Cafe 325

Although he doesn’t know why Kirima Syaro offended those hooligans, how could Li Yalin easily let go of such a classic hero saving beauty scene?

The only thing that made him a little regretful was that he obviously had a Salvation system, but no system task released at this critical moment of saving lives. Does the system think that this task is too simple?

Forget it, it doesn’t matter. He can’t sit idly by anyway.

“Yalin, are you going to… no problem?”

At the moment Li Yalin was about to get up, Kohinata Yukari suddenly grabbed his wrist. She has a conflicted expression, and her tone was quite hesitant.

Looks like she was afraid that he would hurt himself from meddling with other people business?

She’s right, those hooligans are not good-natured characters at first glance. Normal people would avoid them when they see these kinds of people.

Unfortunately, Li Yalin is the exception.

“It’s okay, just leave it to me.”

Tap the back of Kohinata Yukari’s hand, Li Yalin showed a faint smile. It’s just a few small hooligans, so what can be the problem?

Who else besides him that can saves the beauty?

After pacifying Kohinata Yukari, Li Yalin turned and went past the few hooligans, and came in front of the girl’s body, which was trembling slightly with fear, to protect her.

“You guys, I don’t think it’s a good idea to take liberties on a little girl in broad daylight?”

To be honest, although those hooligans look very bad, they really didn’t touch Kirima Syaro. At best, they surrounded her and used a very vicious tone.

But even so, Li Yalin still decisively accuse them. Since they look villain now, and he is the good guy.

“Who the fuck are you brat, do you know who we are?”

Sure enough, the classic hooligan characters with classic lines. It seems that this is how they are performed in ordinary TV dramas. So a small hooligan can be intimidating in reality?

Maybe for ordinary people, it is already very courageous to stand up in this kind of scene. But Li Yalin not only has the courage but even retorted in his heart.

There is no way, the strength is the capital, the hooligans couldn’t scare him.

He can solve this matter quickly, and with ease.

However… As a public figure, even if there are not many people around, it is better to solve this matter without a fight. At least this will leave a good impression on the poor girl.

Use violence when they didn’t reach an agreement.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know who are you guys. But we can all sit down and talk it through, what do you think?”

With a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, Li Yalin is very mature and confident, it is not like facing a few fierce hooligans.

And his performance was indeed beyond the expectation of the hooligans, causing them to look at each other for a moment.

What should we do?

It stands to reason that even a hooligan can’t make an unreasonable mess. Li Yalin thinks that he has handled it very well, but why they are looking at each other in a daze?

Don’t tell me they don’t anything to discuss?

“Huh… sit down and discuss it? That damn girl cheated us a lot of money and can’t pay it back. How are you going to discuss this matter?”

After a while, the afro man with sunglasses finally spoke in a sneering manner. His attitude was arrogant.

But they do have the capital to be arrogant. According to what he says, they are being cheated of their money, and Kirima Syaro is a debtor. This is the relationship between them, and they are certainly qualified to be arrogant.

“I see, this is of course very easy to discuss. Problems that can be solved with money are not a problem. No matter how much money this girl owes you, I can help her pay it off. Is that okay?”

The poor girl owes them money?

After hearing what the afro said, Li Yalin was a little surprised. But this is not the 2D world like in the original plot. Even the Kafuu family is in debt, Kirima Syaro can be in debt too.

Although a little uncomfortable with the other’s attitude, debt is a debt, which is nothing to him. In this case, there should be no problem as long as the debt is paid off.

Anyway, it can be solved with money, Li Yalin doesn’t mind spending some money to help Kirima Syaro tide over the difficulties.

“Hah? You help her pay off her debt? Do you know how much she owes us? One hundred million! One hundred million you know? Can a brat like you get so much money? Stop joking with me!”

It is only natural for Li Yalin to pay back debts, and Li Yalin also made it clear that he would help Kirima Syaro to pay back the money. But the afro didn’t believe in Li Yalin at all, and suddenly became angry himself.

One hundred million debt is indeed not something anyone can pay off. This is a huge sum of money. For many ordinary people, they may not be able to pay it even if they mortgaged their properties.

No wonder that afro didn’t believe him.

But… he didn’t like this feeling of being despised.

Director, can I apply for beating someone?

He keeps seeing one hundred million. Li Yalin doesn’t know why he is so fateful with one hundred million. Chino’s family owes one hundred million, and the poor girl also has one hundred million debt. Does this world like one hundred million debt?

Although he really wants tsukomi and he really means it. Sure enough, it’s better to keep a little restraint.

Don’t lower oneself to the same level as them…

After taking a deep breath, Li Yalin tries to show a smile. He took out a bank card and signaled to the afro hooligan.

“If you can take out the IOU, I can repay you the one hundred million owed now. I don’t like to joke, please note that my patient is limited.”

Speaking of this, Li Yalin can only hope that those hooligans can be tactful. Otherwise, he was not some saint with infinite tolerance when bullied.

Please, for the sake of your own lives, I would like you to get out of the picture after you get the money.

Li Yalin thought so in his heart, but the afro has no mind-reading skills and was completely unaware of his kindness.

“Don’t think you can lie to me by taking out a bank card! Today I came to take that little girl away! No one can stop it!”

So you’re saying, you want to take the people away since they can’t pay the money back?

Can’t really communicate with such a person.

Why bother?

You guys have a death wish, huh!

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