingly, Li Yalin should not have too much intersection with the poor girl, at least not at the moment. So the most reasonable result is that he and Kohinata Yukari taste the tea in this shop and then leave.

As for how to meet in the future, still have to be introduced by Rize or Chiya.

At least in Li Yalin’s mind, such preparations have been made.

Perhaps today’s unexpected meeting is to prepare for the future reunion.

However, the next direction did not develop as he expected.

“Damn girl! I finally caught you!”

Have to say that the tea in this shop tastes good, it has a mellow flavor. After drinking, Li Yalin feels like wanting to visit again.

But while he was drinking tea and talking and laughing with Kohinata Yukari, the coffee shop door was suddenly kicked open, and three guys dressed like gang hooligan broke in.

Looking at their appearances, the afro wearing sunglasses should be the boss. Behind him is a bald head and a thin man should be his minion. It is a common hooligan combination, which looks super classic.

But it’s not the time to evaluate the outfits of those hooligans, because just after the three hooligans broke into the store, they actually targeted Kirima Syaro and quickly surrounded her.

“Want to run after offending us? Do you think you can run away?”

What’s going on?

Unexpectedly, the hooligan group broke into the coffee shop and regarded the weak girl as a threat.

It turns out that these guys are not only classic in dress, but also very cliché in their words and deeds?

In other words, should there be a male lead at this time?

So… where is the male lead?

Looking around, there are no other customers in this shop except for Li Yalin’s table. Which means…

It’s only him?

With a helpless sigh, Li Yalin shook his head and wanted to stand up.

Sure enough, he is really fated to be the protagonist.

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